Too Hot? 5 Ways to Cool Down Fast

Cooling off at English Bay Beach

Feeling the heat? Love it or hate it (Are there really people who hate it?), Vancouverโ€™s hot summer weather has finally arrived. So what to do when it gets too hot to handle?

Hot in Vancouver: 5 Way to Cool Down Fast

1. Dive into the ocean. The fastest way to get cool, bar none, is a dip in the crispy cold Pacific. We’re blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, so head to the coast and take the plunge!

2. Jump into the pool. Personally, I can’t wait to dip into Kits Pool—the longest, biggest salt-water pool in all of Canada—but you can get wet at any of Vancouver’s four public outdoor pools.

3. Chase the kids through the sprinklers at the free Granville Island Water Park, or any of Vancouver’s other free water/spray parks. Have teeny kids? Soak your toddlers at a Vancouver wading pool.

4. Get inside—where it’s air-conditioned. Movie theatres are notoriously cool in summer, but so are malls—you can easily spend hours exploring Metropolis at Metrotown—and museums. Want an excuse to be naughty? The Edgewater Casino is air-conditioned, too.

5. Gelato! Vancouverites love their gelato, and streets like Denman and Commercial Drive have lots of gelaterias to choose from. My favourite—and totally worth the drive (it’s about 10 minutes east of downtown)—is La Casa Gelato, the only gelateria in the world with 198 flavours on hand.

How do you keep cool in the summer? Leave us your tips. (And any recs for gelaterias, please.)

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3 Responses to Too Hot? 5 Ways to Cool Down Fast

  1. Contractor Guy

    Great reading, much appreciated! Mind if I suggest this to all of the Phoenix air conditioning companies I know? Thanks again.

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  3. chi

    what if you don’t have a pool and you live 5 hours away from the beach and you don’t have air-conditioning? i’m 16 and don’t have kids to run in the sprinklers with or money to get a Gelato :(
    Sounds fun though..