Free Brita Pitcher Giveaway on Granville Street, March 26

Want a FREE Brita water pitcher and filter? Head over to Granville Street (200 block) on Friday, March 26, from 11am – 7pm.

(Don’t wait to get there at 6pm though; you can bet those free water pitchers will run out quick!)

Brita is giving away 3,000 free water pitchers in honour of Earth Hour—the hour when hundreds of millions of people world-wide turn off their lights to support sustainability and bring attention to climate change.

Earth Hour is coming up this  Saturday, March 27. You can find more information on participating here.


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2 Responses to Free Brita Pitcher Giveaway on Granville Street, March 26

  1. Amy Pon

    Wow. Can’t wait to tell my friends!

    • Wow , I need a brita pitcher and filter for my new place and could use some clean drinking water:)please let me know when You are giving away another one I missed this one ,or I might buy a new one :)

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