Featured Attraction of the Week: Science World (Free Tickets!)

photo: Science World

Welcome to Inside Vancouver’s new “Featured Attraction” series. Each Monday we’ll be featuring a different Vancouver attraction, and will be giving away free tickets to our readers. To be eligible you just need to post a comment.

Science World is one of Vancouver’s most popular family destinations. Kids of all ages (up to 102!) can experience all sorts of educational and fun activities, such as playing arcade-style games to learn about human life sciences, viewing a live performance at the Peter Brown Family Centre Stage, and hanging out with some wild and crazy reptiles in the Extreme Dinosaur Gallery.

Science World’s facility has just completed a $35-million renovation and is now fully open to the public. The renovation added 30,000 square feet of space, a green roof, and many energy‐efficient initiatives—not to mention more hands-on exhibits.

Both the 11,000 square-foot Eureka! Gallery and the facility’s new green roof provide incredible views of False Creek and can be rented for special events.
View Science World’s lipdub video and take a lively tour of the renovated facility.

Monday–Friday: 10am–5pm
Saturday/Sunday/Holidays: 10am–6pm
(General admission; facilities can be booked for after-hours events)

Contact Information:
Science World at TELUS World of Science
1455 Quebec Street, Vancouver, BC
Canada V6A 3Z7
P: 604.443.7443
W: www.scienceworld.ca

Getting Here:

  • Easily accessible from both Highway 99 (from Washington State) and the Trans-Canada Highway
  • Five minutes from downtown Vancouver
  • Via public transit –we are located at the Main Street/Science World SkyTrain Station (visit translink.ca to plan your ride)
  • By ferry–both the Aquabus and False Creek Ferries make stops next to Science World


  • 2 hours: $5
  • 4 hours: $8
  • 6 hours: $10
  • Day max: $12
  • Event Parking: $22

If you park in an unmarked stall, please use stall number 255 to pay for parking and put your parking receipt on the dash in your vehicle. If you park in a numbered stall, you do not need to leave a receipt on your dash.

Parking in the evening (after 6 pm) is $5 on most evenings, unless a major event is occurring at Rogers Arena or BC Place Stadium. (See alternative parking lots.)

Science World Members receive $1 off four or more hours of parking in the TELUS World of Science parking lots by bringing the receipt section of the parking stub to Admissions along with their valid Science World membership card.

We are giving away Two (2) Ultimate Experience Passes (includes gallery and single OMNIMAX® film). To be eligible, all you have to do is post a comment below. We’ll randomly select a winner at noon on Friday and notify them by email.

Updated December 23rd: Congratulations Meadow! You are the winner of Two (2) Ultimate Experience Passes (includes gallery and single OMNIMAX® film) to Science World. Please check your email for further details. 

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149 Responses to Featured Attraction of the Week: Science World (Free Tickets!)

  1. Jenn

    I haven’t been to Science World in years! It would be cool to go again!

    • Ger

      Science world is great fun for people of all ages!

      • David Zeiger

        I love Science World!!… It’s fun for the whole family.

        • debbie wade

          my kids love going to science world! fun for the whole family!!

    • vanessa

      we love to go never been to the IMAX theatre. thanks

    • MayLan

      Science World is the BEST!

    • Nicki

      Something fun to do over the holidays! Woot, Woot!!

  2. sp

    We love the dinosaurs!

  3. Jennie

    Would love to take my kids back for a positive experience.. We went during the re-vamp, paid full price for 1/2 the experience and to much chaos!

  4. shamanshadi

    nice i haven’t been there in ages

  5. John

    i am winnar?

  6. Big sister can’t wait to take little brother to Science World for the first time. We love the kids area and the dinosaurs!!

  7. Angela

    My family would love to go to Science World!!

  8. j

    I love science world!

  9. rebecca

    dinosaurs the greatest!

  10. Richard

    Pick me please!

  11. Ashley

    I LOVE SCIENCE WORLD!!! I remember my first time in grade 3 still….and i STILL love going there! I’m taking my friend from my study exchange in the Netherlands to visit Science World when he comes to Canada!!!

  12. Sevan Kadian

    Would love to see the green roof!! Pick me please :)

  13. Jason


  14. kj

    You blinded me with science.

  15. Lesli

    please let me win!

  16. suzan

    would love to take my niece ,she would love it

  17. Tom

    Science world is always great

  18. Sarah

    We would love to go! Is there a date specified for the tickets?

  19. Lori J

    Wow! We’d love to go! My husband is from England and has never been. I’ve had so many cool memories as a kid and now that we have 2 little ones we’d love to share it with them! Thanks!

  20. Katherine

    One of my favourite destinations as a student, and now one of my favourites for my classes. Ah, how that wheel turns :-)

  21. Yulim

    I love Science!!!!! =)

  22. Jessie

    I’ve been living in Vancouver since 2006 and I still haven’t made it here yet! Hoping to take some visiting family there soon!

  23. Cher

    My kids would love an outing to Science World!

  24. Amy

    Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! PLEASE :)

  25. Sabinah

    I’d love to take my kids!

  26. Sarah

    Last time I was at Science World it was under construction. It would be amazing to see the new renovations completed!

  27. Giselle

    I haven’t been to science world :( it would be so nice to go before I leave Vancouver

  28. Kateryna

    I would love to take my 2 year old daughter ! She loves exploring and been asking me to go to “the pretty light place” for a while. Please pick us!!

  29. Liza

    Our first trip up will be over the Holidays; this would be a great way to spend one of our days!

  30. Meadow

    We would love to go to Science World – one of my kids’ favourite places to go when we’re on the mainland!

  31. Jay

    please oh please!

  32. Laura

    I Love to go to Science Workd with my family!!

  33. stacie schartner

    Woo hoo! Cool contest! :)

  34. Susan H

    Your renovations look great. Would love to see them in person!

  35. Scott

    You have to love science world!!!

  36. Linda

    I would love to check out science world! Woohoo!

  37. Keri

    Can’t wait to see how everything looks after the reno! My husband and I love Science World, we will always be kids at heart.

  38. Bons

    Love the Science World!

  39. cathy

    love it!

  40. Robert

    I’ve gone with the daycare group I work at… It would be nice to go without directing kids traffic and having screaming kids pull me around. (“I want to go here, it’s boring… La la la la…”)

  41. Antonia

    I love going to Science World, especially lately during the Extreme Dinosaur Exhibit!

  42. tracy

    it has been a few year since my last visit. about time to go back and check out what’s new

  43. Sandy

    I am always excited about new features in Science world!!! I remember the Body Works showroom and I was there over night!!! It was a blast to visit Science world at 3am!! ^^

  44. Craig

    Yeah Buddy!

  45. lisa

    yay something to do over winter break

  46. Marcus

    I used to love going as a kid but as I grew older I stopped and pretty much forgot about it. Now that I saw this article I’d love to go back again, even if I don’t win the tickets and especially now that I have a daughter! :)

  47. Kimberly

    Oh ~ pick me!! Pretty please?!!

  48. Paul

    One of my fav places to go!!

  49. Shahee

    We love the science world, it’s an awesome family destination!!!

  50. Kim

    Yup, this is a great spot for little (and big) kids

  51. stacey friedman

    We would love to go and see the new galleries

  52. Will

    Would love to go haven’t been in years!

  53. Rosalind

    I would love to come to Science World!

  54. Cristin

    We have never been to Science World! Looking forward to the experience :)

  55. Jane Zhou

    Please let me be the winner!!
    I have been looking at its outside for years~

  56. Angela

    Would love to bring my kids here ! Haven’t seen it since they’ve done reno’s I know they’ll love it

  57. Eileen

    Would love to see the place after the renos.

  58. Silvia

    I still remember bits of the transportation feature that played at the Omni Theatre during Expo ’86….ah memories….

  59. tnology

    Would love to see the new renovations and exhibits!

  60. Louise Mah

    It would be a fun place to take my nephew to.

  61. Victoria

    I’ve never been there…… :}

  62. JIM

    This is the best place for families.
    Old and young will learn something new and will have fun through learning and doing. Great place for me to bond with my kids.

  63. Jenny Stewart

    WOW! With 4 kids on one income we can never really afford to go to places like Science World. Winning this would give my kids huge smiles!

  64. Alain

    Can’t wait to see the revamped Science World!

  65. Wendy T

    Science World is great for kids of all ages.

  66. Irene K

    Science world is awesome! I haven’t been there for 7 years…can’t wait to see the renovations!

  67. Christina A.

    Love Science World. A fun place for the whole family.

  68. Lauren

    Love Science World and I haven’t been in ages.

  69. Alicia

    I would love to see the changes that have been made :)

  70. Lou

    Science World brings back so many memories! those school field trips were always fun

  71. Shirley

    Would love to take my 3yr old to Science World

  72. shirley

    email address was wrong in my last post

  73. Lauson

    would like to go to Science World

  74. Mike


  75. Adele

    I want to see the newly-renovated Science World!

  76. Roisn

    I wanna go to Science World!!!

  77. Amy T

    I’d love to go to Science World.

  78. sareh

    Never been there

  79. Lina Arias

    My son and I love to go to Science World. It is one of the best indoor places in Vancouver.

  80. Teresa Jeang

    I haven’t been to Science World in ages!

  81. Henry

    Science world is always a blast!

  82. Vince

    Haven’t been to science world since the Reno! Love to go!

  83. Jackie

    Would love to see the dinosaur exhibit!

  84. Carrie

    This sounds like a fun afternoon.

  85. Jen Aragon

    I hear the renovations are amazing, my kids can’t wait to check it all out!

  86. Johnny Vanderputten

    love science world! want to check out the dino exhibit!

  87. Michelle Wong

    pick me, pick me. We’d love to check out the new Science World.

  88. Gloria

    Would love to win. Science World is great!

  89. melanie

    I would love to go!

  90. Michelle Chen

    My boyfriend coming soon. I ‘d love to show him around Science World :)

  91. Tina

    It would be a great Christmas Holiday gift for my son.Last time we went half the sections were closed and we didn’t get to explore the whole place! My son would love to experience the thrills that ‘new look’ Science world has to offer!!!

  92. Liz

    Look forward to bringing kids to visit after the renovations.

  93. linda

    Been a while. Time to check Science World out again.

  94. Jess

    Can’t wait to check out the renos

  95. Dan

    wow it’s been a long time since I’ve been here. Would be great to bring my son here and show him stuff. :)

  96. annette stainton

    We had a family pass one year for science world. The kids miss it and were just asking the other day to go again, it would be great to take them again but you have to watch you pennies!

  97. e

    Would love to see how they fit the dinos inside :)

  98. Jackie

    My son loves lego land i wiould love to bring him again..

  99. Kkung

    i would LOVE to go!

  100. Swapnil

    I am visiting Vancouver first time and fell in love with this place. Science world will be exciting.

  101. Kam P

    Science World rocks!

  102. E.

    They say that if one can learn at least one new thing every day then one would be so much smarter.Science World with so much knowledge to share and hands on to offer could produce many more smarter people. One is never too old to learn and if I win the pair of tickets,I would love to take my father or (who has never been there) uncle ( in their late 70’s) for an educational and fun time there..one never has enough fun,right?

  103. tania

    Hiii!!! Im tania from mexico im going to be here until 28 and im not coming back so it will be awesome to go to the science world…. =)

  104. Jcoey

    That would be a wonderful field trip :D

  105. Karl

    Great idea – sounds like fun!!!!

  106. mike

    id love to go, havent been there ever

  107. Cavan

    I havnt been there in like 10 years, would be awsome to go again

  108. Emma

    I love the Science World Gift Shop

  109. Jennifer

    Science World rocks! I can’t wait to see the new exhibits, but I also love visiting the classic ones. The colour mixing room is my favourite.

  110. Jason Schmidt

    We would love to go to Science World !!

  111. gigi

    I haven’t been there such I was a kid. I would LOVE to take my partner with me. :)

  112. Von

    Sounds like fun!

  113. Sonja S

    I’ve never been to Science World and would love to check it out!

  114. WL

    I remember visiting when I first immigrated here as a child, it was magical. I’d love to re-live it in the new and improved Science World!

  115. Dilara

    I love going to Science World!

  116. Mariana

    I’ve never been there. I’d looove to go with my geek boyfriend <3

  117. MRW


  118. Lu

    Oooh I have been meaning to go for years. This would be the perfect excuse.

  119. Donna

    Love Science world and Extreme Dinosaurs are awesome!!

  120. Irene

    I can’t wait to see the new renos!

  121. Tiffany

    I would love to visit Science world again :D

  122. Kristina

    please choose me))

  123. Tracy

    Science World has come along way…it looks great. I would love to take some of my children’s friends with us. Happy Holidays Everyone! :D

  124. Margarita

    We would love to check out the new attractions at science world!!

  125. Erin

    So glad it’s all wheelchair friendly. We would love to spend an afternoon there with our son… ;o)

  126. Carolyn

    The new place looks fantastic!

    Merry Christmas, and happy holidays!

  127. kayu

    I’m interested in science and wanna go there!!

  128. Taruna Goel

    I would love to take my daughter out to see Science World. It will be the best holiday treat for her – an educational and fun package :) Thanks!

  129. Reza

    I would like bring my son

  130. Meadow

    so excited to have one this! thanks :)

  131. Shirley

    Drove by few days ago, would like to check out the new place.

  132. Nasheena

    As a child, science was never my forte in school, however science world was always my favorite place to visit. I think my parents tricked me into learning, but it’s hard not to at such a fun place (whether you know you’re learning or not). Looking forward to going again!

  133. laura

    my 4 year old is SOinto dinosaurs right now it would mean a lot to come to the exhibit. as born and raised vancouverites forced out of our community by a skyrocketed real estate market; having 4 children due to a blended family makes everything too expensive. i came to science world as a child during expo 86 and i will never forget how special that was. we would love to come and two free passes would make a huge difference in affordability for our large family. thanks!

    • james


  134. Shengtao Zhou

    We’re looking forward to see the new Science World

  135. janice

    I look forward to visiting this newly renovated scienceworld!

  136. elyse

    Science world, I cant wait to finally visit you xo

  137. Heather

    My kids would love to visit Science World again – it is so much fun and we can’t wait to see the new exhibits.

  138. james

    hey Heather why dont you take your boney ass to sceience world and and get some tickets the contest bis ove two mounts ago idiot

  139. Vicky Tran

    So many ppl to pick from. Am I lucky today? Science world rocks! pick me please!

  140. I would LOVE to show the whole new space to my grandchild!!!!!!!! Thank you.

    • james

      i a… u are three mounts old for this contest can you read it was over in december

  141. Armida

    It would be great to get free passes and would love to bring my 2 girls, 4 and 6 years old. They haven’t seen the dinosaurs after it was renovated. PLease pick us :) Thanks in advance