Top 5: Top 5 Yaletown Restaurant Patios & Dining at the Blue Water Cafe

Patio Dining at the Blue Water Cafe, Yaletown

Patio Dining at the Blue Water Cafe, Yaletown

Dining on the elegant patios of Downtown Vancouver’s world-class restaurants is one of the great pleasures of summer in the city.

Yaletown, in particular, has a concentration of famous Vancouver hotspots and restaurants with patios, and though the food and service is five-star—and the dinner crowd can include celebrities—you can feel comfortable dining there no matter what you’re wearing (even if you spent the day exploring Vancouver in a tee-shirt and jeans).

Case in point: Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar. One of the city’s premiere seafood restaurants—and recent host to a vampire-licious cast party for New Moon that included Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart—the Blue Water Cafe has a fabulous patio overlooking Yaletown’s vibrant Hamilton Street. And I went there last week for dinner in shorts and flip-flops.

The food is expensive, but I promise: It’s worth it. I even sampled the raw oysters—a Blue Water Cafe specialty. Truthfully, I’m not a big raw-oyster fan (I had a bad experience in Ireland once) but even I enjoyed these. We sampled just a few, as an appetizer, but oyster lovers can make a meal out of their fabulous, in-season selections.

Kusshi and Royal Miyagi oysters

Kusshi and Royal Miyagi oysters

We also tried the halibut special and the bouillabaisse:

The halibut special

The halibut special

Blue Water Cafe's bouillabaisse

Blue Water Cafe's bouillabaisse

Ah, eating divine food outside on a sunny day. Really, does it get better than that?

Top 5 Yaletown Restaurant Patios

  1. Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar, 1095 Hamilton Street
  2. Glowbal Grill & Satay Bar, 1079 Mainland Street
  3. Coast Restaurant, 1257 Hamilton Street
  4. Brix Restaurant, 1138 Homer Street (OK, it’s actually a courtyard, not a patio….But it totally counts!)
  5. Milestone’s Grill & Bar, 1109 Hamilton Street (Because not all Yaletown patios are attached to expensive places!)

Have a different Top 5?

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  1. Justin

    The Keg Yaletown’s roof patio is epic

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