Is That A Miraj?

I’m sorry, what? I have to go back out into the real world? No, no, nooooo!

These were the words I was screaming as I was dragged back out onto the street after my most amazing session at the Miraj Hammam Spa. Well no, I wasn’t dragged, or even pulled, but it sure felt like it!


As soon as you step through the door you enter a whole new world, an exotic oasis which feels miles away from the bustling main road. The Miraj Hammam is the brainchild of Surinder Bains, who decided to open up shop after moving to Vancouver from Paris where she had visited a Parisian hammam. In centuries past, the hammam was known as “the silent doctor” and was a place of cleansing for both the body and soul.

The staff at Miraj are incredibly friendly and welcoming. As soon as you enter you are handed a pair of slip on shoes to wear and are taken into a shower area where you are given a sarong and instructed to remove your clothing. My first though was “eek”, however the staff here make you feel so comfortable and there is disposable underwear available should you want it! From there you are led into the steam room to sweat it out and completely relax. Your gommage attendant will come to find you in the billowing steam for your complete body exfoliation scrub down. This was definitely my favourite part and I am thinking about employing a gommage attendant in my home! Finally you are led to a massage room for a relaxing massage with soft music playing in the background and the smell of essential oils floating in the air. Your massage attendant provides you with a full body massage from the tip of your toes right up to your head. Just as you nod off to sleep and thought you couldn’t get anymore relaxed you are led into the Sultana Lounge for tea and cake!


I highly recommend the whole package – hammam (steam room), gommage body scrub, massage and then into the sultana lounge for tea and sweet cake, and general lounging around while you plot ways you can hide in the building and stay forever.


Miraj Hammam is open Tuesday to Sunday (check which day you would like to visit as on some they accept women only and men only). Only 20 people are booked in daily, making it an intimate and non-intimidating experience. You can book in solo, but the spa also makes for a great girls’ day or even a romantic and relaxing couples’ day, which they have exclusively on Sundays. Prices begin at $99 for the Hammam & Gommage, with a 15-minute massage.

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