You Are Not Your Minivan

Admit it: life’s getting a little stale. You wear a path between home and the office, and eat the same tuna sandwich every day. With winter approaching, your hibernation instincts have taken over. This has reduced your social activities to curling up on the couch and watching Jersey Shore.

Many of us stop challenging ourselves out of plain fear. There are the big ones—like death and taxes—and common phobias like spiders and clowns. But some of us are as anxious about harmless things like public speaking, love handles, and telling a joke that bombs.

Well, dear friend, we believe there’s more to you than brown bag lunches, reality TV, and your La-Z-Boy. In fact, we’re even going to afford you a chance to prove to your friends that you are more… much, much more… than your minivan.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: first, delve into the art of burlesque at the School of Tease with a private lesson led by renowned Vancouver performer, Burgundy Brixx. Then, indulge your senses at the delightful Il Giardino, before enjoying a roaring evening of comedy with the Vancouver TheatreSports League. Here, you’ll have the chance to display your stage prowess, should you feel so bold! Finally, unwind and recount your day of excitement (and personal growth) at the lovely Hotel Le Soleil.

Ready to face your fears? Take the next step and enter the Culture in Vancouver sweepstakes. Don’t delay—we’ll draw the winner on Monday, December 5th! And in case you have a fear of being alone, don’t worry—you can bring a friend. Good luck, brave soul!

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