The Colbert Nation is here.

On the banks of False Creek this morning, a Nation came together – united by their desire for truthiness and wikiality – The Colbert Nation was on Canadian soil (mud) …. And it was clearly meant to be as moments before the cameras rolled a bald eagle soared above our heads. I kid you not.

Ever since bailing out the US Speedskating team after one of their sponsors went bankrupt, Stephen Colbert has been very vocal in his distaste for Canadians – AKA “syrup-suckers” or “ice-holes” For those of you who are not aware of  The Colbert Report – Colbert is genius as a complete and total parody of an over the top ultra conservative talk show host. He has incredibly loyal fans – the Colbert Nation – who showed up very early to stand for hours in the cold and mud on the banks of False Creek to participate in the filming of the first of two episodes of his Emmy (and Peabody) Award winning show.

Not knowing what to expect, but certain I had to be a part of it, I made my way there very early. Although I was there a good 2 hours before the scheduled filming time, the line was already insane. Like good Canadian Ice-holes, we stood in line for no apparent reason – presumably to protect the ground? The need for coffee overruled my desire to be at the front of the crowd, so I abandoned that line, to join another at Starbucks. Armed with my venti extra hot Caramel Macchiato, I actually ended up fairly close to the stage – on the side, out of the mud. I was surrounded by a good group of people who were as eager as I to protect our space. It was exactly like being at a concert.


And just like a concert, there was a delay in the start – about 20 minutes or so. They kept us entertained by airing Colbert’s “Road to Vancouver” – hardly anyone could see the screens, but we could hear it…. and we all laughed along at the absurdity that is Stephen Colbert. I assume they are filming enough segments for about a weeks worth of shows.

And it was all kinds of awesome. I find Colbert so funny, and his jabs at Canada were so outrageous and over the top…. Priceless. We were all a little grumbly as we had been waiting for hours, but he had us laughing pretty much as soon as he came out on stage. I don’t want to post too many spoilers….let me just say, that someone ends up riding the moose. Oh and Michale Buble is one of the guests. And he sings. It was amazing!


The Colbert Report will be filming again tomorrow morning. If you want a good spot – go early. Wear Layers – lots of layers…. It have been over two hours and my feet are still thawing out! But it is totally worth the standing and waiting if you are a fan of Truthiness. :)

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  1. Cal

    “These Iceholes Love Colbert” — awesome sign!

  2. I love that we Canadians can laugh at ourselves. Or let others laugh at us. Or something…;-)