Vancouver Dance Festivals in March, Part II: Vancouver International Salsafestival March 3 – 6, 2011

Salsa dancing in Vancouver always seems a bit of an underground phenomenon to me. By which I mean, loads of people are doing it—just head to Tuesday night salsa at Boss Nightclub on Richards for a taste—people travel to Vancouver just for salsa events, and yet Vancouver’s thriving salsa scene doesn’t get much press.

For those reasons, it may surprise you that Vancouver annually plays host to the largest Latin dance festival in all of Canada: the Vancouver International Salsafestival, a four-day celebration of salsa and Latin dance that draws together 2,500 people from 18 countries and lets you dance, watch, and learn salsa, too.

Salsafestival’s main events are their famous, all-out-party Gala Nights, which combine world-class performances, live music and dancing, the Salsafestival workshops, and a learn-to-dance-in-one-day Beginner’s Bootcamp.

The two biggest 2011 Salsafestival Gala Nights are the James Bond-themed Casino Royale on March 5 and the sure-to-be-huge Latin Live event on March 4.  Both include an International Dance Showcase, plus multiple dance floors offering Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha Cha, and more.

Adding a spirit of generosity to the party is the partnership between Salsafestival and BC Childrens Hospital Foundation: a portion of the proceeds from all Vancouver Salsafestival events goes to this great local charity!

The Vancouver International Salsafestival runs from March 3 – 6, 2011.

Want more dance? Vancouver Dance Festivals in March, Part I: Vancouver International Dance Festival March 1 – 19, 2011.

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