Weird Free Stuff: Free Haircuts at Renfrew Community Centre

Shave and a hair cut. 2 bits

The Vancouver Park Board offers literally hundreds of free or low-cost classes and services at 24 community centres scattered throughout the Lower Mainland.  You can learn everything from traditional chinese painting to first aid, gymnastics and even ballroom dancing.

But I’ve never seen an offering quite like this one.

Through November 21, anyone who wants can get a free haircut at the Renfrew Park Community Centre, located at 22nd Avenue and Renfrew Street.  According to the description in the community centre’s fall newsletter, hair cuts will be provided by “experienced hair cutting students under supervision of professional stylist, Kit Chew.”

Wow – I thought that only happened in movies.  So is anyone adventurous enough to let Ms./Mr. Chew’s students take a hack?  I did a little research and discovered that there is a Kit Chew Hair Design located at 8th Avenue near Cambie Street.  There’s no website, but I was able to find one review from a satisfied customer.  It’s from Aug. 8, 2009, and reads as follows: “Good Male Haircut: I went to them and got a haircut that I really like, and they were very affordable.”

So this Kit Chew is the real deal.  If you’re feeling brave (or cheap), the cuts are being offered on Mondays from 7 p.m.-9 p.m.  You need to call first to make an appointment:  604-257-8388, extension 3.  Walk-ins are not accepted.

And there’s one other condition that seems important to mention.  According to the website, “all clients must wash hair same day before appointment.”  Daily hair washing seems like a pretty good idea all around to me.

If anyone has gotten a free cut at Renfrew Park Community Centre, I’d love to hear about it.  It seems like a great way to save a few bucks and add a little excitement to your life.  Before and after pics would be fantastic, too!  Please feel free to comment below about your cut or other experiences with free haircuts below.


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  1. Monique

    I would like to know when is the next tiem you are doing free haircuts