Vancouver Chinatown Night Market – The Other Night Market

Vancouver Chinatown Night Market

There’s no doubt that, when it comes to Lower Mainland Asian-style night markets, nothing comes close to the gargantuan Summer Night Market in Richmond. But that doesn’t mean that Richmond’s is the only night market worth a visit. While it may not be as large in scale as its sister market, the Vancouver Chinatown Night Market is just as big in charm and spirit.

A huge part of the Chinatown Night Market’s charm is that it is (obviously) nestled in the heart of Vancouver’s historic Chinatown. A visit to the Market is the perfect way to end a summer weekend spent rediscovering Chinatown, shopping there, or visiting the neighbourhood’s cultural sites. (The Market is right across the street from the gorgeous Dr. Sun Yat Sen Chinese Garden.)

Vancouver Chinatown Night Market

There are a few things the Chinatown Night Market has in common with the Summer Night Market in Richmond: bargain shopping booths, live entertainment, and lots of food. My favourites are the fresh squid and dim sum, and those fried potato things that curl around a stick. (They’re called Hurricane Potatoes at Richmond’s market and Tornado Potatoes at Chinatown’s—really, “tornado” makes a lot more sense.)

The Tornado Potato

Squid at the Vancouver Chinatown Night Market

Chinatown’s market is a lot easier to reach than the one in Richmond, too, especially for visitors to downtown or people without access to a car: just take the SkyTrain to the Stadium-Chinatown station and walk east on Keefer.

The Vancouver Chinatown Night Market is a staple of summer in the city, and one of the things that makes our Chinatown so unique. It runs every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 6:30pm – 11pm, until September 5, 2010.

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