Wreck Beach Day 2010 – Get Naked & Love Your Body

Wreck Beach Day 2009. Photo © James Loewen, Wreck Beach Preservation Society

Vancouver’s Wreck Beach isn’t just beloved by locals for its rustic, natural beauty and anything-goes vibe—it’s also one of the top nude beaches in the world, and the 31st Annual Wreck Beach Day is determined to convince you to go nude, too!

Every year, Wreck Beach Day celebrates the beach—and beach bodies—with a range of wholesome, naked fun: naked volleyball, a naked body-painting competition, naked Kite-Flying, a naked art show, and a naked sandcastle event. (“Sandcastle” categories include “the Sea and Sea Fantasy,” “Imaginary Animals,” and “Naked Glories”—all of which sound like the best reason ever to go to Wreck Beach Day. Sand-made “Sea Fantasy?” Awesome.)

But this year has a special bonus: Wreck Beach Day coincides with Body Acceptance Day (BAD), the goal of which is to liberate beaches from bathing suits and help us all love our bodies.

To symbolize the freedom BAD offers, the Wreck Beach Day organizers have created a Body Acceptance Machine (BAM): You enter the machine a “textile” (i.e., clothed), emerge liberated (i.e., naked), and get rewarded with a free Wreck Beach Passport 2010.

The point? As Judy Williams, chairperson for the Wreck Beach Preservation Society, says, “[I]t’s all about accepting yourself as Nature blessed you.”

The 31st Annual Wreck Beach Day happens on July 11, 2010.

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  1. Sunscreen companies should be lining up to sponsor this event…

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