Eco Fashion Week Vancouver 2011

Lights, Cameras, Models! Eco Fashion Week in Vancouver has kicked off in a fierce way.

Myriam Laroche pulls her notes from her phone just before she addresses the media at the press conference at the Shangri-La Hotel on Feb 23rd. She’s the president of Eco Fashion Week after all so she didn’t want to print them off.

Myriam Laroche and Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson

Local and international designers and 19 brands are all part of this week; including well-known Vancouver designer Jason Matlo.

What is eco fashion? It’s designing clothing with sustainable material and with sustainable industry practices. It’s about being conscious of what you’re purchasing when it comes to your clothes. It might not be all eco-friendly material but when possible, designers will make an environmental choice. It’s a movement and not a trend and it’s putting Vancouver on the map as a leader in this fashion niche. The hope? That it won’t be called eco fashion; it will just be called fashion.

There is an education component as well. Along with fashion shows taking centre stage there will also be seminars this week to educate designers. Did you know that the chemicals that are used to make your clothes are absorbed into your skin? It makes you think, doesn’t it?

I asked Myriam if she was a visitor to Vancouver where would she shop for local and echo friendly fashion? She cheerfully replied: “Value Village is my happy place” and let the audience know her dress is vintage Valentino. As for local shops, Myraim’s a big fan of Body Politic and Twigg&Hottie which are both located on Main St.

A string of fashion shows from designers such as Downtown Betty, WE3, Lav & Kush and Kim Cathers hit the runway at Salt in the Olympic Village. As a first time experience at a fashion show, I found the night to be a fresh and exciting. Along with marveling at the beautiful clothes, much of which I would actually wear, the audience was so intriguing. The building was full of lots of local and national media, buyers, everyday folks with a eye for fashion, designers and those who you could only wonder about.

Echo Fashion Week ends on Friday. You still have time to catch a show. Tickets range from $20 to $30.

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