Featured Vancouverite: Jonathan Isaac Simkin

Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia

How long have you been a Vancouverite?
My entire life, save for the time spent in Ontario for my education, and the time when I was sent to Houston, Texas to live with my strict Uncle for a little “discipline”.

Music industry parasite. This includes being an entertainment lawyer, and running two record labels (www.604records.com and www.lightorganrecords.com) and an artist management company (www.simkinartistmanagement.com). I also dabble in television.

Favourite place in the city:
Way too many to name, but anywhere I can see or hear the ocean makes me very happy.

Best way to spend a Saturday in the city:
Depends on so many things, but mostly the weather. If it’s sunny, just about anywhere outside, but likely Lighthouse Park or the Seawall. If it’s raining, wandering on one of the great city strips that we have, whether it’s Main Street between Broadway and 30th, Commercial Drive, or Kitsilano (basically anywhere you can window shop and dive into a café for a quick coffee).

Favourite Vancouver restaurant:
There are a lot of great restaurants in Vancouver, but I’m going to select Topanga Café, if for no other reason than consistency over a very long period of time. I’m not sure what year they opened, but it feels like I have been eating there for 30 years now. It ain’t fancy, but who cares. It’s quaint, casual, and the food is always top notch.

Top insider tip for visitors:
Although the public and the authorities have a relaxed attitude towards marijuana here, it’s actually not legal to openly smoke pot in Vancouver. It seems like a lot of people think that everyone wanders around the city smoking pot like cigarettes.

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