Go Green! Go Dutch! Go Bike! – Use of free bikes to get to & from Olympic events

Started by the Consulate General of the Netherlands, Go Green, Go Dutch, Go Bike promotes the use of the bicycle as an everyday mode of transportation to encourage a healthy lifestyle and everyday acts of green.

Cycling is very popular in the Netherlands where almost everyone, young and old, owns a bike. With the Go Green Go Dutch, Go Bike event the Netherlands Embassy shares their cycling culture with Canadians.

For the Olympic Winter Games Dutch Rail is bringing 400 bicycles to Vancouver, to be used by guests and visitors of the Holland Heineken House during the Games. These bikes can be used free of charge in Richmond, for example to bike from the Holland Heineken house to the Olympic Oval.

Through this initiative the Consulate General of the Netherlands, Dutch Rail and MVKA Productions intend to showcase the Dutch bike culture in the Lower Mainland and promote the use of bikes as a means of daily transportation and part of healthy living.

In addition, money is raised to buy new bikes for underprivileged children.

WHAT: Go Green! Go Dutch! Go Bike! – use of free bikes to get to and from Olympic events
WHEN: February 12- 28, 2010
WHERE: Holland Heineken House, Richmond


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4 Responses to Go Green! Go Dutch! Go Bike! – Use of free bikes to get to & from Olympic events

  1. Monica Cook

    I am hundreds of miles away from the Olympics this year, but I had just had to say, “What a wonderful thing for you to do for those who are there to celebrate!” Thank you so very much. Also, I wanted to know. Will the bikes used at the Olympics be sold as collector’s items? If so, please e-mail me!

  2. Kendrick

    I totally love this idea of people commuting around by bikes! I wish this can stay in Vancouver for good.

    I also enjoy seeing visitors riding these bikes around Richmond for the last two weeks. Unfortunately there heavy traffic in Richmond all the time, I hope none of the visitors were hurt or scared by crazy traffic and drivers.

  3. Annelies

    I would love the idea, that we could use the bike safely everywhere we go. Our whole infrastructure needs to change to get this accomplished

    • Sherri

      I too believe that the infrastructure of BC should mimic that of Holland to allow those that wish to bike to be able to do so freely and safely! It would improve family life quality and the health of each one cycling!!!! To the powers that be…..use bc taxpayers dollars wisely and thoughtfully!