Velopalooza! : More Bike Fun During June Bike Month. June 4 -13, 2010

The non-profit organization, Velolove Society is hosting the bike festival, Velopalooza.  Velopalooza will be more cycling fun for 10 days, June 4 – 13, 2010 in Metro Vancouver.  There will be a broad range of  fun group bike rides, many based on a theme or ride area and some eating get-togethers.   Ride leaders are so enthused that they volunteer to create the themes and organize their rides. There are theme rides for cycling ‘super- heroes’,  folding bikes (becoming popular in past few years), fixed gear bikes, gelato bike ride and so on.  Please note that you must bring your own food  for refueling or money to buy food but most group rides are free.

Immediately after the VACC’s  barbecue celebration on June 4 , Velopalooza will kick off their festival at WISE Hall (1882 Adanac St.) 8 pm – 11 pm. on the same evening. Entry fee per person is $8.50 for food, music and fun.

Check out a jam-packed schedule of over 40 rides and events here. Make sure you scroll all the way down the screen after you click on the link. Dive into the spirit of the ride with your bike.  We advise you wear a bike helmet and exercise cycling safety.

Above video clip features energetic Jamie Ollivier, or self-named as Pedal Pundit (not the celebrity chef) ,  who is one of the busy Velopalooza volunteer organizers.  View the first half of his video about Velopalooza.  Last half of video is on his work for a community project sponsored by the City of Vancouver, in the Mount Pleasant Area on Cycleback Art Outreach Program.  This project involves homeless people and other local  residents who are producing art which some designs will be installed permanently in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood.  He will be at the finale Velopalooza event on June 14th –with his recumbent bike. Check the event schedule web link mentioned earlier in this article.

For visitors, it’s a great way to experienceVancouver’s bike culture and the city  in a unique, fun way at a very low cost or most of the time, for free.

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2 Responses to Velopalooza! : More Bike Fun During June Bike Month. June 4 -13, 2010

  1. TwoWheelinGirl

    Sounds like a great event. Since this month is bike month, I thought it would be a great time to remind people about bike safety…afterall, most cycling injuries can be prevented!

    Did you know cycling is one of the most common causes of serious sports injuries, with more than 1,000 cycling-related injuries requiring hospitalization? That’s 20 cyclists hospitalized per week!

    Here are a few interesting stats from Preventable (aka The Community Against Preventable Injuries):

    • For every $1 spent on a helmet, there is a subsequent savings $29 in injury costs

    • Total direct and indirect cost for cycling-related injury in BC is estimated at $85 million

    To learn more about bicycle safety and preventable injuries, visit

  2. Bicycling is such a great and fun sport. Safety starts with a good helmet and knowing the rules.

    To many don’t know that Bicycling is the most dangerous sport in the world. In the USA there are more emergency rooms admissions and traumatic brain injury due to bicycling than any other sport.

    Have fun carefully.