Featured Attraction of the Week: Vancouver Lookout (Free Tickets!)

photo: Vancouver Lookout

Welcome to Inside Vancouver’s new “Featured Attraction” series. Each Monday we’ll be featuring a different Vancouver attraction, and giving away free tickets to our readers. To be eligible you just need to post a comment.

Where else can you enjoy a 360º aerial view of Vancouver, “the most beautiful city in the world”? Your adventure at the Vancouver Lookout starts with a 40 second glass elevator ride, whisking you 130m (430ft) skyward to the panoramic observation deck. Enjoy intimate views of cosmopolitan Vancouver, historic Gastown and bustling Coal Harbour. Look beyond for enchanting views of the stunning natural landscape including world famous Stanley Park, the Pacific Ocean, the majestic North Shore Mountains and the Olympic Peninsula Mountains.

photo: Vancouver Lookout

Past. Present. Future. Multi-lingual guest service members provide complimentary guided tours with fascinating facts about Vancouver’s history, infrastructure, local community, current trends and future expansion. Or explore at your own pace and read the interpretive displays. Test yourself and try to identify unique Vancouver attractions and landmarks. Sit, relax and contemplate the breathtaking views. The Lookout elevates the perspectives of visitors and locals alike. Learn more about things to see from the Vancouver Lookout.

This iconic Vancouver attraction tops the Harbour Centre complex, a recognizable landmark in the heart of downtown. One of the tallest buildings in Vancouver, the complex is home to 28 floors of offices, the downtown campus of Simon Fraser University, shops, a food fair and the Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant. American astronaut Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, opened the Vancouver Lookout in 1977.

Start your day with the Vancouver Lookout, then come back and end your day with a West Coast sunset and the city lights.

photo: Vancouver Lookout

555 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 4N6
Phone: 604.689.0421

October 3, 2011 – April 15, 2012 – 9:00am – 9:00pm
Early closures November 3rd and 24th due to private functions

Getting Here
By Foot: The Vancouver Lookout is located in the heart of the city, a short walk from major hotels, the Vancouver Convention Centre, the Cruise Ship Terminal, and historic Gastown.

Transit: The Vancouver Lookout is located across the street from Waterfront Station where you’ll find the SkyTrain (light rail system) and the SeaBus (passenger ferry to North Vancouver). City bus stops are located at the front and rear of the building.

Parking: To complement metered parking, a convenient parkade is located at 450 W. Cordova Street, adjacent to Harbour Center.

We have two (2) sets of two (2) day passes to give away to two (2) of our readers. To be eligible, all you have to do is post a comment below. We’ll randomly select a winner on Thursday and notify them by email.

Updated November 10th: Congratulations to both Kimberly and Lindusha who have each won two (2) day passes to the Vancouver Lookout! 

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208 Responses to Featured Attraction of the Week: Vancouver Lookout (Free Tickets!)

  1. Sara Doherty

    Amazingly I’ve lived in Vancouver and suburbs all my life and have never been up to the lookout. One of those things that “only tourists do” I guess. Silly me. :)

    • I’ve lived in Vancouver for about a year and half now, but I have yet to visit any tourist attractions. My boyfriend has been working his butt off while I go to school, and my inability to get a student loan is making everything a bit of struggle these days. It would be nice to treat him to something special that we normally would not be able to do!


    • Jenny

      haven’t been up the lookout since I was a little girl! Would love the tickets!

  2. Teri

    What a wonderful 65 birthday gift to a friend who has lived here all her life and never been up there!

  3. Leah

    Was up there one time with my son, couldn’t beleive how much fun we had, looking at the city, talking, laughing, learning, guessing, counting.. etc. Would LOVE to go again!

  4. I’ve never heard of this attraction! Sounds delightful!

  5. nm

    I’ve never been to the lookout..Would be a wonderful experience!

  6. Melissa

    Vancouver in the Fall is SO BREATH TAKING, i would love to see it from the lookout. What a beautiful city we live it! Love it.

  7. Jessica

    I see it everytime Im in downtown, and would love to see what Vancouver looks like from there :)

  8. au c.

    Where else can you enjoy a 360º aerial view of Vancouver, “the most beautiful city in the world”? Your adventure at the Vancouver Lookout is worth “THE VISIT again and again and again”!

  9. Raina Beeksma

    This would be perfect for our anniversary coming up!!!

  10. I can see this tower from our condo! I’ve been wanting to go up there to see the view.

  11. Would love to take in this attraction in our own city!! I am a local girl but haven’t seen some of Vancouver’s best attractions.

  12. Jeffrey Jou

    Gorgeous! I’m shocked to hear that we’ve fallen to No.3 most desirable place to live when we have such a remarkable view like this!

  13. Janine

    I should really go. I’ve lived here my whole life and I’ve never been!

  14. mary

    I have never been there, but i’m sure the view is amazing! particularly now with all the leaves color changing!

  15. Jan

    I haven’t been up there for a long time so would love tickets. Thanks

  16. Meghan

    Sounds incredible! I didn’t even know this existed.

  17. Patricia McShane

    Getting free tickets would just be awesome!! Vancouver is absolutely gorgeous!

  18. Lisa

    I love being a tourist in my own city and I have memebrships for many places in and around Vancouver but oddly this is one place i have never been. I have been to the top of the Landmark for dinner a couple of times and often thought I would like to try the Harbour Center lookout. I know my kids would love it like they loved the Seattle Space needle and showing them their own city would be a plus.

  19. Stephanie

    Love this website! Here’s hoping for clear skies for every visitor.

  20. Micaela

    This is so cool! I didn’t know that there’s an observation deck in Vancouver! I’ll definitely be checking this out! :D

  21. I’ve heard amazing things about this and have been to the Space Needle in Seattle so it would be cool to try something similar in Vancouver. Funny that I haven’t tried it yet since I’m not from here originally.

  22. Muska. S

    Ive lived here in Vancouver for about 8 years and havent seen much because I am going to school full time. I love this city!!!!!

  23. Nancy

    I took my brother who was visiting in the summer from Calgary a few years back. It was beautiful! I would love to see it in the fall or winter especially with snow on the ground!

  24. Erica

    I’ve lived in Vancouver all my life but I have yet to spend time there! I would love to go!

  25. Anne

    I would love to go up there and take photos.

  26. Dave

    Pick me, pick me!!! Been a new Vancouverite since July 1st and there’s definitely no looking back but looking out from the Harbour Centre Lookout! ;)

  27. Erin

    I`ve never been to the Lookout, but have always wanted to go!

  28. Vania

    Pick me, pick me!!! I’ve been there in 2007 when I came to Vancouver as a tourist, and did it only daytime. Would love to go up there again, as a resident now!!!

  29. Henry

    Thank you!

  30. Leeanne Ekland

    I would love to take my young son up to the top. He loves watching the planes and birds go by. :)

  31. Sarah

    I’ve never been either! I would love to take my parents up as they are coming to visit soon from Ontario. We recently went for lunch at the Seattle Space Needle, which was great. Looks like we need to be tourists in our own city!

  32. Natalia

    I have always wanted to go see the lookout but with such a small budget and being a stay home mom I never got the chance !! Vancouver really is the best place to be ! We have so many beautiful places to go !!

    • Natalia

      Did I say ? I love Vancouver !!

  33. Sara

    Last time I went to the look out was years ago but I remember it was quite breathtaking!

  34. MH

    I’d love to go there and see what this beautiful city looks like from there with my wonderful husband on his birthday :-).

  35. Tina

    Just picturing the view from above when snow falls on the beautiful city of Vancouver. Should be a sight to behold!! Not to mention the magnificient glow of lights with the white background!!!! That would be an awesome first winter to remember for a lifetime !!!!

  36. Rumen Bains

    Breath-taking!!! Such a romantic view of an amazing city!!!!

  37. Peter

    It would be great to be able to see Vancouver from this height :)

  38. Liz Bernard

    I’d love to do this! :)

  39. Brent Woods

    would love to take the kids!

  40. Vancouver will always be one of the most photogenic cities in the world…

  41. Thierry

    Never been there yet. But definitly something I want to!

  42. Lori

    My husband moved here from England a few years back and I’ve told him so much about the great places in Van yet we haven’t had a chance to go. And having two young kids it’s hard to plan time for ourselves… this would be a perfect opportunity! Not to mention that I want to get over my ‘fear’ of heights!! :) what a beautiful place we live in!

  43. lesley

    I would love to see this with hubby! I ♥ Vancouver!

  44. Vancouver will always remain one of the most photogenic cities in the world. Love it!

  45. I make it a point to be a tourist in my own city, how could you not in this beautiful city…
    I have been to the Vancouver Lookout and I still remember the elevator ride:)

  46. roozbeh

    I’ve never been there.it must have amazing and unforgettable view on sunny days

  47. Wendy T

    The view from the Vancouver Lookout is amazing. A definite must do for everyone.

  48. Rochelle

    I am planning on visiting in December, I can’t wait!

  49. judy

    I want to go here for my 1.5years anniversary with my boyfriend. Hope he reads this :D

  50. brad

    We are her on vacation from Ontario, wouldn’t this be an amazing experience to take home? Our kids would be so excited!

  51. Rochelle

    I am from Dallas and will be visiting in December. I am excited to experience Vancouver in the Winter!

  52. Helen

    I have never been to look out before and would love to go!!

  53. Jamie

    I have to admit, I’ve been living here 3 years now and barely knew about this place.

  54. kin

    I’d love to givee these passes to my son & daughter-in-law to use while they’re in Vancouver honeymooning! They live in Calgary, but love Vancouver & seeing from that vantage point just be be the final draw in getting them to mover here! Barring that, at least it would give them a really adventure to add to their exploration & enjoyment of Vancouver!!

  55. Julie

    Would love to see this when I’m in town for the New Year!

  56. Shelley

    It’s been years since I’ve been to the top of the Vancouver lookout! But I can attest to it being a spectacular view of our most spectacular city!!

  57. Mairead MacKinnon

    My boyfriend is coming from Australia and I would love to show him the Top of Vancouver!!!

  58. ALex

    Titanic, move aside! This is truly the place to feel like the “King of the world”! I can’t wait to go!

  59. Joanna

    I have never been to Vancouver before, and a friend and I are going to make a trip up in a couple of weeks. This looks so amazing and fun to do! We’re excited to come see the city.

  60. Trish

    Would love to do this sometime with my daughter, who lives in Vancouver!

  61. Wow, this looks amazing! Would love to have it as early christmas gift for my parents :)

  62. Yolanda Beeskau

    OH MY GOSH! It ‘s spectacular! We’ve been to Grouse Mountain and trails up there, but this is more interesting and look so beautiful from up above the most beautiful city in the world. We’d love to experience it. Is it free to go up on top?

  63. Melvin


    i am new to vancouver and am currently on a sight seeing expedition of the city ( despite the rain and cold : ( ) . i would love to go up the lookout tower with my girlfriend and take in the awesomeness of this city. My vancouver tour pictures are being followed by lots of friends/family around the world so i would love to show them what my experience was like up on the lookout tower. :)

  64. Nicole

    I haven’t been up to the lookout for ages and would love to go again!

  65. I’m terrified of heights, but if I won this I would go and take pics just for you to prove I beat my fear and enjoyed the experience!!!!!

  66. Lindsay

    My friend arrives from New Zealand this Thursday for a working holiday – I can’t think of a better way to introduce her to her beautiful new city :)

  67. Wow I did not know Niel Armstrong opened it in 1977! Well there you go-something new and interesting about Vancouver that I didn’t know.

  68. Dan V

    always a great attraction to bring kids to. my 2 girls love going!

  69. Julia

    Would love to get tickets for this!

  70. stephanie

    So beautiful from the top. Reminds me why I love this city!!

  71. Amanda Lam

    love to go if i win

  72. Neil Armstrong opened it?! I had no idea! Would love to watch the sun set up there!

  73. Bethany

    We just moved here a few months ago. Would love to get this view of our new city!

  74. Christine

    Looks fun!

  75. I’ve lived here for 25 years this past summer and have never been. It looks like alot of fun!

  76. tatiana

    Vancouver is so beautiful and to see it from high above would be awesome.

  77. Neil

    One of the ‘things to do whilst living in Vancouver’ things – just had the perfect weather for it to0 – shame I can’t say the same thing about today!

  78. Shawn de Jong

    Have not explored Vancouver entirely and the Lookout is top of my list

  79. Sarah C

    I have lived in the Lower Mainland for my whole life and I’ve never been to the Lookout! This would be an amazing time of year to go for the first time! Fresh snow on the mountains, the leaves on the trees changing colour…

  80. I’ve lived here 20 years and haven’t been there. I get my bus at the stop below it, and think, I should do it. My NZ guests have been there. Now it’s my partner’s birthday next week and that would be a super gift.

    I love Vancouver! and your FB page.

  81. David Hill

    We just decided to come to Vancouver next June and will definitely try this.

  82. Kellie

    I had never thought of this location for watching the sun set! It would be perfect.

  83. would love to go!

  84. Jill

    Arrived from Australia yesterday to catch up with our daughter who is on a working holiday here. Want to check out as much of Vancouver as possible. Already loving the friendliness of this city. Vancouver show us what you got!!!

  85. David

    One thing you can sometimes do to get in free, is to attend events/receptions at the tower. A couple of years ago I went to a Book Prize reception there and spent some time taking photos of the surrounding vistas.

  86. Ruby

    Would love to win show a friend who’s coming from out of town :)

  87. Hannah

    I’ve never been and would love to go!

  88. Chelsea

    I’ve lived in Vancouver for three years and have still never been to the Lookout! Would love to go!

  89. Derrick

    sounds like a great date place to start and end

  90. Valerie

    Would love to see the view with my hubby!
    Love the website.

  91. Sara

    Would love to go!

  92. David Yu

    I have not been to the lookout before, love to go!

  93. Jennifer

    I’ve been meaning to get to the Lookout for ages, the view mat be amazing.

  94. Leyla Gabo

    I love my city, Vancouver. Heck I love BC! The lookout doesn’t just introduce everyone to how beautiful this city is, but also shows how lucky we are that we live in a city overlooking mountains on one side and the sea on the other. Proud. :)

  95. Megan Wong

    Fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

    When I went to Rome I went to the top of the duomo at St. Peter’s, when I went to Paris I went to the top of the Eieffel tower. Why have I not been to the Vancouver Lookout? It seems silly not to!

  96. Natalie

    Would love to check this out!

  97. Angela J.

    I didn’t know about it but would like to go.

  98. Pam

    Visiting from Honolulu on Thanksgiving Day! Hope to see your beautiful city from the Lookout.

  99. Sabena R

    I’ve eaten at the restaurant a number of times and have enjoyed the view but to date have not been up to the look out. This City is marvelous with all the nature tucked into it. You don’t see that in a lot of cities and i think the remaining fall colours would be a spectacular sight from the lookout

  100. Joey

    This is my 2nd year at Harbour Center (and 4th year in Vancouver) but I’ve yet to experience the Lookout! Crossing my fingers for this…

  101. Angelica Gomez

    We are coming traveling to Seattle in mid December and getting married. Our first day as a married couple we are driving over to Vancouver for the day. We are hoping to visit a place where we can get a whole city view. We can’t wait to visit!!!

  102. Joe

    Migrated here 12 years ago and have been wanting / wishing to visit this place. Vancouver – you gotta love it.

  103. Kristina

    Hope to get a chance to see the amazing view=)

  104. Marian

    I love Vancouver!

  105. jeff

    would love to check out the view

  106. Nina

    would love to go with my friend!!!

  107. Joyce

    Vancouver lookout looks awesome. Hope I can have a chance to celebrate my friend’s B’day up there..that will be so memorable to all of us. =)

  108. Holly

    I’d love to take my four-year-old daughter up the Vancouver Lookout!

  109. fabien

    Thanks for this nice review.

    Pictures look awesome!

  110. shanee philip

    I have been in vancouver since last 6 years and I absolutely love it.. This city is never boring and full of life. This city has a lot to offer… I learn and enjoy here…

  111. Lauren

    Deathly afraid of heights, but would love to see Vancouver from the lookout!

  112. MA

    we are visiting Vancouver on Dec 7 and Dec 8, 2011 and would love to see Vancouver from top.

  113. Katrina Neuhaus

    Oh my goodness! What a great opportunity that would be for me to treat my mom and dad. They are coming to visit us in two weeks, from Russia and would be absolutely stunned by the views of our beautiful city.

    Thank you:)


  114. Nish

    Can’t wait to take my hubby here!

  115. Fritten Tini

    i guess the most beautiful view in the world – i´ve been in Vancouver since one month and on a work & holiday trip – it´s strange but i´m feeling like home in this city!

  116. Neal R

    Was just saying how I’d love to go up and see it! Happy to write a review of it too!

  117. stina

    That visit would brighten a November day!

  118. Althea Jones

    Visiting from Australia and so far LOVE LOVE LOVING Vancouver, what a beautiful city :)

  119. Kate

    Orginally from New Zealand and having spent the last two years living in London, I recently moved to this beautiful city, Vancouver, the ‘lookout’ was on the top of my list of ‘must-do tourist attractions.’ I have not managed to do this yet but its something I would love to do with my boyfriend so we can both appreciate this beautiful city.

  120. I told all my friends who visited Vancouver to go there but I have never been there myself.
    I heard it is very pretty up there, and you get different views during the day and night time. I would love to go and see it myself and take tons of pictures.

  121. Angela Boldt

    That would be fantastic, Vancouver is always gorgeous.

  122. Edmond L.

    360 degrees of magnificent vancouver, i’d like to see that!

  123. Chocolate Rain

    Came to Vancouver 10 years ago. i just feel so blessed that I have found the place where I wwant to have a family, grow old and senile then die by eating myself to death!

  124. Anwar

    Would love to take my visiting nephew to the “lookout” to see the true beauty of downtown Vancouver!

  125. Cathy

    I’m coming back in town this week to see my boy, we would absolutely love to see Vancouver from a bird’s eyeview!

  126. Claire

    It would be great to win… my brother is coming to visit soon… it would be a nice visit.

  127. sonya

    This is definitely on my list of places to visit…!

  128. Aynura

    This is awesome! It must be amazing to see the whole Vancouver from up there :D

  129. Lynn

    I’ve never been to the Lookout and would love to go!

  130. YC

    I’ve love to go check out Vancouver Lookout!!

  131. Frankie

    After living in the Metro Vancouver area for almost 48 years, I am amazed that I haven’t been to the Vancouver Lookout! I would love to see Vancouver from your point of view :)

  132. Chris

    Never been up there, but I’d love to give it a try!

  133. Grace Yun

    My in-laws are in town and it would be wonderful to take them to look at Vancouver from a different angle. Vancouver is the most beautiful city in the world! I would love to take them to the look out tower!

  134. VR

    It would be wonderful to watch the sunset there with my wife!

  135. Joanne

    I’d love to bring my boyfriend to experience this! :)

  136. blck

    count me in!

  137. Adam

    Always wondered what the view is like from up there. Sign me up!

  138. Chateau Bien

    Vancouver is such a city full of colours and surprises !!!

  139. Hana

    I am new to Vancouver and I’d love to win tickets to the Lookout. Thanks, Inside Vancouver!

  140. hayeon

    OMG! I’d like to go there. I expect the scene there.. maybe.. it should be romantic! thanks to Inside Vancouver!!

  141. seunghyeok lee

    actually, scene of vancouver is so wonderful. i’m looking forward to seeing it. thank you :)

  142. Paul

    Vancouver Lookout sounds like a fantastic place to see the city! Would be nice to go!

  143. Lindush

    I have been living in Vancouver just one month, but I already deeply fell in love with this amazing city! If I would have a chance to see it from another view, it would be perfect! Moreover my birthday is coming so that would be ideal gift for me :)

  144. Duane

    Lived here forever, never been up. Can’t wait to go!

  145. Christie

    Yay!!! I can see it from my office and like to stare at them go up into the tower.. but NEVER have done it!! I bet it’s UNREAL up there!!

  146. Jeff

    Would love to go! Have my parents visiting here this week from back east. They’d get a real kick out of this.

  147. Sarah

    Would love to view the city from above!

  148. Huong

    I’ve lived in Vancouver most of my life and have never been able to see the view of the city from the top and would absolutely love to!

  149. Heather

    Must be breath-taking up there! Would love the chance to go up there to view the city!

  150. Ashleigh

    My sister is visiting this weekend. Can’t wait to take here here!

  151. Melanie

    I have lived in Vancouver my entire life and have still never visited this awesome location! I would love a chance to check this out!

  152. It’s been a long time since I’ve been up there, it be great to see the sunset from the Lookout.

  153. Lauren

    Would love to be able to check this out on a clear, sunny day!

  154. México ♥ Vancouver I´m leaving this month and I would like have fun knowing as many places as I can afford :D

  155. Jocey

    Sounds wonderful! :)

  156. Karee

    We are bringing our son to Vancouver (from Washington state) for his 13th birthday because he’s convinced he’s Canadian!
    This would be a blast. He could write an article for you, we could write you a song. All the best to you!

  157. Karl

    Good place to play ‘tourist’ in our own city…

  158. anita

    I have never been up there, but it sounds amazing!!!

  159. Jesus

    Hi, im studying english here in vancouver and these are my last weeks here, i wanna go there, looks amazing. I hope to win the passes, thankyou.

  160. EUNSIL JO

    I think it is amazing event for student.
    I’ve lived in vancouver since October 29.
    But I’ve never been to habor centre.
    It is good experience for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’d like to go up there!

  161. Rachel

    i’ve been there ~ i wanna go again~!!

  162. Jade

    I love to go there again.

  163. seung hyeok lee

    actually, scene of vancouver is so wonderful. i’m looking forward to seeing it. thank you

  164. hend

    i am living close the palce is sooooo beautifull and clam

  165. Joyce

    I’ve had lunch there before but unfortunately it was a foggy day. So hopefully if i win these passes, I can be able to go during a clearer day =) Wow i can only imagine what it would look like with snow.. !

  166. Wendy

    I wonder if this would still be a good activity to do on a rainy day. I would be willing to try it out and find out for everyone!

  167. Jade

    I really want to go there ~

  168. The view looks breathtaking! I’ve lived in Vancouver 9 years
    and had not yet seen the view from this lookout! Definitely need to now and tell all my friends and clients as well!

  169. Aline

    Thank you Inside Vancouver :-)

  170. helen

    i haven’t been to the lookout in years & years… but it’s always a breathtaking experience

  171. Eric

    Beautiful British Columbia!

  172. Amy

    So beautiful!

  173. Brett

    What a great way to see the city. I still remember visiting years ago when I was a kid. We plan on going this weekend with our kids when we visit from Victoria.

  174. Kelvin

    I have never been to the Vancouver Lookout!!!!!!!!!

  175. Nyree

    We would love to go up the tower! It would be cool to go up during the and orientate ourselves around this big city and go again in the evening to dine ;)

  176. would be a great chance to get a bird’s eye view of the city. have lived here most of my life and never been there, and now am a full time student so can’t afford to do things like that. I am studying Vancouver history so would be great to imagine how the skyline has changed over 125 years.

  177. Lammie

    ive never been! and i live in vancouver lol

  178. Jen

    I would love the chance to take my daughter to the Lookout to see the spectacular view!

  179. Allison

    There is NO better place in this ENTIRE world. I <3 Vancouver!

  180. Jean

    Just love love our city, but need to be a tourist in my own town, much more often! love all you photos!

  181. mike

    id love to visit the lookout to see vancouver from a perspective ive never seen from before! please pick me!!

  182. Hong

    Pick me please ;) been to Vancouver look out once and this experience was awesome. Vanvouver is just simply gorgeous from this view. Highly recommended if you have not done so.

  183. Cecilia

    I would love to take my little sister to Vancouver Look up. This awesome experience will definitely leave a lot memories for her trip to Vancouver

  184. I’ve done the Space Needle in Seattle, and the Stratosphere in Las Vegas, but not the Vancouver Lookout! I want to change that.

  185. Louise Mah

    Would like to check it out.

  186. Rachelle

    Been in Vancouver all my life, and have never been up there! Would love to check it out!

  187. Ca

    I have always wanted to go. Tried to convince the visiting family over the summer, but alas they seem to all be afraid of heights (how did I not get that gene?) The pictures are stunning, now I may just have to go myself.

  188. karen

    We visited Vancouver in 2002 and vowed to come and live here, the view from the lookout was one of our most vivid memories, now we live here and would love to see these sights again as locals.

  189. Daria Sorokina

    I’m new to Vancouver and I’ve never been or seen “lookout” that would be a real treat and a perfect place for my boyfriend and I to celebrate our 4th anniversary of being together.

    Good luck to all contestants! :)

  190. Daryl Smith

    I want free tickets :)

  191. Nicole

    I’ve been up there once on a gloomy day… I would love to check it out again on a clearer day.

  192. Bon

    i have never done this and would love to go! count me in!

  193. Jeremy Liao

    would love to go!

  194. I’m a photographer, local citizen and never been to the Lookout despite passing by the reception counter so many times at Harbour Centre because I went to SFU as an undergraduate student there.

    I would love to photograph this beautiful city from the Lookout and help promote what the best of Vancouver has to offer to the world!

  195. Gina

    This is such a wonderful opportunity. I was born and raised here in Vancouver, but never actually got to indulge in the beauty of Vancouver. :)

  196. Linda Hoang

    This would be an amazing experience!

  197. Never been despite living hear 2 years…thanks for the heads up!

  198. Maki Owaku

    This is such a wonderful opportunity!!
    I love Vancouver since I arrived here. I’ve been to 9 countries, but I never been to such a nice city!

  199. Ona

    We are our planning a Christmas Vacation to Vancouver. Can’t wait to enjoy the Canadian Christmas spirit!

  200. Paul

    looking forward to visiting Vancouver during Christmas season!

  201. annie

    never been and would love to go!!

  202. Ona

    What a wonderful prize! This would be the highlight of our trip!

  203. Josephine

    I’ve never been there, but desire to have a try!!
    will describe what I look from there in my blog!!

  204. Ona

    Incredible views!! Hope I get to enjoy them soon!!

  205. jenny roberts

    I have lived in Vancouver for 38 years and no matter how many times I visit the Vancouver Lookout I still marvel at the beauty of this city. I have visitors in from the UK for Christmas and will definitely be taking them there.