Featured Attraction of the Week: Harbour Cruises (Free Tickets!)

photo: Harbour Cruises

Welcome to Inside Vancouver’s new “Featured Attraction” series. Each Monday we’ll be featuring a different Vancouver attraction, and will be giving away free tickets to our readers. To be eligible you just need to post a comment.

The Carol Ships ‘Parade of Lights’ began over 50 years ago with just one boat decorated with Christmas lights in Coal Harbour. Harbour Cruises is proud to continue this tradition with their decorated vessels throughout the winter season.

The Parade is a flotilla of brightly coloured vessels, lit up on the outside and decorated in their Christmas best on the inside. This holiday tradition features a combination of decorated private and public vessels. This is the only time of year that vessels are allowed to display coloured exterior lighting.

Participating vessels meet at Canada Place around 7:00 p.m. before setting off in Parade formation on the night’s designated route. Routes include journeys into False Creek, past North and West Vancouver, into Deep Cove or up to Port Moody.

Perfect for family celebrations, office parties or other small group events, Harbour Cruises offers a great way to celebrate the festive season in beautiful Vancouver!

Carol Ship Dinner Cruises – A Unique Vancouver Tradition! Join Harbour Cruises this holiday season as the local waters of Vancouver come alive with light! Sing Christmas Carols or dance the night away on one of Harbour Cruises’ fabulous boats as part of the Carol Ships Parade of Lights Festival.

Vancouver’s Most Festive Carol Ships – Harbour Cruises offers the most extensive and festive selection of Carol Ship departures in Vancouver. They are proud to continue their tradition of providing live Christmas Carollers to lead you in all the Yuletide favourites. Song sheets are provided for you to sing along at your table. Feast on professionally catered holiday menus exclusively available to Harbour Cruises & Events. No matter which boat you are on, you’ll find it decorated from bow to stern with Christmas cheer.

Carol Ship Dinner Cruises 2011
Sunday through Thursday Evenings
December 4th to 8th, 11thto 15th & 18th to 22nd
*2.5 hour cruise with traditional Christmas dinner buffet and live carollers on board.*

Weekend Dinner & Dance Carol Ships Cruises 2011
Friday & Saturday Evenings
December 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17 & 23
*4 hour cruise with traditional Christmas dinner buffet, live carollers and DJ for dancing.*

photo: Harbour Cruises

Contact Information:
Harbour Cruises Marina
501 Denman Street
Vancouver, BC V6G2W9
p: 604.688.7246
w: www.boatcruises.com

Harbour Cruises is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, and is easily accessible by car or public transit. For more information on directions to Harbour Cruises Marina, please click here.

We are giving away Two (2) tickets for a Carol Ship Dinner Cruise for the 2011 holiday season. To be eligible, all you have to do is post a comment below. We’ll randomly select a winner on Friday and notify them by email

Updated December 9th: Congratulations to Ritchie who is the winner of two (2) tickets for a Carol Ship Dinner Cruise with Harbour Cruises!

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186 Responses to Featured Attraction of the Week: Harbour Cruises (Free Tickets!)

  1. Kay

    Sounds like an amazing way to celebrate the Christmas season!

    • Sandor

      I like floating. And free tickets

  2. Amy

    I’m new to Vancouver and would love the chance to go on this cruise for free!

  3. David

    Looks like a fun time

  4. Hmoney

    Something I’ve always wanted to go to but have never had the opportunity. Thank you

  5. Annette

    Would love to see Vancouver’s Christmas lights from a Harbour Cruise, hope you pick me!

  6. chani

    i’d love to experience this holiday romantic evening with my husband.
    also i’d be very thank ful

  7. Teresa

    Great recommendation! Looks very romantic =D

  8. Andy

    Never tried it before, looks fun!

  9. Sydney


  10. Jake

    Have a new baby boy that loves any kind of lights!! He would love this!!

    Merry Christmas everyone!!

    • Jin

      Sounds like an awesome way to celebrate Christmas.

  11. Vania

    Santa baby, I’ve been a good girl and they should chose me to finally win a contest here! :)

  12. Mairead MacKinnon

    I would love to show my Australian boyfriend around Vancouver on this cruise!!

  13. Marien

    Wow, I didn’t know this existed, sounds amazing!!!

  14. Janet Kvammen

    I would love to surprise my husband with tickets. It would be so spectacular!!!

  15. Allyson

    Looks amazing!

  16. Shan

    Nice promo! Love to join it!

  17. kyle

    Sounds like a very fun time at Christmas !

  18. Judy

    This is so exciting. Pick me Please.

  19. I’ve been on one of these a long time ago. It was amazing and we lucked out w/ a beautiful night weather wise. Would love to re-visit the evening and treat my guest this time! Perfect Christmas gift!

  20. Neovi Carullo

    We booked last year for the Carol Dinner Cruise, would love to do it again for free, coz it was a lot of fun, and food is great..It would be a nice and a good christmas and birthday present for me…this holiday season. <3

  21. Angela J.

    I’ve never even see the ships, let alone been on one. It looks wonderful.

  22. Ine

    I’ve been on the ship for the Indian arm cruise. Would love to be part of the Carol Ship Cruise!!

  23. Joanne

    This would be so great for my parents!!

  24. suzan

    i would love an excuse to wear my reindeer antlers <3

  25. Emma

    Looks like a fab way to spend a winter evening.

  26. katy

    This is so amazing, and a real festive way to see the harbour at this time of the year.

  27. The picture aboard the Harbour Cruise Ship looks so festive!!! My husband and I have never been on a dinner cruise – this time of year must be really nice!

  28. Debbie

    What a wonderful Christmas present this would be!

  29. Shelley Moss

    What an outstanding way to usher in December and the 2011 Holiday Season! Re-discover or simply show off your city…from the water – bring friends, family, partner/spouse, a date or colleagues… Celebrate this wonderful time of year on the breathtaking waters of Vancouver!
    Savour culinary delights, fantastic views of magnificent Vancouver, twinking white lights and brightly colored holiday lights, strewn like jewels atop buildings, trees, streets and ships in the harbour! Music, holiday-inspired sips and new memories (possibly new friends!) await!

  30. Olivia

    My 8 year old son loooves to draw ships. He draws all the time he can. This would be a magical time for him to go on a Carol Cruise! Just think of the drawings he could do:-)

  31. Teri

    We have gone to watch the parade, but it is impossible to hear the carols from shore…would love to go and sing/hear the carols on the ship!!

  32. Denisa

    Wow!! That looks amazing!

  33. Terry

    Posting comment….. and Thank you

  34. Tracey Flattes

    Sounds like fun!

  35. Shaun

    This looks AMAZING!!! What a great way to celebrate a very special season. Christmas carols, dinner cruise, and Vancouver? What more could anyone possibly ask for?

  36. Merry Christmas !! I have always wanted to go on a harbour cruise, and would be an excellent christmas present for my boyfriend !!

  37. Vivian

    Wow, this looks like the perfect thing to do with a loved one! :D

  38. Darren

    hook me up please thanks!

  39. Avril

    How wonderfully festive the boats look all decked out in their coloured lights!

  40. mitchel

    I was on one of these cruises for a work party and had a great time!

  41. Dia

    Such a sweet deal! Man how I wish I could bring my love one <3

  42. Melissa

    Merry Christmas. Thanks for doing this! Hopefully I will win, haha.

  43. Shelley Eckstein

    There is nothing like our harbour anytime of the year but exquisite during christmas!

  44. Karin

    Merry Christmas! I love the Carol Ships!

  45. Dee

    I LOVE Christmas – went on the Christmas Karaoke Trolley Tour and I can’t even imagine how EXCITING it’d be to go on a Carol Cruise!!

    I would bring my dad to this because he’s just as festive and excited over Christmas – possibly 10 times more than I am!

  46. Johanna

    Neat! I hope I win.

  47. In for this!

  48. Katrina

    My husband has been out of town for 7 weeks. This would be something fun and romantic to do without my three boys in tow.

  49. Darcy

    I want to go on a cruise!

  50. Andrea

    I’m far away from home and hope to celebrate christmas on the cruise!

  51. Warren Dy

    My wedding anniversary is coming up and it would be a great surprise for my wife to go to carol ship cruises. We have not done the any cruise. And my wife Glenda loves Christmas.
    Thank you very much. I hope you pick me.

  52. Shannon

    I would LOVE to go on a Christmas cruise to celebrate the season and tell all my friends about it!!!

  53. Kevin

    It would be great to experience this romantic nautical excursion with my gf. Thanx for the tip!

  54. Nancy

    This would be an amazing cruise to take my Mom on to see a different perspective of Vancouver…looks amazing!

  55. Edison

    This sounds like a fun thing to do…especially for a date ;)

  56. Claudette Garner

    What a lovely addition to any Christmas celebrations. And how extra special it would be if it was free

  57. Michelle

    I’ve always wanted to try this! :)

  58. Bons

    I’ve never been on the Carol Ship Dinner Cruise before. I’d be really thrilled if I win this. I will go with my mother.

  59. Jewels

    Would be a perfect date to go on with my loving husband before all the Christmas hustle and bustle!!!

  60. sophie

    this would be an amazing opportunity.

  61. tatiana

    Would love to sing carols while floating on the water. Count me in!!

  62. KJ

    I have a friend who’s new to Vancouver, and I’ve never been on these. Would love to go!

  63. Kimberly

    I’m not originally from Vancouver and this year my bf and I will not be able to go home (Ottawa) for Christmas due to the ridiculous price of flights this time of year :( This would be a great way to keep our minds off that fact and get into the spirit of Christmas.

  64. Sveta

    mmm…..I want it:)

  65. charlene sjoberg

    My daughter and fiance went last year and LOVED the cruise! Please give me tickets so I can afford to go?

  66. erica thompson

    This would be a great way to get into the Christmas Spirit!

  67. Sarah T

    Please, I have never done the Carol Ship Cruise and would love to experience it! Thank you

  68. Irene

    It should be fun and exciting!

  69. Justin

    This sounds awesome!

  70. Alice Ewart

    This would be a fabulous way to celebrate my first Christmas in Vancouver!

  71. Kellie

    I moved to the tri-city area several years ago and miss watching the carol ships. I would love for my daughter to see them.

  72. Suli

    WoW~ a really nice Christmas gift! :)

  73. Lawrence

    A cruise, dinner, and Christmas cheer! I would love tickets for the Carol Ship Cruise.

  74. Eva

    How fun! I’d love to win :D

  75. Irene

    Sounds like the perfect way to finally get into the Christmas spirit…. I’d love tickets for my boyfriend and I :)

  76. Cheryl

    Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the evening.

  77. ryan

    Sounds so nice !

  78. Rachel

    xmas lights!!! heart

  79. Katie

    would love to win this :)

  80. Angela R

    BAM! One of the best things in Vancouver to do!

  81. tracy

    fun fun!

  82. lisa

    looking forward to this!

  83. Chelsea

    Yes please!!

  84. Barb

    I have always wanted to do this activity!!

  85. Michelle

    Wonderful gift for my sweetie and me!

  86. Janet

    A wonderful Vancouver tradition!

  87. Vitor Ferraz

    Wow. That’s amazing. You guys are awesome. I really hope I get picked =)

  88. Vera

    Looks simply magical!

  89. KATIE

    I would love to surprise my mom and have a fun girls night with her:)

  90. Vincent Talavera

    It sounds great I hope I get picked so I can go with my daughter.

    • estrella

      I hope you win tooooooo bro and take my beautiful niece on a fantastic trip xoxoxo Wish I could be there also.

  91. Shufen

    That’ll be a nice wedding anniversary for my husband and I :)

  92. Vivian

    I would love to go to this!

  93. Iris

    Looks like it would be a great idea for a date!

  94. RAlam

    I’ve been on the cruise.. it’s really nice!

  95. Wendy T

    What a great way to celebrate the festive season!

  96. Uwe Draheim

    Yes Please give me a Ticket for me and my Wife…..

  97. Robyn Plenert

    I would love to celebrate the Christmas spirit this way! On the weekend I made Christmas cookies, went Christmas shopping and even watched Love Actually! I am all Christmas-ed-up!

  98. DD

    I am also getting into the Christmas spirit bit by bit :D

  99. karen c

    I took my best friend to this cruise about 3 years ago and we had such an amazing time. .. the food, the lights, the beautiful scenery… i think it about time to go again!!!

  100. Jean

    Nice! That looks awesome. Hope to win :)

  101. Julia

    Great contest!

  102. Ryan McCallum

    Would love to win tickets for our first trip to Vancouver!

  103. Michelle McCallum

    This would be a memorable cruise for our first trip to Vancouver!

  104. Seila

    Sounds amazing!

  105. Jaz

    I’m in!

  106. Mary

    The carol ships are an amazing Vancouver Christmas tradition!

  107. Wesley

    sounds like an amazing experience!

  108. Alice C

    I would love to go to this cruise!

  109. Colleen Giddings

    I’m a school music teacher and one of the best parts of the year is singing Christmas carols. I would love to step it up a notch from the classroom to singing carols in the gorgeous harbour!

  110. Jocey

    Oh, WOW… wouldn’t that be a treat!

  111. Kimberly

    Sounds like fun!

  112. Elisa

    Looks awesome!!

  113. amanda bryan

    This sounds like a great christmas event that I would love!

  114. Joyce

    I would love to win this :-)

  115. Nyree

    It looks really pretty, a great way to spend a winters evening

  116. Cam

    Would love to see all the boats lit up

  117. Laureen

    Looks like such a fun holiday activity! Would love to win :)

  118. Ronald

    I’ve never been!

  119. Alan


  120. Ritchie


  121. Thao Nguyen

    I and my sons hope to join this amazing attraction.

  122. this looks so fun!!!!

  123. Taigi

    I think this would be a great way to spend an evening.

  124. Robyn

    I love the carol ships!! I’m going to organize this as our family Christmas outing for next year but I would still love to go this year!!

  125. Allison

    Would love to take my mom to this :)

  126. Bre

    I was planning to go here this month — it looks beautiful. Best of luck everyone.

  127. Anita

    What a wonderful way to share the Christmas spirit with a friend of mine that no longer has family to share Christmas with. I would love 2 tickets to share with a friend!!

  128. LM

    Would be a nice way to celebrate.

  129. ray

    My fiance has been doing so much volunteering this season it would be nice for her to have an night for herself, she deserves it!

  130. mingc

    I went on the carol ship cruise once about 12 years ago. That was extremely fun, love to go again.

  131. Jen Han

    It will be awesome if I could take my mom….it would be a wonderful holiday magical moment! Thank you The Carol Ships!

  132. Cecile

    I would be there for wonderful season in Vancouver!

  133. Dave

    Pick me! Pick me!

  134. It would be a great pleasure for me and my wife to win this contest, unforgettable experience indeed. Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to All!

  135. Phill

    I almost bought the Groupon for this a couple days ago..
    It would be a nice surprise to win!

  136. Bailey

    This whole package sounds amazing! What a great way to spend some “alone” time with the hubby before all the family arrive for christmas! :)

  137. erin

    Looks like a special way to celebrate

  138. Marie

    We’re two poor Vancouverites that would LOVE an experience like this. <3 Merry Christmas!

  139. David

    Sounds like a gorgeous way to spend an evening!

  140. Linda


  141. Laurie

    I have never seen the carol ships! (New to BC) What a treat to see it in STYLE!!

  142. Iva

    Seems like a lot of fun =] my mom went on one and really enjoyed it

  143. Eileen

    Sounds like a fun way to spend a night during the holiday season!

  144. Patricia

    there couldn’t be a better way to celebrate our first Christmas in Vancouver!

  145. Alison Omelus

    Random remark.. :) fa la la la la la la la la la!!

  146. Ashley

    Didn’t even know this existed! Just bookmarked this site!

  147. Belinda

    Wow, looks and sounds amazing! Great thing for christmas!:]

  148. Rosa

    Will be a good surprise for my boyfriend. Merry Christmas!

  149. sneh

    we have always gone and look at the carol ships from the Stanley park and hope one day we can be on the ship , looks like everyone has a blast- wish everyone entering for tickets good luck and MERRY CHRISTMAS

  150. linda

    this sounds like a lot fun!

  151. Phoebe

    Wow~this looks awesome! I wish I can win this contest.

  152. tammy

    In need of a date night! This would be perfect

  153. giti

    lovely , sounds awesome , love to go there and have fun with my family

  154. Chris

    Very kind to offer a free ride : )

  155. Chelsea

    Ho ho ho would be a great holiday gift!

  156. Chell

    Looks like fun!

  157. Hi all! Thanks for all great comments!
    Due to the high interest we would like to offer a 2 for 1 special on December 9th and 13th.
    Please contact us at 604.688.72.46 to get this amazing deal!

    Looking forward to seeing you all onboard!

    Harbour Cruises.

  158. Thanks for starting the ‘Featured Attraction’ series. Our family is new to Vancouver and it helps to know the places and events that should be on our ‘to-do’ list! We’d love to get a chance to experience the Carol Ships Dinner cruise and soak in the sights and sounds – but more importantly – feel the spirit of Christmas as Vancouver shines for us :)

  159. David Darling

    Love to check it out!

  160. looks romantic!!!! I would love to take my Other Half!!

  161. Kimberly Saw

    Getting to go on this trip would brighten my holidays for sure! Since I dont have anyone to spend it with as family and friends are so far away….

  162. Eric

    Great to see such an interesting activity in Vancouver!

  163. Hong

    There is nothing like having dinner on a cruise isn’t it. Spectacular view plus a delicious meal is perfect for a date.

  164. My

    Merry Christmas!

  165. Cynthia

    sounds fun!! =)

  166. Amy T

    It looks amazing and sounds like fun.

  167. s prasad

    Merry Xmas – great gift to give to my international students visiting from Brazil and Guatemala.

    Thank you.

  168. Stephen Elder

    A hoy me matey’s!
    Oh to float on a boat, maybe eat some goat.
    This is not a quote just a quick anickdote.

  169. Stephanie

    I’d love to win this!

  170. Josephine

    I’d love to go abroad~!!

  171. Josephine

    I’d looking forwards to this trip for a whole season~!!
    how wonderful~!! :PP

  172. ghaz

    such a great website! enjoyed it!

  173. dipankar ghosh

    i am waiting for this since a long time……i will be back to my country early next year….. so this is my last opportunity to taste the happiness and spirit of canada……. waiting for the free ones :-)

  174. Suraj

    Great News :) I would like to have a ride on this cruise..

    • Raj

      With out me u want to have ride :(

  175. I like to be a part in Xmas eve ….

  176. Janice

    Never saw something like this but this sounds amazing! free tickets will be wonderful :) Thanks! Merry Christmas!

  177. Manmeet Mandair

    merry christmas! hohpe to win the free tickets:D:D:D

  178. Sonali

    what a great way to celebrate the ho ho ho season! :)

  179. Jan Hayes

    “Life’s either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” Never done this before but I’m up for it. In case I forget to tell you when I win, I had a wonderful evening!!

  180. Nadia Kyrylova

    Hello, I’m a former Vancouverite and coming back for a visit in March with my BEAU from Ohio….
    Is the deal still on?
    I would love to go on a cruize especially if it doesnt add to our trip expenses!

  181. Karen

    The Carols Ships make Christmas Christmas in Vancouver. I’m retired and would love free tickets to go.

  182. sneh

    love to be on the water looking at the city love , I heard this is a must do thing with this company, the best in Vancouver.