Daily Dine Out Vancouver Giveaway: $75 Gift Certificate for Horizons Restaurants

As advised on our Facebook page, we have now moved the Daily Dine Out Vancouver Giveaways to our blog. Check back daily for a new giveaway each day of the Dine Out Vancouver Festival.

Today’s giveaway is a $75 Gift Certificate to Horizons Restaurants.

Simply post a comment below, and we’ll randomly select a winner tomorrow.

Good luck everyone!

Jan 28 Update: Congratulations Dianne C! Check your email.

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390 Responses to Daily Dine Out Vancouver Giveaway: $75 Gift Certificate for Horizons Restaurants

  1. Louella Charlston

    One of our favourite restaurants to dine at!

    • Rotem Regev

      Would love to try it!

    • josie

      just moved in vancouver would love to try it !!

    • Kim

      love to go

  2. Jamillia

    Just had Dine Out yesterday! Loved it and love this contest!

  3. David

    What a wonderful competition! I would love to experience some of these fine West Coast delights!

  4. Misha D’souza

    Love this restaurant!

  5. Eva

    We love Horizon’s!

  6. Charlene

    I love Horizons restaurant…great food and location!

  7. Marianne

    Never been there, would love to try it!

  8. would love to win, since its super close to me!

  9. stacey

    yum. i love to eat out!

  10. Darlene Cheveldeaw

    Love the views of the City and North Shore Mountains. Great place for a romantic date.

  11. Belva

    Ohhhhh I want to try this place!

  12. Sharon

    Planning to visit the Horizon’s for a family gathering! Very nice restaurant!

  13. Sean

    I hope I win,Dine Out has been awesome

  14. Irene

    I would soooo love to try it.

  15. Maria L

    Please, please pick me! :)

  16. Sandy Holden

    Love visiting Vancouver, would love a reason to come down to the coast!

  17. Akiko


  18. Ivy

    Would love to try this place!

  19. I’ve always wanted to go!!

  20. kelly

    Beautiful location for a restuarant

  21. Fion Yung

    Will this be my turn to win the vouchure??

  22. Lisa

    I have never been to this restaurant. All I know is that it has spectaular views. Would love to win this one. :)

  23. Joyce

    ;) I love to dine out~

  24. Love Horizon’s! They have a wonderful view from Burnaby Mountain. Would love to win.

  25. Dana

    Love the place and park. Great pick!

  26. charlene

    a simple post below!

  27. Debbie

    we love Horizon’s, but haven’t been there since they had the fire. This would be a real treat to win

  28. Samantha J

    Horizons — delish! Great view too!

  29. Joseph Y.


  30. Taruna Goel

    Would love to participate in the Dine Out Vancouver event and nothing better than Horizons! Never been there!!!

  31. sophie

    Sounds great, love to try it!

  32. Love to give it a try

  33. rino

    Can wait to try their food there

  34. shelly kristianson

    Would LOVE to win! Yummy!

  35. sherri robson

    I can alreadt taste it!!

  36. Jennifer Y.

    Would love to eat there!

  37. Dilara

    We love Horizons!

  38. Wendy T

    Love the food and view at Horizons.

  39. Fion Yung

    Pick me!!!

  40. Dianne

    I love the view from Horizons. I haven’t been for awhile.

  41. Mike F


  42. Vivian

    Love it!

  43. Hayley Cipro

    I have never been here and love trying new places in Vancouver. I hope I get picked!!!

  44. Jaime

    Would love to win! Would be a great early Vday gift!

  45. Barb

    Try, try again!

  46. vpro

    Would love to go!

  47. Jaqueline

    I love Dine Out.

  48. Karen


  49. Jaqueline

    Great place.

  50. bonnie

    love it!!

  51. Noemie

    Love Horizons.

  52. Cecilia C

    Can’t wait to try this place out! =)

  53. Jodie

    love the view!

  54. Michelle

    I’ve never been to Horizons but I’ve heard great reviews about this restaurant. It would be a real treat to win an opportunity to dine here. Fingers crossed

  55. Mandy

    Love it

  56. Yummy! I haven’t been there in years!

  57. Joyce Lee

    Would love to try this place!

  58. Never been, and would love to go!

  59. Cindy

    great food and great view at Horizons!

  60. Gloria

    Great view, would love to win!

  61. David Yau

    Pick me.

  62. Ann

    I love Burnaby Mountain and visit here regularly, the views are amazing. I haven’t been to the restaurant since it’s been renovated, so I wouldn’t mind wining a gift certificate. :)

  63. Stephen

    Love dineout!

  64. Amie

    Would love to give this restaurant a try. Yummy!

  65. Bons

    Another great day of giveaway! Would love to go to the Horizons Restaurant.

  66. Cecilia C

    Can’t wait to try it out ! =)

  67. Jess L

    Great view, can’t wait to try the food

  68. Olivia

    That’s a very nice one!

  69. Kam P

    Thanks for these great giveaways!

  70. Dora

    Great view and food!! Would love to win!

  71. Cass

    thanks for the chance to win!

  72. Joanne

    Never been, would love to try it!

  73. Patrick


  74. Janet Ng

    I love Horizons!! <3

  75. Lisa Miyake

    I LOVE dineout!!! Wish I could experience it more!!!

  76. Natalie


  77. Angela R

    Never been here

  78. Andy

    great food, awesome view!

  79. Anna

    Great location; been there a few times for sunset walks; would love to ‘go inside’ for a meal!

  80. Kim

    Would love to try this place!

  81. Brienne

    I haven’t been to Horizon’s in years, I’d love to win!

  82. Bessie

    would love to try this restaurant out! =9

  83. Angel

    I would love to try out this place~ :)

  84. Alecia

    I’d like to win please!

  85. Mandi Bryan

    Never been, but would love to try!

  86. Allison

    Always wanted to give this place a try

  87. Farin

    Pick me please! :)

  88. Avril

    I’ve not yet tried Horizons …. hmm nom nom

  89. nicole

    sounds so awesome!

  90. Melissa

    Hopefully i will win this time :)

  91. Frank Fu

    We love Horizons!!! Let us dine over there!

  92. Claire

    Love this!!

  93. Danica reid

    Sounds scrumptious !!!! :)

  94. Hayley Atkinson

    Would love this!

  95. Emily H

    Great restaurant! I love Horizons.

  96. Carmen

    Love to try!

  97. Vaughan

    Awesome contest!

  98. Leonie

    I would love to try this restaurant!

  99. Celine

    Hope I’m the lucky winner!

  100. Alice

    This place looks perfect to experience the best the West Coast has to offer. I’d love to go!

  101. Karen

    That would make a great dinner for a deserving friend!

  102. Alexandra

    This is the day to be picked (I hope:) )

  103. Diana

    Great food, wonderful views and amazing service…luv this restaurant….. :o)

  104. Natasha Chudyk

    Hope you pick me :)

  105. Diana

    Great food, wonderful views and amazing service….luv this restaurant…… :o)

  106. Katerina

    Would love to try this place out, never had a chance so far

  107. Rebecca

    Would love to try!

  108. Ashley S

    Haven’t been to Horizons since the fire, would love to go see it!

  109. Cristina Leong

    What a great competition! Would love to win this.

  110. Michelle

    Would love to try!

  111. Carmen Cheung

    Wow. Im going next week here for dine out !!
    And have a nice weekend everyone

  112. Gigi

    I have always wanted to try Horizons!

  113. Randy

    Favourite one!

  114. Amy

    Love the food and gorgeous view at this restaurant

  115. Marjorie

    Love it!

  116. Lisa L

    Great food! The awesome view is a bonus!

  117. Sandra

    Would love to try this restaurant!

  118. Tracey Hayman

    Haven’t been to Horizons since the fire, would love to check it out again! Thanks!

  119. Heidi

    I’ve been commenting everyday…
    Can’t wait to be the lucky winner one day! ;D

  120. Tracey Hayman

    Great contest!

  121. Jackie

    Would love to try it out here!

  122. Karla


  123. Chubby

    Havent gone back since the renovation….

  124. Greg

    Sweet deal!

  125. Steph

    Would love to try it!

  126. Brianna

    Cant wait to “DINE OUT”

    Anyone have any recommendations?

  127. gordon

    I would love to try Horizons!

  128. Jen

    I love Horizons!

  129. Jeremy

    A great restaurant….I would love to win!

  130. I’ve never tried this restaurant before but it sounds great!

  131. Ohhh, haven’t been there in years. Great spot!

  132. Chelle

    I keep meaning to go to Horizons sometime!

  133. jan cheung

    love it!

  134. Eva D

    Great view!!

  135. Cindy

    Thank you!

  136. Angela J.

    Yes, please.

  137. caryn

    Dine Out rules!!

  138. Lisa

    I’ve never been to Horizon’s. Would love to try it.

  139. rubai

    Have a lovely weekend of dining out everyone!

  140. Catherine Bruch

    I haven’t been to Horizons in years. Please pick me!!!

  141. Lena

    Haven’t been there for awhile! $75 towards a romantic night atop bby mountain would be awesome :)

  142. Moneesh Reddy

    Love to try it out :P

  143. belinda

    Would like to watch the horizon at the Horizon.

  144. Betty

    I’ve been to Horizons before. Pick me, pick me!!

  145. Vincent

    Been going there for dineout 3 years in a row now. Never disappoints!

  146. Michelle

    I love dine out! Love the opportunity to try the Horizon

  147. Betty

    I’ve never been to Horizons. Pick me, pick me!!

  148. Lorraine

    love vancouver dineout

  149. beclim

    horizons is always good!

  150. Grace Cheung

    My friends have been raving about Horizons Restaurants. Hope I win to try for myself!

  151. Laura gallacher

    I love done out!

  152. Grace Cheung

    My friends have been raving about Horizons Restaurants. Hope I win to try!

  153. Alice C

    Wonderful! Hope I can win!

  154. KASIA

    One of my favourites!

  155. Kimberly

    I hope I get picked!!!

  156. hai vu

    Yum Horizons!

  157. Terri-Lynne Macdonald

    Would love the chance to dine out here :)

  158. Brandon

    Pick me!

  159. Jessica

    I’ve be on Horizons’ mailing list for ages, but still haven’t made it up there to eat yet! Maybe this will make it so!

  160. Go eat it on the mountain – I haven’t been to Horizons in ages.

  161. Maki Owaku

    I’d like to Win:)

  162. Dana S

    I would love to check it out after it’s rebuilt!!

  163. Cherie

    I’d love to go!

  164. Fiona

    Would love to have dinner and wine overlooking the magnificent view of Vancouver!

  165. Lisa Durrant

    I’ve never had a bad meal here. Haven’t been in a while and would love to go back!

  166. Elisa Wong

    Yummy in my tummy!

  167. Alexis

    Oh I would love to go!! Love Dine Out Vancouver!

  168. Beatrice

    I want to try Horizon’s!

  169. Lisa

    I’d love to try Horizons!!

  170. Mika

    i loveeee dine out !! pick me !! i love yummy food too !

  171. Nicole

    Would love to dine out here!

  172. Hilary

    I would like to try this restaurant!

  173. Erin

    I love the view at Horizons!

  174. Diane

    Would love to try this one some day.

  175. Valerie

    Wow, this sounds fabulous …would so love to win this!!!

  176. Pat

    I’d love to check Horizons out next time I’m in Vancouver β™₯

  177. esther

    Would love this!!!

  178. Angela

    Mmmmm Horizons. Great place with great service!

  179. Jrf16

    Would love a reason to visit Van city again
    Please pick moi.!!

  180. Jin Choi

    Yes please. I have a stomach to feed.

  181. Maggie

    Would love to go to Horizon again!!!

  182. Esther

    beautiful view there @ the Horizons!

  183. Toby Bennett

    Im very hungry for dine out.

  184. Jeremy


  185. I’ve never been! Would like to take the boyfriend for a romantic dinner :)

  186. I haven’t been to this restaurant for YEARS! Would love to go!

  187. Tintin

    Never gone to Horizons before…hoping to win today!

  188. Stephanie

    Never been to Horizons but I would love to try it out!

  189. Elaine

    Love this place!

  190. Adam

    I <3 Horizons.

  191. Malin Olafson

    I’m going here next Saturday for dineout. Really yummy restaurant with a beautiful view.

  192. Robyn

    Love Horizon’s. We send visiting clients there all the time!

  193. Jennifer Sharein

    Hope I win!!!

  194. Ariel

    Fingers crossed!

  195. slantendicular

    I know my girlfriend would love to dine here. And it would get me out of the doghouse :)

  196. Kyle

    One of my local faves! Always take out-of-towners up there to show off the city.

  197. Mary K

    Horizons has one of my favourite views in this part of the world. Next time, we’re taking our camera and tripod to capture the gorgous sunset over the city, water, and mountains.

  198. Linda

    This is close to where I live and I have never been! Would love to check it out!

  199. cf

    Would love to go!!

  200. Shirley

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  201. Wally

    I participate in Dine Out every year.

  202. Magdalene


  203. Von

    One of my favourite restaurants. Thank you!

  204. Morshed

    the view is the best! Would love to visit again!

  205. Andrew

    Hoping today will be my lucky day!

  206. Monica

    Love dineout, and would love to try this one :)

  207. Richard

    Great prize!

  208. Heidi

    Would love to try this restaurant.

  209. Rennie

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  210. Ine

    Haven’t been there in a long time!

  211. Roxsy

    would love to win this!

  212. We went to Horizon’s about 18 years ago…it’s been too long.

  213. liza

    horizons is great…!

  214. Ronnie

    Checked out the website. Looks like a beautiful restaurant with beautiful food. Would love to try it!

  215. Great contest…great restaurant…thanks Horizon’s!

  216. Kelly

    Please enter me to win!~ It sounds wonderful!

  217. Jamilla Ng

    I havent been to Horizons but it sounds great!!

  218. Junie

    Would love to try!

  219. Tracey Flattes

    Love their brunch…

  220. Seila

    I would love to try this restaurant!

  221. Iris Leung

    I like to be there!

  222. Leanne

    I’ve always wanted to see the city from that vantage point!

  223. lee

    love Horizons!

  224. elisa

    horizons is awesome!

  225. Raymond

    Fine dining on top of the mountain!

  226. Nic T

    Food with a view. How can you go wrong!?

  227. Andreas

    would like to eat there ;)

  228. Elisa

    Never been there but I suppose it’s about time I did!

  229. Trevor

    Would love to give Horizons a try!

  230. melissa w

    great place, great food, great setting!

  231. Cecilia

    sounds awesome!!

  232. Awesome. i wanna go !

  233. Olivia

    I’d love to try it out!

  234. Sam

    Staying in Vancouver on an exchange from New Zealand has proven to be a great experience so far. The city is so dynamic and you are really lucky to have such awesome restaurants!

  235. Abi B.

    I’d love to try Horizons.

  236. Betty

    have always wanted to give this place a try!

  237. Ro

    I’d love an opportunity to show this lovely restaurant off to an out-of-town visitor!

  238. Yolanda A.

    Love Horizon’s

  239. Caroline

    this would be great to win!!


    WOW! Horizons looks awesome!

  241. Darcy

    I want to go!!

  242. Eric

    Love to try this Horizon with my parents for their birthday!

  243. Phy

    Would love this!

  244. Megan

    Yes please!

  245. Juliana C

    Classy restaurant with a lovely view!

  246. Barbara

    Please pick me!

  247. O. Lee

    Great view, Great place, Great food! PS: And a great outdoor playground to watch the fireworks from! :)

  248. Jason

    Would love to try it out ! :)

  249. Kassie

    oh please!

  250. Aramesh

    We’d love to go!

  251. Naomi K

    Oh, I love Horizons! Good food, beautiful view!

  252. Ryoko

    Last years dine out was my first time at Horizons an it was fantastic!

  253. Vicki

    I have always wanted to try Horizons! It’s kind of hard on a students budget though.

  254. Rachel

    I haven’t been there in years! I would love to go back!

  255. Winnie

    Love to try this one ! :)

  256. Jason

    Just went to salmon house so horizons would awesome too!

  257. colleen

    Would love to win.

  258. Michelle W

    I can’t wait to go!

  259. Christine

    I love Dine Out! Was at Abigail’s Party last night and heading to L’Abbatoir on Monday.

  260. ann

    hoping for good luck :)

  261. Justine Spiller

    Would love to try Horizons! Never been but it
    sounds delightful!!!

  262. Jan

    i want to try eat something new :)

  263. Riya S.

    I’d love to try this place! :)

  264. Kingkarn

    Dine Out 2012!!!

  265. Would love that!

  266. Bonnie Y.

    Time for a return trip to Horizons.

  267. Jeno F. Gau

    Love yo try this one !!

  268. Ada

    Would like to try, so lucky we are here in Vancouver, so much good food!

  269. Ivy

    Would love to win :)!

  270. What a great giveaway! Please enter me into the draw for the prize ! :)


  271. cass

    Yes please!

  272. Gail

    Was thinking of coming here for dine out!

  273. Ashley

    I’d love this!

  274. Ursula

    The trout at Horizons is amazing!

  275. Tracy

    never been!

  276. Elaine


  277. Bonnie

    I’ve been there once and the food was excellent. Had the bbq salmon entree. The chocolate creme brulee was heavenly and I finished it. Would love to go again with a gift certificate and try other items on the menu! Thanks!

  278. Linda W.

    Would love to try this neat place that is on top of a mountain.

  279. Katie

    I would love to try this restaurant

  280. Jennifer

    One of my favorites! Perfect for special occasions.

  281. Lena H

    Food!! :)

  282. Shahee

    Love it!!!

  283. Melanie

    Would love to try this place!

  284. AJ

    Would be awesome :)

  285. Lucille

    I would love this!

  286. Cougan

    Sounds great!

  287. Angela Roscoe

    Fantastic restaurant!

  288. Anne

    I’d love to go!

  289. Corinne C

    Horizons Restaurant is on my to do list. It is another example about what is great about Vancouver!

  290. Iris

    Never been to this restaurant but would love to try it!

  291. Kate

    This sounds fabulous, would love dine at one of Horizons Restaurant.

  292. Wow, I would love to try!

  293. Shazia

    I’ve always wanted to try Horizons!!!

  294. Victoria

    Love Horizons!

  295. Stella Panagiotidis

    What a wonderful opportunity to try Horizons!

  296. Andrew Brewerton

    Never been, but would love to try it!

  297. Crystal

    Horizons has THE BEST CREME BRULEE in town!

  298. Henrik Chua

    Horizons is the best!

  299. Glenda Bisig

    Beautiful view, beautiful people, beautiful food at Horizons.

  300. Nancy

    I`ve never been to this restaurant and wouldn`t mind trying!

  301. Mabel

    Oh I love to get this gift certificate! :)

  302. sounds great!

  303. Monica

    I’d love to check out the Horiszn view and cuisine @ Horizon’s Restaurant…have heard nothing but great reviews! Thank you…

  304. Yvonne W.

    Love Horizons!

  305. Gina G. Cheung

    Would love to try! =)

  306. Jenny F.

    Nice restaurant that offers good dishes and great view!!

  307. Sophia

    Would love to try it! :)

  308. Meline

    love the food & the view!

  309. A

    i want i want…=)

  310. Mitzi

    Cool! Pick me please! :)

  311. YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  312. Steph the Baker

    Dine Out is one of the best parts of Winter!

  313. JN

    I want to go!

  314. PM


  315. Kristina Shelden

    excited for dine out!!!

  316. Kirstin

    I love food!

  317. Melissa ong

    Love dine out restos

  318. I’ve been to Burnaby Mountain countless time but have never been to Horizons. I would love the opportunity!

  319. Katie


  320. Will I win this time? =p

  321. Paula H

    Would love to try this place!

  322. Amy

    I would love to try!

  323. Moon

    Yummy, yummy.

  324. NM


  325. Sandy


  326. Elysia S

    Pick me! Horizons is up the hill from my place!

  327. antoine lemieux

    I would love to broaden my Horizons…

  328. Tony

    Wanting to try out Horizons.

  329. Sarah Reynolds

    I would love to win this!

  330. Michelle

    I would love to go….I just had a baby and me and spouse have not gone out together or spent time together yet! This would be fantastic!!! PLEASE PICK ME!

  331. Juliana S


  332. Rana

    Here’s hoping :)

  333. Camelia

    Love it!

  334. sarah

    hope it is me

  335. Julie

    would love to try it

  336. Bree

    That sounds wonderful!

  337. Vivian

    I love this!

  338. Went to Dine out Food Cart Event yesterday- Amazing!!:D

  339. Tracy

    Never been there before! Would love to win :)

  340. Jillian

    My brother and his husband tried this place for dineout and HIGHLY recommend it!!

  341. Katya

    I love Horizons! Can’t wait to go back again

  342. Michele

    never been and would love to try

  343. Hong

    How i love the Dine out giveaways!

  344. Teresa Jeang

    great place!

  345. I love Dine Out Vancouver!

  346. VL

    great promotion TVAN is running

  347. Phoebe

    Awesome contest!!

  348. Melissa

    I love horizons :)

  349. Lin

    I would love to have dinner at Horizons!

  350. sarah holder

    I didnt know you guys had a blog! Pretty neat! Please pick me!

  351. jen

    love to go!

  352. val


  353. steve


  354. dan


  355. jennifer

    sounds great

  356. Annie

    I would love to check it out!

  357. Dani

    Great food with a great view :)

  358. maria

    Never been would love to go!

  359. Melissa Hoffmann

    Beautiful view! Would love to win!!

  360. Tina

    Would love to try this place!

  361. BlueJules

    Pick me please!!! :)

  362. Kristaliadarwin Darwin

    Want it! Want it!

  363. Dena

    Pick me please!

  364. Bonnie


  365. chao

    would love to try! :3

  366. mary

    Pick me please!

  367. Nicole

    Please give me an excuse to make a reservation and sample some fine west coast cusine!

  368. Suli

    cross fingers~

  369. Christina Chen

    Pick me pick me! I want to try this place!!!

  370. Jenny Chan

    Love to try dineout at horizon!! :)

  371. Siu Yui Lee

    I would like to have horizon giftcard

  372. Silvia

    would love to try Horizons!

  373. Jean


  374. Yan Yee Chan

    ooo I want to try horizon, pick me!!!!

  375. Melanie

    Great restaurant, great deals!

  376. Chiu Sing Chan

    Pick me please, I wanna try :)

  377. Donna

    would be happy :D to win this

  378. Jessica

    looks delicious :) i would love to try soon

  379. Stephanie Chou

    Nice views, nice food, nice service!

  380. Liam

    Would love to try it!

  381. Linda

    It’s a great spot for a special night out!

  382. Robbie

    Is it my turn yet??

  383. deirdre

    It’s my boyfriends birthday this Friday and this would be perfect!

  384. Marilyn

    There just aren’t enough days to try everywhere i want to this year! Thanks so much for extending your Dine In menu to the 10th!

  385. Michelle K

    Here’s to some good luck so I can try the place!!

  386. ed

    Horizons’ great!

  387. Scott Liliedahl

    Love to try this Place….