Going Whole Hog: Communal Dining at Save On Meats, Jan 27

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For the past few years, communal dining has slowly been catching on in Vancouver.  The basic premise, more or less, is that you sit down at a table with a bunch of strangers, share a good meal and maybe make some new friends in the process and make the city a more friendly place.

As far as I can tell, it started with the Irish Heather, which still offers its Long Table Series Sunday-Wednesday at 7 p.m.  But last year, a new dining group took up the reins and added a little twist.

The Social Feed is an independent company that organizes communal meals at a bunch of restaurants around the city.  They’ve hosted events everywhere from Flying Tiger in Kitsilano to Habit on Main Street and Peckinpah in Gastown.  You go to their website, sign up for a meal and pay a single fee (usually around $30), which includes the food, a drink, tax and tip.  Then you show up at the designated restaurant and join a bunch of new friends for dinner.

It’s social, flavourful and flirty (typical age is 22-34, according to their website).  If you’re interested in checking one of these communal meals out, you might consider Social Feed’s upcoming dinner at Save on Meats on Jan. 27 ($48).  Here are the details:

Save on Meats is the iconic butcher shop with the neon pig sign on Hastings Street.  It was recently refurbished and reopened and now doubles as a bakery and diner serving old school favourites like fried chicken, burgers, pot pies and homemade cakes.  It’s got a lot of character and great quality meats, plus an authentic, gritty edge owing to its location on Hastings Street.

The Social Feed event at Save on Meats (which is part of Dine Out) takes the form of a nose-to-tail dinner – so it’s definitely geared toward carnivores.  Devour exotic cuts of pig (including head cheese, stuffed pork trotter and candied pork crackling, plus more conventional stuff like pork belly and pork shoulder) at a huge table with 40 other diners.  Dishes come out family-style and everyone grazes throughout the evening.  You also get a bottle of Phillips Blue Buck Ale from Victoria.

To sign up and get more details, go to the Social Feed website.

Has anyone been to a Social Feed event?  How was it? 

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