Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could do in Vancouver

Vancouver is home to dozens of well-known visitor attractions, activities and landmarks. For visitors and locals that want to steer away from “typical” Vancouver experiences there are plenty of cool things to do that we bet you didn’t know about…1. Feed, touch and get splashy with a beluga or dolphin during a behind-the-scenes animal encounter at the Vancouver Aquarium.

2. Pitch ‘n putt into the twilight hours surrounded by giant cedars in Stanley Park.

3. Learn about Vancouver’s darker side – murder, prostitution, and the drug trade – with the Vancouver Police Museum’s “Sins of the City” walking tour.

4. Ride a tandem bike around the 8.8 kilometre Stanley Park seawall.

5. Sing your heart out at a real Japanese-style karaoke bar.6. Embark on a self-guided culinary walking tour of Vancouver’s street food scene: sample pulled pork sandwiches, fried oyster po’ boys, steamed pork buns, chanterelle mushroom poutine and duck salad.

7. Zipline between mountains at top speeds of 80 kilometres per hour atop Grouse Mountain.

8. Learn how to master sword arts such as the rapier, side sword, sword and shield, and long sword at Academie Duello.

9. Sample three different types of locally handcrafted sake at Osake on Granville Island.

10. Staying at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver? Take one of the hotel’s K9 Ambassador dogs, Beau or Mavis, for a walk.

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5 Responses to Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could do in Vancouver

  1. Serena

    Ohhh No 5 .. fun. Does anyone know the name of any great ones?


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  3. It’s me

    Don’t forget the queen Elizabeth and Rupert park pitch and putts :)

  4. place

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