Top 5 Vancouver Chocolatiers & Boutique Chocolate Shops

Photo: Thomas Haas Fine Chocolates

Whether you’re buying chocolate for Valentine’s Day, for yourself, as a gift, or even as a Vancouver souvenir, these decadent and divine Vancouver chocolatiers are making some of the best candy you have ever tasted! From bon bons and truffles to traditional Belgian delicacies, these artisan chocolates often incorporate regional and B.C. ingredients, giving these treats genuine local flavour.

Top 5 Vancouver Chocolatiers & Boutique Chocolate Shops

1. Chocolate Arts
Located on W 3rd Ave in Kitsilano, Chocolate Arts primarily uses local produce—like wild blackberries, raspberries, cranberries, and hazelnuts—to give its confections the true flavour of the Pacific West Coast and of British Columbia.

2. Thomas Haas Fine Chocolates
Thomas Haas is a fourth-generation pastry chef who has been wowing critics and chocoholics for over fifteen years. In 2010, Haas was named a Top 10 Chocolatier in North America by Dessert Professional Magazine, just the latest in a slew of accolades. His press doesn’t exaggerate: his handmade chocolates are to die for!

3. Daniel’s Chocolates
Born and raised in Belgium, Chocolatier Daniel Poncelet opened the first-ever Belgian chocolate shop in Vancouver on Robson Street in 1981. Today, Daniel’s chocolates are a Vancouver institution, with locations throughout the Lower Mainland. My favourite: the Sea Salt Caramel. Yum!

4. Charlie’s Chocolate Factory
A family-owned favourite since 1970, Burnaby’s Charlie’s Chocolate Factory is home to a chocolate river and practically anything you can think of—from flowers and tools to cell phones—made out of chocolate. It’s the perfect spot to shop for personalized and funny gifts for candy lovers.

5. Granville Island Chocolate Shops: Rogers, ChocolaTas & Olde World Fudge
This one is a bit of a cheat, since I’m squeezing three chocolate shops into one slot and one of them is Roger’s Chocolates, arguably one of the most famous chocolate producers in all of Canada. Roger’s is a B.C. original—it began in Victoria in 1885—and the Roger’s on Granville Island is one of its best locations in Vancouver. ChocolaTas and Olde World Fudge are two local faves located inside the Granville Island Public Market.

Any other favourite Vancouver chocolatiers and boutique chocolate shops that I missed? Please leave your picks in the comments!

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24 Responses to Top 5 Vancouver Chocolatiers & Boutique Chocolate Shops

  1. Oree

    Have you never heard of XOXOLAT? Exquisite, hand made delites! I learned about themwhen I attended a chocoate class there one evening in Dec. Who knew that the world of chocolates was as specialized as fine wine? This list is not complete without them. Burrard and 8th Ave. Mmmmm!

    • Oree,

      Thank you for such a great tip; I haven’t heard of them. I LOVE chocolate and will have to try this immediately. (Maybe I can get my partner to get me a sampling for Valentine’s Day….)

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  3. Susan levert

    CocoaNymph Chocolates & Confections – Located at 3739 West 10th Ave., Vancouver (just West of Alma). 604-222-4477. This cute little shop is locally owned and operated by Rachel…who does an amazing job of bringing the flavors alive in her recipes. Each chocolate is a work of art. She is featuring hot chocolate in yummy flavours during the winter months, right now it’s hazelnut hot chocolate. Also she is hosting a Chocolate Lovers Workshop at various times throughout the year (learning how chocolate is made and history, single origin chocolate tasting and truffle decorating lesson).

    • Krystal

      Love Cocoa Nymph .. cannot leave Portobello West without a purchase each month! Thank you for adding Rachel to this list!

    • Krystal

      Sorry .. I failed to include Cinnamon’s in North Van, too .. my bad!
      Happy Valentines!

  4. Paulina

    Have you ever tried the chocolate from Cocoa West? Honestly it is THE BEST. The best part is that it is organic and fair trade too! I had this one called Eden’s Harvest. It is a apple puree, white chocolate ganache that is infused with vanilla bean and then coated in a dark chocolate and then rolled in butter crunch toffee and toasted peacans. I think its seasonal, but oh my gosh it is absolutely to DIE for. I think their website is

  5. For me, Rocky Mountain Chocolates (including ice cream) were a taste of heaven. :-)

  6. Daddeod

    We love Urge chocolate, not just us but everyone we’ve introduced it to.

  7. Krystal

    All the above are def some of *the* best in the Lower Mainland. But there are, and have been some other amazing chocolatiers, like Beta5, Bad Girl and Dutch Girl (not related!) And Over the Moon – their chocolate-dipped cherries were amazing.
    In fact, what I love about all the different producers around town is how each one would have a couple of ‘specialties’ that no one else copied..and the diversity was wonderful!

    However, Chocolate Arts has been my go-to chocolatier since Greg and his wife Patricia first pioneered introducing amazing chocoate to Vancouverites. So they do deserve top-spot for me. Not only do I feel welcome when I shop there, even if only a few times a year, they seem to remember me! And I cannot leave a visit there without a lemon & basil truffle…who knew how addictive that flavour-pairing would be?! (cannot describe it, really is chocolate-umami).

    • Krystal

      and I failed to mention Cinnamons in North Van .. sorry!
      Happy Valentines!

  8. Larry Lee

    check out this place in Steveston called “Sinfully The Best”. What a treat!

  9. Krystal thank you so much for the mention. We certainly appreciate your comments!

  10. Hagensborg Chocolates located in Burnaby is a boutique chocolate company that makes the best European chocolates! Having grown up in Europe it brings me back and leaves me coming back for more!

  11. Marc B

    I was surprised to see that GEM Chocolates was not listed above ( ), located at 2029 West 41st Avenue in our Vancouver. It is a small shop, but a real boutique with an amazing collection of real gems. It is all handmade using certified organic chocolate and flavourful, exquisite ganaches with no preservatives…which makes you savour them in no time! Once there, you realize what a real chocolate is, and the various internationals awards on the wall only reinforce that. Among my favourites: basil, crème brûlée, rise crisp and of course, the salty crème caramel.

  12. Eileen Booth

    Cocoa West, Bowen Island, BC …. bar none!

  13. Vickie

    Geld Chocolates! Based in Vancouver you can buy them in Pane-e-formaggio or alternatively get them through the website –

    The peanut butter and jelly chocolate is the best I’ve ever tasted and there’s lot’s of cute, funky chocolates that make great gifts.

  14. Savannah

    “Mink: A Chocolate Cafe”
    Google it. Words cant describe!

  15. I loved the chocolate I ate in Vancouver when I travelled around Canada in 2004. I would love to check these chocolate boutiques out to see if they are as good as what I had back then.

  16. Tony

    If you are really talking about ‘Chocolate Boutique’, you MUST check GEM Chocolates ( on 41st at Maple (Kerrisdale). I came all the way from North Van last week after a friend showed me the magnetic Tiffany-like box…no wonder it is called GEM! It is a cosy, tasteful store, and that is just the beginning. The chocolates are just out of this world. Such a combination of flavours, design and colours. They work with organic and fair trade chocolates and having tasted chocolates in France and Belgium, GEM not only match them, but it is also local and delightful.

  17. Rose

    Ivan’s Truffles! Handmade in Vancouver. Delivers locally, easily the best chocolate I’ve ever had.

  18. Cali

    Actually Purdys Chocolatier was the first Belgian chocolate shop to open in Vancouver in 1905. It’s also much yummier then Daniels.

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  20. hayley

    Bernard Callebaut (in Surrey and Richmond) has by far the best chocolate there is. Nothing can even compare.