Stanley Park Ghost Train 2011 – Free Ticket Giveaway!

Photo: Stanley Park Ghost Train

Every October, Stanley Park’s famous Miniature Train transforms into one of the Top 10 Vancouver Halloween Attractions and the best Halloween event for younger kids: the Stanley Park Ghost Train.

Reinvented each year with a new theme, the Stanley Park Ghost Train takes its passengers on a nighttime journey through the forest, filled with (gently) spooky surprises and live-action tableaux, courtesy of the incredible performance artists of Mortal Coil. For 2011, the theme is “Circus of Disaster,” and kids will love the interaction of watching out for the malevolent Bearded Lady!

Into the forest on the Stanley Park Ghost Train. Photo: Dana Lynch

Like all the best things for kids, the Stanley Park Ghost Train is clever enough to appeal to the parents and adults that go, too; there’s always something to amuse people of all ages. For example, last year the theme was “Alice in Nightmareland,” and though my son was too young to appreciate it, I loved the tongue-in-cheek, psychedelic soundtrack that accompanied the ride, which amusingly included Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit.

Although the train ride itself is fairly short—about 10 minutes—your admission to the Ghost Train grounds includes face-painting, crafts, pumpkin carving, a costume contest, and a Haunted Maze, so families can definitely make a night of it.

Bring the kids in costume, but do keep in mind that there are wait times for a ride on the Ghost Train, so make sure the kids are warm enough!

The Stanley Park Ghost Train runs from October 7 – 31, 2011.

Congratulations to Kirsten, Raina, Mikala, Colleen, and Tara! Check your in-boxes for prize details

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231 Responses to Stanley Park Ghost Train 2011 – Free Ticket Giveaway!

  1. Angela

    Always a fun filled evening. BOO!

    • Kristen

      I can’t believe it’s October already!

      • Jane Saba

        I would love to take my family of 5 to see the awesome Ghost Train! I saw it about 5 years ago and we still remember it to this day!

    • Rachel

      Love it:)

    • Jenny

      Would love to win and ride! :)

    • setareh

      I would loooove to go with my friends for my birthdayyy next Thurs! :D

    • Barb McAdie

      My famiy and I would be very excited to ride the ghost train this year; our youngest is very “interested” with all the “boo-tacklar” things he sees and hears this Autumn!

  2. I’ve never been on the Ghost Train! I’d love to take my boyfriend. :)

  3. Larissa

    Best part of October.

  4. Raina Beeksma

    I have never been but have heard wonderful things about it…It would be awesome to win so our family of five could go together!! :)

  5. Courtney Beharrell

    I love the Ghost Train! I’ve been going for years and plan to this year!

  6. Meghan

    I’ve only been on the Christmas train, but would love this spooky adventure.

  7. Jack

    I’m excited about the new Stanley Park Ghost Train theme =)

  8. My boyfriend gets scared easily, I’d LOVE to take him on this :)

  9. I love the christmas train, but have never done the ghost train. Would love to take my neices and nephew !! They’ve been talking about halloween all year.

  10. Halloween is my favourite holiday and when I moved to Vancouver within 2 weeks I found out about this and decided I needed to go!

  11. ashlee

    very spooky :)

  12. Michael

    Yes !!Stanley Park Ghost Train !!!

  13. Haermoni

    My 2 boys absolutely love the Stanley Park Train! :-)

  14. Kirsten Abbott

    The Stanley Park Train brings back great memories of childhood in Vancouver…can’t wait to share it with my kids too!

  15. Iva

    I haven’t tried the ghost train before

  16. This would be a terrific outing for my son! Not something within our “budget” so winning would make it possible.

  17. Myriah

    I would love to be able to take my family to the Ghost Train,none of us have ever been before! We have 4 kids 16-4 so things can be a little expensive sometimes which make you not be able to go anywhere. Halloween is our favorite time of year also we love decorating and spooking things up one of our kids Birthdays is 8 days before so this year we are having a spooky costume party can’t wait!
    Thanks for the chance =D

  18. Terry

    treat here please…. no tricks allowed.. lol

  19. Yay!
    I’m actually going to go this year!
    I kept saying I would last year(my first year in vancouver), but didn’t get the opportunity.
    I won’t pass it up this year!

  20. Sounds like fun! We’ve never been but would love to go

  21. Susan

    Yay! Its that time of year again!

  22. Mark Conacher

    All Aboard !!!!!!! my kids are going to love this train

  23. chelsea

    Love the halloween train. it was one of our furst dates and weve been going since. cant wait.for this year!

  24. Piotr Zapasnik

    Scary clowns freak me out and I may wet my pants.

  25. Tara Lee

    I work with children in Pemberton who very rarely get the opportunity to do fun stuff like this. THE STANLEY PARK GHOST TRAIN IS AN AMAZING, THEATRICAL EVENT THAT CANT BE MISSED! Even though there are wait times, there are neat snack venders and fabulous animation to keep you and your family entertained. It has been years since I have been, but I would jump at the opportunity to go again and bring with me a group of kids who dont get out of our little town very often!

  26. Karina

    We haven’t been yet, and would love to go. It’s our second year in Vancouver and my kids would love it!

  27. Jackie Nelson

    We go to the ghost train every year, love it

  28. David

    Had a great time last year, would love to check it out this year!

  29. Steph

    I’ve lived in Vancouver all my life and have yet to try the ghost train! Heard it’s great fun!

  30. Michelle

    I’d love to go! I missed my chance to go last year!

  31. Katharine

    Cannot wait for all the Halloween festivities. We don’t celebrate it much back in the UK which is a shame because I LOVE Halloween :D

  32. Lesley

    would love to take my boys to this spooktacular train ride!

  33. Tara

    THE STANLEY PARK GHOST TRAIN IS AN AMAZING THEATRICAL EVENT FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY THAT SIMPLY CANT BE MISSED! IT IS A DIFFERENT THRILL EACH YEAR! I have always enjoyed this event. It has been years since I have been because when you live in our small community in the mountains, it is hard to get to these types of events. I work with a group of small children who would have the time of their lives if I was able to bring them to this event!!! ALTHOUGH THERE ARE WAIT TIMES, THE ANIMATION AND SNACK VENDERS WILL HELP PASS THE TIME!!!

  34. Jennifer

    Wow! My kids would LOVE to go! Halloween is a great celebration at our house! :)

  35. Diana

    I have never been. Would love to take the grandkids.

  36. Irene

    The Stanley Park Ghost Train is a Halloween tradition with us. It’s always a fun time !

  37. Kris

    We’ve never been yet – looking forward to going with the kids!

  38. Cher

    I have never been on the ghost train and I think my 8 and 10 year 0old would love it!

  39. tatiana

    Every year I get scared! And will do it again this year!

  40. rebecca

    We’ve never been on the Ghost Train. It’s going to be so fun!

  41. Marita

    We’ve never been and would love to be spooked silly! Please pick us!

  42. Christine

    This will be the first year since having our child (3) to be able to go out to visit the ghost train. She is at the age to really “get” halloween, for the most part, and we’d love to go as a family to experience the train and all the festivities since we have never been. We’d love to make it one of our yearly traditions if she enjoys it, which I’m sure she will.

  43. denise

    TThis is our first Halloween in this province,having moved from nova Scotia. we love Halloween and have never been on the ghost train! my kids would love it!

  44. Sue Bentley

    The Stanley Park Ghost Train LOOKS LIKE SO MUCH FUN!!!

  45. Desiree

    I’ve always wanted to go to this! Maybe this year :)

  46. anna

    my kids would love the ghost train – they have never been!

  47. Kym

    Would love to try out the Stanley Park Ghost Train!

  48. kari

    We have come all the way from Israel to go on the halloween train. My 6 and 16 will love it.

  49. Laura

    Our groovie little ghoulies would love to ride on the Fangtastic Ghost Train. It would give them chills and thrills. I am hoping very much for our family to be a part of this spooktacular event.

  50. Alicia

    The Halloween train in Stanley park is definitely something I hope to take my kids to this year. It will be our first halloween in the city!!

  51. Rosana

    Last year was great. Can’t wait to go again. My daughter loved it!

  52. Jennifer

    This would make an amazing family tradition! Thanks for sharing.

  53. Katherine Hovorka

    Have to say I’ve never been on the Ghost Train before! Would love to try it out with some family visiting here from out of town! :-)

  54. Johanna


    Never been!

    So scary….

  55. Laura Davila

    That would be a great birthday present for my niece Sofia, who will be 3 years old this month.

  56. Alex

    Would love to take my 2 boys to the ghost train!

  57. Baca

    We’ve just arrived from Australia this month and are so excited about experiencing all the wonders of our first Halloweeeeeeen!

  58. Sara

    Come to the Christmas train every year family tradition!Would love to check out the Ghost Train!!

  59. Karen

    I would love to go!

  60. Michelle

    I would love to take my family for a ride on the ghost train!! We have never been but I heard the kids will love it!

  61. Grace

    We love the STanley Park theme train!

  62. kkung

    Pick me!!

  63. Joaquin

    I would love to go to this

  64. Sign me up! Loving Ghost Train! Bring on the terror!

  65. Jana

    Have never been on the Stanley Park Ghost Train but have always meant to. Looking forward to making if a tradition to share with friends and family for years to follow.

  66. stacie schartner

    Woo hoo! So excited for this! I hope I win. :)

  67. au

    we love Stanely Park. .can’t wait for this terrifying & nice ghost event!!

  68. Christine

    I love Halloween and this seems like a fun activity to enjoy it!

  69. Caroline

    I am sooooo excited this is the first time we are going to check out the ghost train. I’ve been waiting for my little guy to be old enough to go. We are taking him and his little cousin! He can’t wit to put on his costume and ride the choo choo train!

  70. Susanna

    I’d love to take my nieces and nephews to the ghost train they’ve never been! This would win me major auntie points :D

  71. tracy

    i would love to take my family !

  72. Teri

    Would really like to come into town for the Ghost Train this year with our three grandkids…none of them have ridden it yet, and they are of an age to really get into it without getting terrified!

  73. Laura

    I can’t wait to take my boys!

  74. Dianne

    It would be fun to take my grandchildren.

  75. Kate

    Sounds fun!!!

  76. Athena

    Woohoo! All aboard!! The train needs to have the Martins Madhouse gang on it!!!!

  77. Lydia Campbell

    Really hoping we win this one. We just moved to Vancouver and this looks like a great activity for our son and a great way to meet other young families in th city. Pick me please!!!

  78. Judy

    It’s gonna be my first time on a mini training. This is so exciting!

  79. Deb

    Always great fun!

  80. Scott

    The ghost train is a spooky night out for all ages. I can’t wait to visit this year.

  81. Natalia

    Hey!!!! Yeeeeehh that would be so nice!!! It will b a nice bday gift for my 2 year old today!!! Also my bday today!!! And a cool experience for my brother that is visiting from Chile!!! We went for first time last Christmass and it is really nice!!! You do a great job for children but also adults!!!

  82. Jenny Wang

    This will be a grat experience for my one and half year old niece! Hope I can take her and my daughter on this exciting train ride ^___^

    • heard that it is a blast would love to take my family

  83. Rosalie

    Love the Ghost Train! It’s a family tradition of ours. My daughter is now 12 and she’s still wanting to go with me!!

  84. Wendy T.

    I would sure like to check out the Ghost Train.

  85. Svetlana

    I would love to be spooked on Ghost Train!So exited!

  86. colette

    I loooove the spooooooky ghost train!

  87. Angeline

    I’ve never been on the Stanley Park Ghost Train but am very excited to go this year. My husband and I get to take our 9-month old daughter. She loves being in public places around other kids. :) We love halloween!

  88. Melvin

    Im new to canada and would absolutely love it if i could take my family to this event. we have already thought of our constumes and all so i really hop i win :)

  89. Alison

    I have never been on the Stanley Park Ghost Train but I have always thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas train. I am excited to get some friends together for a fun filled night :) I love Halloween!

  90. Katie

    I had so much fun the year it was pirates! ARR Matey! Can’t wait to come again!

  91. Serena Naso

    I would love to take my 2 year old daughter to this! She loves garbage trucks, tractors and trains…this would be a super way to kick of the Halloween spirit!

  92. Dusten

    Boo! My daughter loves it.

  93. Jenny Chan

    I would love to go on a ride since I haven’t experience it yet. Hear it was really fun so hope I will win hehe :)

  94. Chris

    With a bearded lady and a dancing bear
    A ring master I fear has gone insane
    A fright filled train headed for disaster
    We’d still take a ride on the ghost train

  95. Alexandra

    My two kids love the ghost train almost as much as my dad does!

  96. Meg Riter

    LOVE the Ghost train. We’ve been going to the Christmas train for years (even prekids!) but waited til our son was a little older for the Halloween train – now it’s part of our whole Halloween holiday celebration!!

  97. My friends and I would LOVE take a triple-date ride on the Ghost Train. We talk about it every year but something always comes up. Here’ hoping!

  98. Robert

    I’ve always wanted to go on the Ghost Train but have not had the chance yet.

  99. Janine

    Would love to go on the Ghost Train. I think my kids would have a blast!!

  100. Helem

    I’ve never been – and my 4 yr old is SOOOO excited about Halloween – he’d LOVE to check it out!

  101. Tracks in the dark,
    rounding the sounds of laughing children, screaming children.
    A hallowed eve.
    The rustling of leaves behind the trees.
    Face-paint-ghosts and red corn syrup: our haunts.
    Train cars lined with spider webs,
    Draped cotton bells.
    Moonlight dripping through.
    A hallowed eve.

  102. Kirsten

    Love the Ghost Train, and how many ages it works for! Really looking forward to seeing what gets cooked up for this year.

  103. Mi Jang

    It will be a great 30th birthday gift for my husband!!

  104. paul

    spooooooky, would be great to go.

  105. tanya todd

    ohhh, we love the Ghost train !!! Would love to go.

  106. Carrie Tang

    Looking forward to a spooky night riding the Ghost train! :p

  107. Erin

    The Halloween Train is my favorite part of the season!

  108. Adam

    Woohoo! I love Halloween!

  109. vincent

    Please please please please !!! Ghost Train Ghost Train
    Ghost Train!

    I love the Ghost Train

  110. kelly

    I’ve never been on the ghost train. Looks like it’ll be a fun ride though.

  111. Lauren

    Only been on the train at xmas, would be fun to go on Halloween!

  112. Jaspreet Oberoi

    Sometimes it’s fun to have a scared girl friend in your arms :). I’ll not miss this. I hope it’s SPOOKY enough with like people trying to grab you from the train.

  113. Joyce

    I’ve never been to Stanley park during festivities and would love to visit this year!

  114. Shawn

    Haven’t been yet, but my young daughter will love it!

  115. Neil

    Can’t wait to see how Canada celebrates Halloween, coming from England it’s not a hugely celebrated holiday over there, should be interesting :)

  116. Michelle

    Choo choo choose me?

  117. Christina Chen

    I went last year and it was a fun adventure! HoPe to to go again!!

  118. Ashley

    I’ve actually never been on the Stanley Park Ghost Train before!

  119. Shaun

    It will be a great way to celebrate our 7 years anniversary with my love and also with our guest from US.

  120. Svetlana

    I love the Ghost Train!

  121. Alex

    i’ve never been to the halloween ghost train and ive lived in the lower mainland my whole life. maybe i will make it out this year :)

  122. Sophie

    This sure sounds like fun for a jumpy Halloween enthusiast ;)

  123. tina

    I would love to win tickets and take my lil neice! Great memories on the Stanley Park train.

  124. Monica

    Enter me in this giveaway! I’ve never been on the ghost train before.

  125. Charry

    I want to go on the Ghost Train this year! I’ve never been.

  126. Eric

    Sounds like fun.

  127. Anne

    This is a great event – glad it’s back!

  128. Vince

    My kids love this train – we would love to win (but are going anyway!)

  129. Gemma

    My first Canadian halloween… excited!

  130. Barb

    Sounds spooooooootacular!

  131. Linda

    i’ve lived here almost my entire life and can you believe i haven’t gone to the ghost train before?!


  132. Craig

    My son wants free tix!

  133. Laurie

    I want to go this year! I have never gone, and it looks like fun!

  134. maria

    Awesome! I love this family event!

  135. Vince Fairleigh

    I take my two younger kids every year to the ghost train and also during Christmas, Halloween ia always the best with the actors occasionally terrifying the children, I enjoy it as much as my children, hopefully it will be terrifying this year, so far we haven’t been disappointed, always an adventure.

  136. alice irwin

    Halloween is my favourite holiday – all aboard the ghost train for an evening of circus spookiness.

  137. Claire

    What a great family adventure it would be…. We would love to win!!!

  138. Chris

    Love the ghost train! Its makes for a fun Halloween night!

  139. Tara

    Sounds good As always!! I have not yet been able to convince my 10-year-old, maybe this is the year!!

  140. Thao

    Sounds like a fun, spooky train! I wanna hop on!

  141. A.

    Would like to try : )

  142. Tania

    Can’t wait to go with my friends and family!

  143. Lilian

    Yay! Love it

  144. Brad

    Got loads of kids that would absolutely love this!

  145. Theresa

    Would be so cool to take my nieces for a ride. :)

  146. Laura

    I would love to take my family and friends on the Halloween train!! It’s the best part of Halloween :-)

  147. Janet Galbraith

    Train plus Halloween equals good times and a great Vancouver tradition!

  148. Inge Derom

    Tuut tuut, boo boo. Let’s get spooky :-)

  149. Don + Jane = Lucas Dizon

    We just want to say that we do appreciate the fact that the organizers have given this opportunity for people to enjoy this event by giving free tickets. I hope you will consider more those need is the most when you pick out the lucky recipients. Hope everyone will have fun and enjoy this annual event!!!

  150. Parth

    Simply awesome !!

  151. laine

    My son loves the train!

  152. Emily Gourlie

    The ghost train is toooo much fun! Wooo

  153. David

    My kids love Halloween. I hope we win.

  154. Tim Ansley

    Can’t wait to take my son here for the first time.

  155. Candace

    I can’t wait never gone before and really want to check it out this year!

  156. Geraldine

    I love the train! I go every year :)

  157. Jennifer

    Pick me, pick me~~

    My daughter walked at Superstore Halloween isle and said, “mommy, look! There’s ghost!! I am not afraid of ghost~ Can I go to ghost train now?!”

    I guess it’s pretty hard to say no to a 2.5 years old kid when she said that…

  158. Anna

    I brought my nephew here when he was 4 years old and he still remembers that scary night.

    We can’t wait to go this year!!!!

  159. jamie

    Yipppeeee!! Coming over from the island for a hockey tournament – would LOVE these tickets for a load of 9 and 10 year old boys! SPPPOOOOOKKKKYYYYY!

  160. Steph

    I went a few years ago and LOVE LOVED it. Hope I win.

  161. I think my almost 4yr old daughter would love this! What a great family event!!

  162. My boys are train freaks. They havent been on this train in almost 2 years. I think its time to go back. We’d love to win passes!

  163. mirey

    wow so many comments here,this ghost train seems FUUUN….we r new in vancouver and would lov to live this experience wiz z kids…everybody’s talking about it:)

  164. Yogesh

    i’d never been on ghost train, my kids would love the event..
    Kudos to organizing team …



  165. Natalie

    Sounds fun, would love a chance to go!

  166. Amy

    I love the Stanley Park train, both at Halloween and Christmas!

  167. Zita Kovacs

    I live in Vancouver for 11 years and never been on the Halloween train.Would be nice to check it out.

  168. teri

    love the train events: Christmas, Klahowya & esp Halloween with the changing themes ea yr

  169. Derek

    Would be great to take my kids who have never been on this ride.

  170. Natalie

    We have gone every year for the past 5 years. Mortal Coil do an incredible job of mixing mild scares, wild imagination, and sly humour into the ride each and every time. My favorite is still the ‘Day of the Dead’ Mexican Ghost Train theme. I’m so looking forward to this year’s train ride!

  171. Brooke


  172. Alanna

    Trains are the best! Add some cobwebs, monsters, and spookiness and it is even better! Wahooo!

  173. Jon Shaw

    This would be so very awesome to win!

  174. CC

    Never tried the ghost train before, so would love to ride on one and see!

  175. Jennifer

    Trick or Treat! Halloween has got to be my favorite time of year.

  176. Liz

    We’re a family of 5 and would like to check out the Ghost Train…. boo! Thanks.

  177. Gillian

    Thanks for sharing! My kids would love to ride on the spooky Ghost Train! Can’t wait ^^

  178. Love me some ghost train

  179. joanne

    I have taken my kids many time when they were young and they loved it so much they wanted to go back every year.Now i have 2 grandkids of my own now and i would love to take then every year as well so they know what their mom went through on those scary nights.hooh hooo hooo

  180. Deidre

    Love the train – its soo much fun!

  181. Rachael

    Love the Christmas Train, have never done the Halloween train. Would love to.

  182. April

    I’m a Big Sister! My little buddy and I have never gone on this. It sounds awesome.

    If we get a pass for 6 I can arrange to bring other Big Sisters and their matches or a bunch of my buddies friends.

    Thanks so much for considering us.

  183. Joel

    The Ghost Train is brilliant!

  184. Julia

    I am a big – sister and would love to take my little sister and her friends on this!

  185. Shamirah Khan

    Cannot wait, it’s always fun and exciting each year!!!

  186. Robbie

    This will definitely take me back to my childhood. Love to share this with my ‘pumpkin.’

  187. Monica James

    I have been taking my daughters since they were little – they are teenagers now and still love the ride as do I!

  188. Diana

    hey, never experienced a ghostly train ride. could be fun!

  189. cecilia

    I’m babysitting….. and love to take my nephews on this spooky ride…. I would be their “favourite” aunt!!!

  190. Linda

    Taking my great nieces is just an excuse to i can go too!

  191. Anne Banner

    Mortal coil always creates magic.

  192. Winnie

    thanks for the info! would love to win tickets!

  193. Sarah

    This sounds fun!

  194. inez

    I love the Stanley Park train all year round especially At Halloween!

  195. lisa


  196. Christina

    Ooooh! this would be a great way to snuggle up to my new crush! :) If i win, this will be a great 3rd date!

  197. Jen

    I love the Stanley Park ghost train :)

  198. Karen Rintoul

    I would love to win the pass to take my kids never could afford to go so this would be a wonderful treat for them
    thank you


  199. Shelbie Vipond

    Would love my 5 year old son to experience the ghost train he loves your train and loves scary movies.
    This would make his day!
    Since I’m a student I don’t have any money this would be an awesome treat to win a ride!!
    Happy Halloween

  200. Wow! Would love to see the ghost train, looks like tons of spooky fun. Carnival Gone Wrong, right on. My boys would love it.
    Happy Trick or Treatin!!!

  201. Jessica

    My boys would love to experience this! They love trains and our family would have a blast!

  202. Erin

    I worried my kids would outgrow the Ghost Train…but not so … yay for me!

  203. misty

    me or my family have never been on something like this before as im a single mom of two on a low budget, i also take care of my mother who only has one leg and there are not lots things that are wheelchair friendly,my two kids also would love this expirience so much

  204. Meenu

    I would love to go in this ghost train..

  205. melody

    Im sure me and my kids would love to have a spooky train ride for the first time! Were really looking forward!Awooo!

  206. Melanie

    I have never been, would LOVE to go!!

  207. Carolyn

    What a fun idea…..hoping to will a ride on the train with my family for the first time!

  208. Trina

    This would be a first for me and my kids who are really in the halloween spirit! Wooooooo

  209. Alexia

    I’ve never been the ghost train before, so I’d really liked it if I could win the family passes! I really want to go with my sorority sisters and I think it would be a fun and great bonding experience! Cannot Wait! (:

  210. emi

    my 6 year’s old son would love it!

  211. Jennifer

    Just wondering if anyone got picked yet??

  212. Chongkeon Lee

    Our family will enjoy the first Halloween in Vancouver.
    We ’ve never been on the Ghost Train… So I’d like my family to give a best gift on the Ghost Train.

  213. Mark

    It’s a great family tradition we’ve been going to since we immigrated to Canada.

  214. May

    I have 5 young kids and have never visited the ghost train. Would love to see this fun attraction!!!

  215. Sheryl

    I would love to take my son on this for the first time. It looks spooktacular.

  216. Helena

    My daughter enjoys the train ride at the Burnaby Miniature Railway but hasn’t been on the Halloween Train at Stanley Park. It would be fun to take her to celebrate the Halloween season.

  217. Jade Santos-Gutierrez and Babette Santos

    We loved the Ghost TRain last year!!Standup photo boards were so memorable.Definitely a great family tradition to continue or begin! We love Mortal Coil!

  218. Crishna Delleva

    Ah winning these tickets would be so wickeddd!!!!

  219. Joy Harrison

    I am coming over to Vancouver with my family and would love to go on the Boo train with the kids.

  220. Dave Harris

    Can’t wait!!! This will be the first time that we are going to be able to bring our son, and he is looking forward to an excellent evening!!!! See you there!!!

  221. SK

    This is a great ride for the kids. They love this train ride and it is a really wonderful thing to do in Vancouver. This should be listed a things to do before you die in Vancouver.

  222. We were excited to take my 4 year old son on the Ghost Train as we have always enjoyed the Christmas train. But it was way too spooky for him and I would say, too gruesome for little ones. We were disappointed. I would suggest that it’s for children ages six or seven and up.

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