Petition to Start Summer in Vancouver! Pass it on.

OK. Enough’s enough. Monday marks the official start of summer and it still feels like a cool, rainy spring in Vancouver. It’s almost July and people are still walking around bundled up in sweaters and raincoats. Family barbecues have been washed out. Trips to the beach postponed. Late night drinks on patios city-wide canceled.

I think it’s time to to act. Vancouver – as beautiful as the city is – has a notoriously short summer (There’s a reason Vancouverites like to say, “We don’t tan; we rust.”). With delays this year, we’ll be lucky if we get even a few weeks of hot, sunny weather. With that in mind, I’d like to start a petition to send to Mayor Gregor Robertson and the rest of Vancouver’s city council: Start summer now, Mr. Robertson, or else we’re going to have to push back next winter by at least a month or two.


Remember this? The sun.


I know what you’re thinking. This is ridiculous – The bureaucrats down at City Hall can’t control the weather.  But hear me out. With modern science, our leaders can pull off some pretty spectacular weather feats these days.

Remember Beijing in 2008, when Chinese officials used cloud seeding to clear the city’s air for the Summer Olympics, turning smog and clouds into beautiful blue skies. Or how about last winter when – in the midst of an unprecedented heat wave with temps in the upper teens – Vancouver’s Olympic planners somehow manufactured a winter wonderland on the top of Cypress Mountain. My point is this kind of thing has been done before and it can be done again.

Weather miracles have been pulled off before in Vancouver. Photo: Getty Images

I’m not saying it will be easy. Taxpayers will be on the hook for a hefty bill – in the millions at least, possibly in the billions. And precious government resources will have to be diverted from the city’s chicken coop dilemma and other pressing problems. But just think of what we have to gain. Balmy afternoons on Kits Beach, soaking up the rays and admiring the buff and beautiful. Mild nights in the backyard, enjoying burgers, smokies and brews with good friends. T-shirts, sunglasses, shorts and tank-tops. A nice sweaty run on the sea wall and refreshing plunge at Third Beach. A tan . . . maybe even a sunburn or two. Is that really too much to ask?

What we have to gain! Beach volleyball at Kits. Photo: Remy Scalza

If you’re with me on this, please leave a comment below. Why is summer in Vancouver important to you? Why can’t we afford to wait another minute for nice weather?

Our elected officials need to make the summer-fication of Vancouver their top priority.  Post a link to this petition on Facebook. Start Tweeting. It’s time to make our voices heard, here and now, before summer slips away.

Remy Scalza

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4 Responses to Petition to Start Summer in Vancouver! Pass it on.

  1. Jack

    Spring is often a bit disappointing in Vancouver, but we’ve still got a lot of summer ahead of us.

  2. emily

    What were the temps this time last year? I remember the heat wave (a bit much!)…when did it start?

    • Last year’s heat wave started around the last week of July – temperatures actually got into the low 40s! We could use a bit of that now.

      • Jen

        Low 40s? Not in Vancouver, BC! The high was 34C, which is not even that high. And in the glorious summer 2009, the heat wave started in the first week of June. Of course, this is rare..super rare. Normally we get ripped off on summer here. Will be lucky if we get a week worth of 25C weather here.