Finding Latin Flavour in Vancouver? You make the call!

Vancouver is justly famous for its authentic ethnic cuisine. In fact, the city boasts some of the finest dim sum and freshest sushi in North America.  But one cuisine that doesn’t get a lot of attention is Latin fare.

Everything from traditional Mexican tacos to Brazilian buffet-style rodizio is available here, if you know where to look.  I’ve got a few ideas (below), but I’d like to hear your favourites:

Where’s your favourite spot for Latin cuisine?  Please comment below.

Here are a few options to get you started:

  • Samba Brazilian Steakhouse: Modeled after Brazilian rodizio restaurants, this steakhouse serves an all-you-can-eat selection of barbecued meats, as well as salads and a hot buffet.  In authentic fashion, passadores circulate from table to table, carrying huge hunks of grilled steak, chicken and pork.  Using a long-handled knife, they slice chunks right onto diners’ plates.  Make sure you come hungry!

  • Baru Latino Restaurante: Baru takes a pan-Latino approach to cooking.  Its menu features a diverse array of dishes from throughout Central and South America and even Spain.  You can start your meal with Colombian arepas, corn patties topped with chorizo and guacamole, and finish with a savory Argentine steak with chimichurri, a spicy sauce made with parsley and garlic.  Emphasis is on fresh and locally sourced ingredients.
  • Las Margaritas Restaurante: Las Margaritas is the traditional Mexican cantina that every city needs.  Nothing revolutionary here:  just your standard tacos, burritos and enchiladas, served in a vibrant setting with colorful murals on the walls.  But what sets the restaurant apart is the quality of the ingredients and authenticity of the dishes.    

Those are just a few ideas.  Please share your favourites below!

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12 Responses to Finding Latin Flavour in Vancouver? You make the call!

  1. Sandra Currie

    La Taquiria on Cambie near Broadway.

    • anjela godber


      • anjela godber

        (That was for La Taqueria)

  2. Andi

    Cobre in Gastown is my absolute favorite. They do Nuevo Latino tapas. Lolita’s on Davie Street is also amazing.

  3. Andi

    Oops! Can’t forget El Barrio on Hastings St.

  4. Rodrigo

    Mexican living in Vancouver here! “The Mexican” on Granville St and “Doña Cata” on Victoria are my favorites. “La Taqueria” on Hastings is great as well but not a sit in place, just good for a quick lunch.

    I am glad to see more mexican food popping up here and there in Vancouver a few years ago the options were so limited.

    Oh! yeah, “Don Guacamoles” on Robson is good as well, but it is a bit more expensive.

    @Andi I will check out “El Barrio” and report back with a mexican opinion on it.


    • andi


      I would be interested to hear how you like El Barrio.

      Cobre and Lolita’s are more high end restaurants, but seriously, Cobre is DELICIOUS, has an excellent wine selection and the service is fabulous.

  5. Keri

    Off the Wagon Travelling Tacos…mobile food cart is DELICIOUS!! Can be found at Dunsmuir and Burrard Monday to Friday and at various markets on the weekends.

  6. Rodrigo, a review from a Mexican for Salsa and Algave on Pacific Blvd.

    We quite enjoy their menu..several times. :)

  7. Yes, we love Las Margaritas and also:
    – Mexican Restaurant Salsa y Agave in Yaletown
    – Mexican Restaurant Doña Cata 5076 Victoria Drive
    – Mexican Restaurant Pepitas on 4th Ave. in Kitsilano

  8. Wow! I absolutely LOVE latin food! Las Margaritas is one of my favourites!

  9. Lex

    For traditional and top notch El Salvadorian food check out El Rinconcito on Comercial (best pupusas ever and this is coming from an El Salvadorian)
    I also love Dona Cata on Victoria and Las Tortas on Cambie and 17th for good Mexican good.