Get your old stuff valued by an Antiques Roadshow personality at the flea market Sunday, Jan. 15

Is that vintage bauble costume jewellery or real bling? Should you yard sale that ceramic vase or use it to fund your retirement?

Find out whether your junk is the real deal at the 21st Century Flea Market, Sunday, January 15 at Commercial Drive’s Croatian Cultural Centre. Not only will there be heaps of collectibles and home decor, Canadian Antiques Roadshow appraiser Gale Pirie will be on hand to tell you what your old stuff is worth.

Find out more about what’s for sale and how to get your possessions appraised below.

About 21st Century Flea Market Jan. 15

The Croatian Cultural Centre is East Van’s command central for indie markets. This 175-vendor, 185-table event will set collectors’ hearts racing with retro furniture, vintage kitchen ware, general kitsch, old-school toys, art, books and antiques.

Doors open at 7:00am (admission $20) for the early birds who want to swoop in and scoop up the best finds. Those who stay out late Saturday nights can aim for regular entry (admission $5) at 10:00am.

About Canadian Antiques Roadshow Appraiser Gale Pirie

Gale is one cool cat. The former public college director rides a Honda Gold Wing 1800 motorcycle and toured with CBC’s Canadian Antiques Roadshow.

After retirement, Gale made a second-career out of appraising antiquities. Her particular passion is local history and she uses her investigation into artifacts to unearth local tales. The skilled-appraiser believes most early BC settlers who came out west were either looking for something, or running away from something. She finds out which one it was by valuing all sorts of historic items, from glass to human skeletons.

Drop-in appraisals run 10:00am to 3:00pm  January 15 at the 21st Century Flea Market. Make sure that items are small enough to carry, with a maximum of three items per person allowed. Verbal appraisals are $8 per item.

21st Century Flea Market takes place at the Croatian Cultural Centre January 15. Early-bird admission (7:00-10:00am) is $20. Regular admission (10:00am-3:00pm) is $5.

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One Response to Get your old stuff valued by an Antiques Roadshow personality at the flea market Sunday, Jan. 15

  1. cathy owens

    I was just watching the anytiques roadshow on PBS and there was a blue,gray vase from Korea. It was damaged and they said it was anly worth a couple hundred dollars.If it was not damaged it would be worth 6000 to 8000 dollars and it was ugly.
    I have a blue,gray vase that is well over one hundred years old. It came to my family in the seventies by a elderly british couple who picked it up in Hong Kong when he was stationed there with the british army.
    It came to me because my mother was going to sell it in a garage sale for 25 cents and mt father said I am going to give this to Cathy because I like old stuff.
    My vase is beautiful and I need someone to look at it. It is bigger and better than the one on the roadshow.