Featured Attraction of the Week: Grouse Mountain (Free Tickets!)

photo: Grouse Mountain

Welcome to Inside Vancouver’s new “Featured Attraction” series. Each Monday we’ll be featuring a different Vancouver attraction, and will be giving away free tickets to our readers. To be eligible you just need to post a comment.

Sleigh bells ring, choirs sing! During the month of December, the spirit of Christmas comes alive with a magical celebration and a multitude of festivities on top of Grouse Mountain.

Take your family to Santa’s Workshop and meet reindeer, or take a sleigh ride through Grouse Mountain’s mystical alpine forest. You can also experience the tranquil beauty of skating on their 8,000 square foot mountaintop Ice Skating Pond, surrounded by snow-topped trees.

Learn more about Santa’s reindeer at Grouse Mountains’ daily ranger interpretive talks or have a digital photo taken with Santa to keep a memento of your Peak of Christmas visit!

Take a seat at the Theatre in the Sky to enjoy holiday movies on their large high-definition screen, listen to joyful Christmas carols sung by the enchanting voices of Vancouver choirs, or visit the spectacular SOS Children’s Village Parade of Trees in the Spirit Gallery.

photo: Grouse Mountain

These fabulous Peak of Christmas activities are all complimentary with your Grouse Mountain Admission, Annual Membership, Winter Pass, or Lift Ticket. This year during The Peak of Christmas, enjoy a special family rate (2 adults and 2 children) $79.95.

Contact Information
6400 Nancy Greene Way
North Vancouver, BC   V7R 4K9

Skyride (round-trips): 8:45am – 10:00pm
Guest Services: 8:00am – 8:00pm

Getting to Grouse Mountain
Driving: Follow Georgia Street through Stanley Park and across the Lion’s Gate Bridge. Take the North Vancouver exit to Marine Drive, then left up Capilano Road for 5 km (3.1 miles), or from the Ironworkers’ Memorial Second Narrows Bridge, follow Highway #1 westbound to Capilano Road Exit North.

Public Transit: For more information on getting to Grouse Mountain, please click here.

We have a Family Pass for The Peak of Christmas to give away to one of our readers. To be eligible, all you have to do is post a comment below. We’ll randomly select a winner on Friday and notify them by email.

Congratulations Delyse!  Check your email inbox for prize details

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257 Responses to Featured Attraction of the Week: Grouse Mountain (Free Tickets!)

  1. Joyce Lo

    I would love to get into the spirit of Christmas with this event!

    • Rachel

      Sounds wonderful

    • Gwill

      Sounds amazing !

    • lyn dam

      would love a chance to experience this!

    • Oh, take me top of Winterwondland at Grouse. Best view in Vancouver as well.

    • Rachel

      I’ve always wanted to go.

  2. Lammie

    Sounds fun! Would love to go!

  3. Love Grouse Mountain but haven’t been there for years!! Would love to show my new step-daughter where I took ski lessons many years ago!!!

  4. Jenevieve

    Sounds fabulous! Can’t wait to go!

  5. Sara

    Whoo hoo Grouse Mountain :)

  6. Andrea

    What an awesome giveaway! We would love to win :)

  7. Connie

    Sweet! Maybe I can impress my five year old nephew!

  8. Rosana

    I would love to go!

  9. nadia

    As a north van resident I’d love spending the holiday season up at Grouse.

  10. ashlee

    so fun!!! i would love to go :)

  11. Judy

    Free tickets would be awesome!

  12. Daria

    I love Vancouver and I would love to get into Christmas spirit with the “Peak of Christmas”

  13. PSYL

    Can’t wait to see snow!

  14. Amy

    I love your website guys. I always find great ideas for things to do in Vancouver! Keep it up!

  15. Bailey

    One of the hard things about moving and living in Vancouver is the lack of snow at Christmas time. I miss it!! I would love to go to Grouse Mountain and play in the snow :)

  16. Delyse

    We live in Mission, my husband and I, believe it or not, nor our oldest daughter, have ever even been to Grouse Mountain. Our youngest was there on a field trip last year, she really wants us all to go, as she says it is very fun, and she says she could be our guide, so cute.

  17. Adam

    What a great way to get into the spirit of Christmas.

  18. Lillin W

    I’d love to go!

  19. Arieanna

    I’d love to take my family! My little guy is obsessed with wagon rides right now. :)

  20. shannon

    I love all the Christmas activities in Vancouver, especially skating on Grouse!

  21. Michelle

    Love Grouse Mountain!!!! So beautiful up there :)

  22. lisa

    grouse looked amazing with the fresh snow on my way to work this morning.

  23. Tom

    It looks like Grouse has lots to offer families – sounds like fun!

  24. France

    Would be great to spend time as a family!

  25. FERAS

    I would love to go!

  26. angela

    i have always wanted to go with the family to this amazing event on Grouse. I LOVE christmas, but every year, my husband would be out of town. But this year he isn’t so we would love to spend the day at your Fantastic mountain, and enjoy all the sights, sounds, and activities you have to offer for the greatest holiday of the year

  27. Sarah

    I’d love to try out Grouse!

  28. Leah

    My 3 kids have never been to Grouse Mtn and it is one of the most beautiful places in the city. We have been trying to see all of the hidden gems of Vancouver, and this experience would top them all so far :-)

  29. Christina

    I would love to take my niece and nephew up to Grouse to see Santa’s workshop!

  30. Tricia

    I look forward to every winter just for snowboarding…

  31. Angelica M.

    It would be great if I could get those free tickets! My family in law is coming to visit for Christmas and my husband and I would like to share with them the beauty of one of the most wonderful mountains in Vancouver!

  32. vicky

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Would love to enjoy some mountain magic…

  33. Kitt

    Never been & it’s on my to-do list. Can’t wait to go.

  34. Kelli

    I would love to take my grandson to this and get in the spirit this year, that would be awesome!!!

  35. Ingrid

    My family and I would be thrilled to go. It’s something we have never done before.

  36. Teri

    It’s been a long time since I have been to Grouse…would love to see it again and see how it has changed!

  37. Gizela

    I would like to take my Family up to visit Santa.

  38. Christine

    Great prize! Would love to do this to get into the Christmas spirit!

  39. Ellen

    My family would love to go to Grouse this holiday season!!!!!!

  40. Kristy

    Sounds like fun!

  41. Jennifer

    Grouse Mountain is a gem in our beautiful city especially around the Christmas season. What a wonderful family tradition for the holidays!

  42. Diana

    Just moved back to the lower mainland and though I’ve lived here all my life I’ve never been up Grouse Mtn. Now that I have a little one I’d love to show her Grouse Mtn. especially in the snow!!!!

  43. Shelley


  44. Jenn

    I learned to ski on Grouse Mountain. I remember watching the sunrise as we glided up the hillside on the tram. It seemed to run on magic at the time. Back then, we never felt the cold, just the excitement of being surrounded by snow. For such a damp city, the white stuff down in the city was rare even in the 80’s.

    We’d warm up with hot chocolates in the kiddy hut and gush over how many runs we made without falling. I head up there yearly now, only I done more layers and carry a snowboard. I never caught the hang of the whole board on each leg thing…

  45. Emma

    Would LOVE to do this! My FIRST christmas in Canada!!! Pretty please! :D !!!!

  46. Janice

    Would love to take my niece and godson up to Grouse to enjoy the festivities of the Christmas Season.
    Fingers crossed!

  47. Sharmaine

    I love Grouse Mountain!

  48. Marina

    Would love to get out to finally see this – haven’t made it there yet, and it appears to be a Christmas classic!

  49. Louise

    Sounds amazing!!!

  50. Doug

    What a perfect way to show my partner (from South Africa) a winter Christmas in Canada.

  51. Melissa

    It sounds amazing! I’ve never been up there for the Christmas season!

  52. Heather Palmer

    One of the reasons we are highly considering a move from NY to Vancouver. . is the environment! Besides the arts culture and the diversity . . we love the water & mountains. . . perfect!!

    We are excited to pack up our snowboards for our scouting trip to the area and would love that trip to include free tickets to your mountain!!

  53. jc

    Grouse Mountain ROCKS!!!

  54. Alex

    Would like to take my family up there!

  55. Susan

    I would love to try outdoor ice skating!

  56. Meghan

    Sounds like lots of fun! I’d love to go!

  57. marina

    I wanna go so bad =(

  58. Karin

    My daughter would love this!

  59. Mark C

    Love the Spirit of Christmas

  60. Lea

    On my to-do list this year!

  61. Katie Horst

    This would be SUCH a fun thing to do with my little daughter :)

  62. Kat

    Family night on grouse, what could be better :D love it

  63. Margaret McCormack

    My family always tries to do something the whole family can get together and do at Christmas time. This would be a great way for us to spend some family time together. Thank you. I hope you have a great week.


  64. This would be the most perfect thing to do come Christmas! Truly a white Christmas dream come true which I’ve never had before!

  65. Rhoda

    I have heard of this attraction just last year. It’ll be so nice to show my toddler where the “north pOle” is and meet he reindeers! And create very special memories….

  66. Diana Grace

    They Grandkids would love this.

  67. Angie

    Have always wanted to get our family up to kick off the season at Grouse… maybe this year.

  68. tatiana

    The view from Grouse is spectacular. I havent been up in a while and would love to go again.

  69. Teresa Jeang

    sounds awesome!

  70. Hannah

    Love Grouse mountain!

  71. Angeline

    wow! I would love to take my 4 year-old niece and 2 year-old nephes there!

  72. Laura

    Would be a great way to get in the holiday spirit!

  73. Mrs. Tara Kelsberg

    This sounds so magical! What a beautiful way to spend Christmas with the family! I would dream of going with my husband and two children, we even could get everyone (grandparents and all)!

  74. Ashley

    I’d love to go!

  75. Ed

    I wanna go! Outdoor ice skating on Grouse mountain will be amazing.

  76. Cat

    This sound fun :) it’d be a great way to get into the Christmas spirit! I’d love to surprise someone with tickets.

  77. Meagan Braun

    Favorite family Christmas event in the Vancouver area!! Hope I win:)

  78. L. Wilson

    What an awesome way to kick of the season.

  79. Annie Tomljanovic

    This is our holiday tradition! I would love to win this family package! Thanks for the giveaway!

  80. rebecca


  81. Raina Beeksma

    It would be lovely to take our family of five there!

  82. Richard

    would love to go!

  83. Peter K

    Went last year and it was fabulous. Definitely felt like you were visiting Santa in the North Pole.

  84. Maggie

    Sounds exciting :)!! Definitely a place I’d like to be at for the winter holiday!!

  85. Julia

    Would love to go up to Grouse!! My cousin is visiting from Poland and i’ve been raving about Grouse, but we didn’t have a chance to go up since its a big pricey for us students :(

  86. Angela J.

    I’ve never been to Grouse Mountain and have only been downhill skiing 3 times in my life. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to go.

  87. Shannon

    What a fantastic family outing this would be! My boys would love it!

  88. Patti Unger

    Would love to go ice skating outdoors in a winter wonderland that is Grouse Mountain!!!

  89. Cheryl

    I LOVE CHRISTMAS! This would be such a great Christmas treat for my two nieces, nephew and myself. They have never been up to Grouse Mountain before and I would love to take them.

  90. Kerri McGrath

    Just moved to Vancouver & added this to do my “must-do” Christmas list the other day. Would love to go there with my younger cousins after they were the ones who got me all excited for it. Winter wonderland indeed

  91. Patrick

    Excellent post!

    We have family coming in from Okinawa, Japan which is like the Maui of Japan. They have never experience snow before!! It would be priceless to see there reaction to the magical winter wonderland of Grouse Mtn.

  92. Jen

    Peak of Christmas is magical … would love to take my girls this year!

  93. Noreen W.

    A beautiful city to visit, and I’d love to take someone special there.

  94. Lora

    Me, me! Love the snowshoe options up there.

  95. Michelle


  96. Christmas!! Its my favorite time of the year! I love the snowy decor & the holiday spirit, warms people’s hearts ^^

  97. what a magical and majestic way to celebrate the holidays.

  98. Majordomo

    We would love to win the free tickets- it’s our baby’s first Christmas so this would make it extra special.

  99. Jordan S

    Would love to go to Grouse!

  100. Victoria patten

    Never experienced a white Christmas being from Australia. This sounds too amazing too be true!

  101. Lisa

    sounds great! a white christmas!

  102. Bala Meenakshi

    Wow.. never been to grouse mountain till now.. it would be a great opportunity for me n my husband to explore n enjoy the mountain & nature…

  103. kale

    How fun! I’d love to go!

  104. Paola Paquin

    There is no better way to kick off the Christmas season than with a trip to the top of Grouse !!

  105. Adrienne

    Would love to win the Peak of Christmas prize! winter wonderland on Grouse Mountain, ya hoo!

  106. Julie

    Perhaps this would make me appreciate winter, and not be such a scrooge about Christmas?

  107. Leanne

    We’ve never experienced Grouse Mountain — what a great opportunity!

  108. Shirley

    Great idea! Visit the snow where it belongs – on the mountain.

  109. jasmine

    I can’t wait to come back to Vancouver and visit the mountains! -Currently in Calgary

  110. Neat

  111. Marcela

    my kids would loooooove this :)!

  112. Mark

    I would like to have these tickets. Last year, Santa on Grouse Mountain told me I need to work on my skating skills. I want to tell Santa this year that I still need to work on my skating skills! And I always wanted to play checkers in the lodge! Thanks for this promotion, Inside Vancouver!

  113. It has been a long time since I’ve been up to Grouse Mountain…
    I would love to go and make snow angels in the snow!

  114. Rach

    Grouse Mountain! What a way to spend the day in a wonderful winter wonderland!

  115. I’ve never been to Grouse Mountain, it looks like a great time.

  116. katy o’dea

    Hi, this is our first winter in Vancouer, and Canada. We would love to spend it in the snow with all the fun filled activities, as we don’t have anything this majically at home. Please pick us

  117. Kylie

    Grouse mountain is absolutely beautiful!! I would love to win this great winter experience!

    Happy Holidays!! xo

  118. Doug

    I love Christmas and Groose Mountain more than anything!

  119. hayeon jung

    I’d love to go!!!! thx everytime

  120. Manveet Virk

    This would be so fun!

  121. Wendy He

    Such a perfect family activity for winter! I would love to go :)

  122. Michelle

    Love Grouse in the summer, but have yet to be there in the winter (just moved to Vancouver). I can’t wait!

  123. Rosie Clark

    We are moving to N.Van from the UK next month, I have been up Grouse at Xmas once when I was 16yrs old. We will be taking our kids up there regardless, it is amazing and re-enforces the magic of christmas.

  124. Peter

    I would not mind wining! :)

  125. Peter

    I would not mind winning! :)

  126. Amy

    My first christmas away from Australia would be lovely spent visiting Grouse Mountain.

  127. Patti Cote

    I would so love to take my grandsons there during the Holidays, as I am living on a pension, I won’t have much to give them at Xmas, but I think an outing is so much better than a present!!

  128. Dana

    Would love to take my two little nieces up there!

  129. Dani Conrad

    Grouse Mountain is a great outdoor adventure at any time of year! This would be a great way to get into that holiday spirit!

  130. Nina

    I have fond memories of going ice skating up at Grouse in the winter time. Would love to go again this year

  131. Riska Ngudjiharto

    Would love to go to Grouse :)

  132. Kyenta

    Would love to experience Grouse for the first time this Christmas with my family! Pick me! ;)

  133. Lydia

    Sounds awesome!

  134. Shawna W

    Would love a chance to win tickets to the peak at Christmas! It’s so pretty up there during winter! :)

  135. Lauren

    Haven’t been to Grouse in years, would love to go!

  136. Ruby

    Would love to win tickets!

  137. Nancy

    Would love to go!

  138. Shirley

    Would love to take our 3yr old daughter to see the beauty of winter : )

  139. Chelle

    I’ve been in Vancouver for five years and haven’t been able to visit Grouse yet–this would be perfect!

  140. Lauren

    I hope I win.

  141. Jen

    I’d love to take my parents up to see Grouse in the winter time! It’s magic.

  142. Kevin L

    I can’t wait to hit the hill.

    • David Yu

      would love to go!

  143. Lea

    Would love to experience snow on Grouse Mountain!

  144. Kkung

    i would love to go to this!

  145. jbustillo

    this sounds like fun

  146. Marlene

    Great outing for the family. Did it with my kids when the were so very young, now 20 years later, still a wonderful outing.

  147. Would love to take our 3 children to such a magical place at Christmas!

  148. Elisa


  149. andrea yuill

    wow, looks beautiful! would love to visit – maybe try some ski lessons for

  150. Thomas


  151. Ana

    Snowshoeing is beautiful on grouse!

  152. S.kang

    I would love to go!!

  153. Lynda

    Can’t wait, Grouse Mountain IS Christmas, always love the iceskating, carol singers, reindeer and sleigh rides

  154. Gabi Pahnke

    This would a perfect adventspresent for my grandkids…we all love to go to the grouse.

  155. Elena M

    I’m dreamIng of a white Christmas!

  156. Kirsten

    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!!

  157. Gloria

    Would love to take my 6 year old daughter!

  158. Wendy

    This would such a great day trip to take with my niece.

  159. Stephanie

    Winter Wonderland has been a family tradition of ours for the last 11 years :) We love it!!

  160. Kristin

    I have friends coming from Australia and can’t wait to bring them to Grouse to experience their first snow!!

  161. nav

    Would love to go!!

  162. Chris

    A super prize, fingers crossed

  163. Katy

    Would be great to go!

  164. Brianna

    This would be so great!!

  165. Karen

    My family would love this! Great give-away Inside Vancouver.

  166. Carmen

    I always wanted to go Grouse Mountain during christmas times! I think it will be an awesome event!

  167. Bonnie

    My 2 years old would love to meet Santa at Grouse Mountain for the first time!! Can’t wait.

  168. Gemma

    LOVE Grouse Mountain. I go every year and would be thrilled to experience the Christmas festivities on the slopes this year!!

  169. Anna

    This sounds amazing!

  170. Michelle

    That would be so awesome!

  171. Rachel B

    I love free tickets and I love Grouse! :)

  172. Shamim

    It would be so wonderful to visit Grouse Mountains after so long….looking forward !

  173. Ine

    Would love to go. My parents are visiting from Europe and I bet a family visit to grouse is something they would really enjoy!

  174. Nyree Trollope

    It would be oarsum to see Reindeer!!

  175. Cam Trollope

    Can’t wait to explore christmas at Grouse!

  176. Lynn

    Oh my gosh, yes!!

  177. jaye caraan

    Grouse is a great place to hang out for all ages! Wish it is more affordable though

  178. Lily Satchell

    What a lovely way to celebrate the holiday festivites with the family … my boys would sooooo enjoy it!

  179. Ronnie

    Winter Wonderland would be wonderful!

  180. Melissa Hoffmann

    ‎3 1/2 years ago, my boyfriend had to return home to Austria due to the economic crisis and the inability to issue work permits to foreign workers . Since then we have only been able to see eachother once per year, usually around Christmas. It is during this time that we try to fit in as many special activities as we can in a short 3 week period….Just enough to create a year’s worth of memories… that we can look back on when we are apart. He is coming to Vancouver in December again and it would be such a treat to have a romantic evening together on the snow covered slopes, overlooking our beautiful city!

  181. Anna

    This sounds like a great opportunity to explore Grouse!

  182. Jocey

    11 years and 3 children later, we haven’t yet had the chance to make it to the winter wonderland in our own backyard, that is Grouse Mtn. Here’s to dreaming :)

  183. Sam

    Just moves down the road from Grouse, haven’t been yet but my family is coming to see me at Christmas (can’t get the time off to visit them back east) and would love to show them the mountain.

  184. Grouse is one of those places you visit in each season. I’d be so pleased to get a pass for my family, so we can experience it together for once.

  185. rita

    this looks so much fun

  186. jenn

    Such a special place during the holidays! Would love to bring my 2 year old son!

  187. Britt C

    Thanks for the great ideas to do in Vancouver! I would love to go to Grouse during Christmas time! Let it snow

  188. nolan

    wow, i’m attracted to grouse mountain already! i would surely love to visit santa’s workshop!

  189. This would be absolutely amazing. My son would love this, and it sounds like the best way to get ready for the holidays!!

  190. Rowena Rosales

    sounds magical! my kids will surely love it! I am going to ask it from Santa!

  191. Helen

    would love to take the kids

  192. Catherine Guerin

    Oh oh ohhhh! I’d love this! Please please :)

  193. Are

    Great, love this contest!

  194. Xing

    Yes, please

  195. Robyn

    Oh magical winter wonderland! I love Christmas, thanks for the great contest!

  196. Fabiana Martinez

    White, white Christmas!!! :)

  197. We love seeing all the great comments, you guys! Keep it up!

  198. Mands

    I want to try out that ice skating pond!

  199. octavia

    it’d be super fun to spend a day at grouse mountain this time of the year. =)

  200. Michelle

    Grouse Mountain is so much fun, and so beautiful! The kids love everything about it!

  201. J. Duhon

    I would love to experience a wintry time at Grouse Mountain. I live in a Southern State and right now the temperature is in the high 70’s. It would be a blessing the week of Nov. 20th.

  202. Madeline

    PICK ME!

  203. Renee

    would absolutely love to bring our kids to experience this magical event! Nothing says Christmas more than a snow capped mountain and an outdoor skating pond! It looks truly magical!

  204. Kimberly

    Would love to go!

  205. Anselmo

    Sounds like a great way to start off the season.

  206. Teresa

    My Kids would love it up there.

  207. Adrian

    This is wonderful.

  208. Angela

    This sounds like so much fun! I’ve never been to Grouse Mountain before.

  209. Perfect for a magical weekend getaway and spending some quality time with the family =)

  210. Hi,

    I can’t wait for my first ever white/cold Christmas!! Coming from Melbourne I’m used to hot weather and BBQ’s ! :-)

  211. Andrew

    Random Winner!

  212. laurinda

    Sounds great, I’d love to experience this!

  213. Yolie

    We will be in Vancouver, for the first time, my husband, twin daughters, and I in December. This sounds like a great place to go.

  214. Julie

    Pick me!

  215. Caroline

    Coolbeans!! ive never been up grouse during Winter before! :)

  216. Ana Maria

    Please!!!!! I would love to go! Pick me!!!!

  217. Louise


  218. Rachel

    Will definitely be taking the kids to this! I love the Christmas season!

  219. linda

    It would be real nice to try grouse this winter.

  220. Angela

    Seeing the snow in Grouse would be a good way to spend the holidays! :)

  221. Angela

    Awesome! What a great way to spend Christmas, my favourite holiday of the year <3 :)

  222. Amy

    I would like to go! :D

  223. Winnie

    I love winter time at Grouse Mountain!

  224. Avi

    I would love to go!!!

  225. My

    I desperately wanna go there!

  226. Tracey Flattes

    awesome giveaway – Grouse is great!

  227. Francis

    Grouse would be so much fun.

  228. yumi

    I would like to go and take some pictures.

  229. Ari

    I would like to go!

  230. Johnny Vanderputten

    Grouse is a beautiful visit in any season.

  231. Never been to grouse during winter. Would love to go and document the entire place. :p

  232. Claire


  233. Kristina

    never been there.hope to get this opportunity)

  234. kc

    well Jingle my bells, I wanna go!!

  235. Pia Kuittinen

    Our family would love to go :)

  236. Josephine Liu

    Awesome!! I’d love to go Grouse Mt.!!!!!!

  237. Chang

    i want !

  238. JC

    Awesome Christmas giveaway! Grouse is so nice in the Winter, Im proposing to my girlfriend this Christmas and this would be the perfect place to get down on bended knee!

  239. Michael

    Hi I hope I am not too late, ide love to take advantage of those free tickets. I have snowboarded there a few times but it just wasn’t enough. I would enjoy coming back and checking out a little bit more other than the hills

  240. Pamela

    I would love to be a part of this.
    Thank you

  241. Chae

    Our family love to go. my kids are already excited!!

  242. jenny roberts

    Definitely one of the “must do” attractions for my UK guests!

  243. Ines

    Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to visit some attraction! I would love to go there. Thanks

  244. MARIA

    It would be nice to bring my family up the grouse mountain. Both my kids and my husband haven’t been up there, it will make our memories of Christmas in Vancouver very special

  245. Sanjay Panchal

    Looks fabulous , let’s see, if my luck works…!!!!!

  246. Suraj

    I love to go to Grouse ;)

  247. Dipankar

    Grouse is where my heart belongs.. Want to have a glance in this winter

  248. I really love to go grouse mountain :) more over I liked ur offer

  249. Cecilia

    what a great idea!!

  250. Fiona

    This sounds wonderful! My 3 year old would love to meet the reindeer.

  251. shumaila