Find Free Parking in Vancouver with the Free Park ‘in’ Spot App

Free Vancouver Park 'in' Spot App

Anyone who has ever driven in Vancouver knows that finding parking—even pay parking, especially downtown—can be difficult. Of course, the best way to deal with limited parking is to bike or take public transit, but sometimes you just need to drive.

Vancouver developers at A Step Above Apps launched a free app for iPhone, iTouch, and iPad in April 2011 that is designed to help Vancouver drivers find parking. Called the Park ‘in’ Spot App, the app has a built-in GPS function that pinpoints your location and then shows you the locations of all nearby parking, including free street parking spaces and the rates for nearby public lots and parking meters.

Though the Park ‘in’ Spot App initially concentrated on Vancouver, it has since expanded to include Seattle and Toronto parking, too.

In writing this piece, I checked out the website for A Step Above Apps, hoping to learn more about the developers. I couldn’t find any info about who these guys are (if anyone can help with that, please comment), but I did enjoy their parking “blog.” Whoever they are, they’re certainly passionate about parking: their posts include an analysis of median rates of parking across Canada and Going Green: Additional Scooter/Motorcycle Parking Stalls in the City of Vancouver. If you’re at all interested in such things—or, you know, crazy bored at work—check it out.

The Park ‘in’ Spot App is free and available at iTunes.

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9 Responses to Find Free Parking in Vancouver with the Free Park ‘in’ Spot App

  1. Hello Dana,

    Thank you for featuring us on, that’s just awesome! We are very happy (actually jumping for joy) that many people are now finding it easier to park and save money from using our application Park ‘in’ Spot!

    We would love to share more about us to you.

    We can be contacted via

    Very kind regards,

    A Step Above Apps

    • Andrea misner

      Why is this app no longer available in Canadian iTunes Store???

  2. Amy

    That app is brilliant! So simple and easy to use

  3. Tony

    Great app! It would be even better if each lot label could include the daily (or hourly) price right on the label so that I could quickly scan for the best deal – right now, I have to click on each of them individually to find out the info.

  4. Vancouverites

    Just a quick update, provides FREE parking spots search. Free on-street parking can be found in downttown, stanley park, english bay(by beach ave) etc.

  5. Hmm

    Above app is dead…removed from the Apple Store.

  6. Check out for a mobile friendly address/geolocation based map of closest parking meters and their rates to your location as well as except with permit parking restrictions.

  7. Ken Hawkins

    I tried on 2 different PC’s with Chrome and Firefox, as well as Android on my phone – not useful at all, just google map with NO parking free or paid, being displayed.

  8. Ken Hawkins was another waste of time, just a spinning icon to make you think it was actually doing something. 10 minutes – NADA.

    I really wish people wouldn’t waste our time with crapware.


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