Twilight Saga & Breaking Dawn Locations Around Vancouver

Bella Swan's house in Surrey, B.C. Photo:

When the second Twilight movie New Moon filmed in Vancouver back in March, 2009, I got more emails than you could imagine asking me where filming was happening and how fans from as far away as Alabama could come to Vancouver to meet the Twilight cast—especially Robert Pattinson (who plays lead vampire Edward Cullen), Kristen Stewart (who plays heroine Bella Swan) and Taylor Lautner (werewolf Jacob Black).

To preempt the same questions about Breaking Dawn—the Twilight Saga’s fourth and final film, now shooting in and around Vancouver through April 13, 2011—I’ve assembled a quick list of all the known shooting locations for Twilight: Breaking Dawn.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Locations & Sets Around Vancouver

  • Bella Swan’s house (pictured above) is located at Kerry Park in Surrey, at 184 Street and 28 Avenue.
  • Jacob Black’s house is around Gilley’s Trail in Minnekhada Park in Coquitlam; see video of the property here.
  • The Cullen family house will be one of the British Properties in West Vancouver, on Stevens Drive and Deep Dene Road, according to the Vancouver Sun.
  • Breaking Dawn’s studio work will be completed at North Shore Studios in North Vancouver.
  • There is one day of rumoured filming in Vancouver: March 14, 2011, on Beatty Street in the Downtown Eastside.

You can also catch Jackson Rathbone (vampire Jasper Hale) at downtown Vancouver’s Venue Nightclub on March 4, where he’ll be playing with his band 100 Monkeys.

Know more set locations for Twilight: Breaking Dawn? Please leave them in the comments!

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  3. Pete

    just wached new moon beach scenes are around Tofino on Vancouver island, we were there in 2009, have pics if interested.

    Pete, Sheffield, UK

    • Lizz

      Would to see where in Tofino or what beaches? Thanks