Dinner and a (terrifying) movie (or 2)??

Don’t want to share your candy with the trick-or-treaters on Sunday? Or are you looking for something a little more grown up to do this Halloween? Dying (pun intended) to avoid the bar scene where you not only have to pay to get in, but also for drinks?

Look no further than Halloween Movie Night hosted by The River Rock Casino Resort. They are showing what are arguably two of the scariest movies of all time – The Shining and The Exorcist on Sunday night in the River Rock Theatre. Most of us have probably seen both these films – on TV, or VHS (if you are old enough to remember those) or even on DVD – but I guarantee you that there is nothing like watching a classic movie on a big screen surrounded by other fans. I saw Gone With the Wind earlier on the summer – 4 hours of amazingness (yes, 4 hours).

River Rock has an awesome offer available – both movies and their all you can eat buffet for only $24.95. See their website here for the other offers available.

Complimentary parking or easy access via the Canada Line make this a no-brainer (another pun intended) for me this Halloween.

The Shining is on at 7.15pm and if you make it through that one…. the Exorcist starts at 10.15pm.

I will be there. Jack Nicholson scares the dickens out of me, but look for me cowering under a chair somewhere….

Happy Halloween!

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