Hipster Vancouver at the Museum of Vancouver

I recently met up with a group of Vancouverites who are working on a series of short videos showcasing some if the fun things to do in Vancouver. They operate under the name Hipster Vancouver, and describe themselves as “a bunch of hipsters not afraid to be called hipster. We are skinny jean wearing, Pabst Blue Ribbon drinking folk who do movies, music, fashion, blogs and fixed gear bike riding. Look for us on hipstervancouver.com!

Their frontman Brandon introduces the first video in their series:

‘Sup Vancouver. This is Brandon, I’m a solopreneur/freelance blogger/DJ/Film Producer, and this is my video at the Museum of Vancouver’s Velo-City exhibit. Rode out there with my fixie (with a rear Aerospoke!) and my cam man Tré.  The video is hot cause it’s all about me, but then some dude totes stole my ride, whatevz!  It’s a good thing he didn’t take my John Varvatos iPhone case. Ovs I’m choked. Now it looks as though I have to get a real job, I need me a PBR to relax. I totes just tweeted that! Check out my video, puhlease.

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3 Responses to Hipster Vancouver at the Museum of Vancouver

  1. t-dawg

    hahahaha! this vid is stuntatcular!


  3. paul

    i didn’t like this video. i know it’s supposed to be charismatic but it came off obnoxious and rude. he should speak more politely and lower his voice