My Olympic Diary: My Vision

Looking forward to meeting many people during Vancouver 2010.

One of the most exciting things about telling people about my trip is seeing their reaction after I’ve told someone for the first time where I am going.  Their entire face lights up and they always say some kind of version of “That is so amazing.  You are going to have such a good time”.  It’s hard to put into words how happy they look and all the nice things that have been said to me.  I’m excited that so many are excited for me that I am going on this trip.  It will be unlike any experience that I’ve ever had and I intend to enjoy every second of it.  I feel like I’m experiencing this trip for all those who won’t be there. Hopefully through my blogs and pictures, they’ll get a feel for what Olympic fever is like in Vancouver.

In addition to attending all the events and cheering on our great Canadian athletes, I can’t wait to talk to people from all over the world who will also be attending this Olympics.  Canada has always had a great international reputation and I’m looking forward to hearing visitors thoughts on Canada and Vancouver.  Can you imagine what the energy will be like in the city for the duration of the Games?  I can’t wait to see what that feels like.  I’m expecting everyone to be in a great, friendly mood.  Open to meeting others from different countries and cultures.  I envision walking down the street and seeing perfect strangers’ high fiving each other, and Canadians yelling “Canada Rocks”.  I’m sure the Olympics will bring out a huge amount of pride in people.  I will get to see that firsthand.

Everyone will be in such a great mood, I can see spontaneous breakouts of song and dance happening all over the city.  Can you imagine, shopping on Robson Street and all of a sudden people start singing and dancing in the street?  It would be like our own episode of Glee!  Hey Vancouver, is there some kind of theme song for the city?  If so, someone please tell me what it is so I can start putting some moves together.  If there is singing and dancing going on somewhere I want to be a part of it.  Maybe we could even get Michael Buble to grace us with his presence and smooth jazzy voice!

By complete coincidence, I was invited back to my old dance studio this past week for a class. My dance teacher invited me to see “if I’ve still got it”. Little does she know, I never lost it and I’ll be practicing my moves for Vancouver 2010!


Who is going to be dancing in the streets with me during Vancouver 2010?

It is sure to be a fun and exciting time.  Canada is host to people from all over the world.  Let’s be sure to show them a good time, whether it’s singing and dancing on Robson Street or blowing them away with how many medals we are winning!  I am sure I will scream myself hoarse.  That’s just the nature of the Games!  What is your vision for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics? Leave a comment to share it with everyone.

Excuse me while I go practice my double pirouettes!

Vancouver, we will soon be together.

Photo Credit: A very special thank you to the Robson Street Business Association for providing me with these photos.

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2 Responses to My Olympic Diary: My Vision

  1. Fabricio


    My name is Fabricio and i am from Brazil. Next february i’ll be switching the hot hot summer of my native country to enjoy the energy of Vancouver. I can barely wait to meet new people and increase my english skills(i’m going to study english at ILAC). Congratulations for this blog! I’m so excited about my trip that i don’t know how to express myself about it.

    See you in Vancouver streets!