Daily Dine Out Vancouver Giveaway: $50 Gift Certificate for the Glowbal Collection

Welcome to the Daily Dine Out Vancouver Giveaways!

Check back daily for a new giveaway each day of the Dine Out Vancouver Festival.

Today’s giveaway is a $50 Gift Certificate for THE GLOWBAL COLLECTION.

Simply post a comment below, and we’ll randomly select a winner tomorrow.

Good luck everyone!

Updated February 2nd: Congratulations Christie M! Please check your email for further details.

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281 Responses to Daily Dine Out Vancouver Giveaway: $50 Gift Certificate for the Glowbal Collection

  1. Jess


  2. Rain

    Entering to the Dine Out Vancouver Giveaway!

  3. Kevin


  4. Amie

    Love Glowbal restaurants. Yummy!!!!

  5. Lisa Miyake

    I would love to win!!

  6. rubai

    would love to try out a glowbal restaurant for this first time!

  7. Anastazja

    : )

  8. Winnie W

    Love the Glowbal group!!

  9. colleen

    Yes please

  10. Vivian


  11. Serena

    Delish! I would love to win this. Cheers!

  12. Matty Beaulne

    sounds delicious!

  13. Bailey

    A fabulous and yummy giveaway! Thank you!

  14. Randy

    great contest

  15. Owen


  16. sara

    love glowbal!

  17. Sandy

    Enjoyed three nights of DOV already! It has been a blast!! Will have another one this weekend!!

  18. Ivy


  19. Matt

    I’ve been waiting to try a glowbal restaurant!

  20. Sally

    Dinner at Glowbal sounds great! I would love to go there.

  21. This looks great and also a very smart idea to get people to interact on your site! Kudos to InsideVancouver.ca!

  22. Chelle

    Would love to win this!

  23. The Glowbal Collection has got to be my absolute favourite chain of restaurants in Vancouver!

  24. Jake

    BLACK & BLUE ..Date night!!!

  25. Nic T

    Long time no been to Glowbal!

  26. Angela


  27. Janice

    Yum! It’s been a while since I’ve last dined at one of their restaurants.

  28. Sze


  29. Rosalie B.

    Glowbal is within walking distance from my house. Would love to go for dinner!

  30. melissa w

    glowbal is gooood!

  31. Lynn K

    I would love Glowbal experience today :)

  32. Henry

    Yes please and thanks!

  33. Vania

    Pick meeeeree!!!!!

  34. JP

    Oohhh!! I’m salivating over their Belgian Waffles and White Chocolate Cheese Cake!!!

  35. Anne Docherty

    Yes, yes, YES!

  36. Kelli

    Yum. Yes, please! This will be perfect because I have out of town visitors coming!

  37. Louella Q

    OK . . . I haven’t won yet . . . so let me try this one!!

  38. pinar

    Looks awesome!! I’m sure I will enjoy ;))

  39. Marjorie Q

    Yes PLEASE!!!

  40. Deb

    this looks like a very interesting place. Would love to try brunch.

  41. Ginny

    Still waiting for my chance to win!

  42. Davin


  43. Becs

    You know, I actually don’t think I’ve been to Glowbal. This would fix that!

  44. would love to try Glowbal :)

  45. Gigi

    My absolute favourite! :)

  46. Michelle W.

    GLOWBAL! Would love to try!

  47. Ada

    I just went there last night, love to go again, for sure!!

  48. Jason

    Mmmm love glowbal group

  49. Elisa


  50. Ashley


  51. Nice prize, cheers to the winner! :)

  52. Anne

    It’s high time I got back to Yaletown!

  53. Karen


  54. Charlene

    Glowbal sounds delicious, pick me!

  55. wanna try black and blue. :)

  56. Zeeyad

    Glowbal restaurants are a vancouver landmark ;-)

  57. NNN

    MMe me

  58. jilu

    Never tried any of the Glowbal collection…but have heard great things about them!

  59. Cindy C

    yes please!

  60. Laura

    Pick me! Pick me!

  61. Claire benson-mandl

    I love Glowball!

  62. Tracy


  63. Cat

    I can’t believe Dine Out is wrapping up this weekend!

  64. Allison

    Made it out for Dine Out last night and now i want MORE!

  65. Angela

    Glowbal…. I do love their cocktails.

  66. Farin

    thank you :)

  67. sandy


  68. Cheryl

    Never been! Would love to try!

  69. joyce

    Pick me! Pick me!

  70. Fiona

    magenta + dark purple = Black + Blue

  71. Liliana

    What a great opportunity to enjoy some Deliciosaa food at one of the most famous rest in town! It will be GREAT to open my inbox tomorrow and find out I am the winner for this gift certificate! :) Happy sunny day!!!

  72. Devan F

    Love your guy’s blog!

  73. Andrew

    MMmm food.. =)

  74. Dana S

    Glowbal! cool

  75. Cristina L

    Go Glowbal!!

  76. Brenda t.

    I have always wanted to try out Glowball!!

  77. Love to win this!

  78. anjela godber

    Would love to win this!!!

  79. Jennifer Sharein

    Hope I win!!!!!

  80. Jennifer Sharein

    Pick me!!!! :)

  81. Mary K

    Yum Yum!

  82. Quinne

    Would love to win – Sanafir has been on my ‘to try’ list for awhile!

  83. Sharlene Singh

    Glowbal = AWESOME!

  84. Grace

    I want to win! Pick me please!

  85. Deena

    Great prize – fingers crossed!

  86. Natalie

    Glowbal has so many restaurants… I still have yet to make it to all of them!

  87. Patria

    LOVE the glowbal restaurants!! pick me please :)

  88. Tina K.

    Would love to try it!!

  89. stacey

    would love to try one of these restaurants!

  90. Olivia

    <3 Glowbal!

  91. kim

    pick me please!

  92. Van

    Global Food is sooooo good!

  93. Michele

    pick me please!

  94. craig

    Looks good

  95. Pamela

    I’ve been wanting to try Black + Blue

  96. Teresa L

    Would love to get a chance to try one of Glowbal’s restaurants! Heard great things!

  97. Jen

    I love Glowbal!!!

  98. Jenogau

    I would love to win !!

  99. yum!!!!!

  100. Mareva

    Awesome place!

  101. Barbina

    Yay! :)

  102. Shirley

    I like the Glowbal restaurants.

  103. Danica Reid

    I heard their food is amazing, would love to try this!!! Please and thank you :) :) :)

  104. Michelle

    I would LOVE to try one of Glowball’s restaurants!

  105. marissa

    8th time’s the charm! ;)

  106. Christie M

    Yum, love Glowbal!!!

  107. Meghan P

    I love trying new places!

  108. Bons

    looking forward to go if I win!

  109. Jin

    Yes, please

  110. Elaine

    Yes, please

  111. Would love to take my wife out here.

  112. Aurela

    I would love to with this for my husband and I for a fab night on the town!!!!

  113. Barbara

    Sounds like a good one!

  114. Desmon

    like to try it out

  115. Linda w

    I would love to try this!

  116. Patricia

    I’d love to check out Glowbal!

  117. Angela J.


  118. Pauline

    Would love to dine out at Glowbal!

  119. Chris

    Count me in FTW!

  120. Jane

    i only tried Glowbal Grill so far. i definitely wanna win this gc so i could try the other restaurants in the group!

  121. Kristine

    i would love to try out “Glowbal Collection” restaurants for the first time by winning this!! particularly Black+Blue!

  122. Sharon

    I would love to dine out at Glowbal this year! Definitely looking forward to a great meal!

  123. Gina

    Love any of the Global resterants!!! Hope to try Black and Blue soon!!! The Coast is one of my favorites in the city!!

  124. Lawrence

    count me in.

  125. Eva

    LOVE the Glowbal restaurants!

  126. Nick


  127. Jason

    I <3 the Glowbal Chain.

  128. Luci

    Would love this!

  129. Nicole

    Would love this!

  130. Linda

    Love Glowbal!

  131. Vaughan

    Love all their restaurants.

  132. Moneesh Reddy

    Keep up the good work guys :D

  133. Ling

    Love to try this for Dine Out!

  134. Serena Debolt

    Very classy place – thanks for the giveaway!

  135. Ohhh… I’d go try Black & Blue w/ the gift certificate! Been wanting to try it :)

  136. Karen


  137. gordon

    I love glowbal!

  138. Grace Cheung

    I’ve been wanting to try Black & Blue! =)

  139. Iris

    I would love to win this!

  140. alyssa trobacher


  141. Jade

    Going to Glowbal tonight, can’t wait!!

  142. Bonnie

    Yummy!! <3

  143. Valerie

    that would be fabulous …yes please!!!

  144. Kan

    Tasty food at Glowbal! I’m entering!

  145. Rubes

    Love your restaurants!! Some of the best in Vancity. Next on the list to try is Black and Blue…:)

  146. Yes, please!! So fabulous

  147. Francesca

    Can’t wait to try the menu here tonight!!

  148. Jamilla

    I love the Glowbal chain!

  149. ricki

    PICK ME PICK ME!!!! Looking forward to a tasty night out at Glowbal tonight :) :) :) :)

  150. Kang

    Yes, please!

  151. brandon

    would love to win

  152. Alex

    Looking forward to see what COAST has on the menu!!

  153. Carol Chiu

    Great! Thanks

  154. Mel

    Yummy this sounds sooo good!

  155. Vicky

    I just came across this site (this particular section). I will definitely tell others! I’ve already told 2 already!

    Giving this a whirl at my chance to win, thanks for the luck:)!!

    Have a wonderful shiny bright day in Lovely Vancouver~~~

  156. Amy


  157. Phy

    I want to try black + blue!

  158. Diana C

    Yes yes yes

  159. Winnie

    This is a fun one ! :)

  160. Amanda Chan

    I would love to go <3

  161. Dilara

    Ooooh yes please!!!

  162. Richard W

    It would be a special treat to my girlfriend if I win!

  163. Angel C.

    I would like to try this place~

  164. sneh

    want to win

  165. Xeni

    Yay!!! Sounds exciting!

  166. Darlene C

    Wow, I sure hope I get picked!

  167. Lissa –

    I’m recovering from food poisoning and this looks majorly yummy :9!

    Thanks, Tourism Vancouver!

  168. Olivia

    Yes please!

  169. PM

    Would love to try their new Black + Blue

  170. Jenni

    Glowbal is delicious!

  171. Maki Owaku

    I really love to;P

  172. Riya S.

    This would be awesome to win!

  173. Stephanie


  174. Suli

    Love Glowbal group!

  175. Christy

    Plz pick me~~~

  176. Arlene C

    This looks like the kinda place I would go to eat. And if the dessert above is served, I am in with my sweet tooth.

  177. Celine

    Hope I’m the lucky winner!

  178. Laura

    I hope you pick me! I would go to Coast

  179. Michelle

    Love them! Thanks :)

  180. Wally

    Pick me please!

  181. Jamillia

    Loveeee the Glowbal restaurants!

  182. Bryan

    oh yeah!

  183. henry

    im random.

  184. Anne


  185. Tami


  186. Sandra Currie

    Great Restaurant!

  187. Valerie

    Would love to win.

  188. Magdalene

    I would like to try their new steakhouse.

  189. Alice C

    Hmm… Definitely worth a try!

  190. Lauson


  191. esther

    would love to win!!

  192. Jay


  193. Baca

    Love to try it!

  194. Dena

    Pick me today please…

  195. Sam

    I can take my wife out!

  196. shelly kristianson

    love it!

  197. Tintin

    Love to try it out! Please pick me!

  198. ann


  199. Laura

    Yes please!

  200. Deb

    Never been there yet – would love to try it. Fingers crossed!

  201. ann

    hoping to eat all the delicious food!

  202. lee


  203. Carol

    Heard so much about this. Would love to give it a try.

  204. Jessica

    I would love to dine in one of the Glowbal Group’s gorgeous rooms:)

  205. i’m hungry already

  206. Jason

    This is all very new to me but looks like it would be a good experience! Best of Luck!

    Thank you :)

  207. Abi

    I would love to try one the Glowbal Group’s restaurants.

  208. Phil

    Sounds delicious! Would love to try this!

  209. Fani

    I want to try B&B !

  210. Mike

    Love their restaurants!

  211. Juliana

    Always wanted to try this place!

  212. Lauren

    I want to go to there.

  213. Vanna

    Yes, Please.

  214. Paula H

    I love this restaurant! The food variety is amazing here! Please pick me!

  215. Peter

    Was there for the second time, great food!

  216. IRene

    I really like all those restaurants especially society

  217. Bessie

    excited to win!!!

  218. Melanie L

    I’d love to try this place!

  219. Andy

    Love it!

  220. Phoebe

    I really want to try this place!!

  221. Cougan

    Sounds good!

  222. Awesome giveaway! Love all the glowbal restaurants :D

  223. What is Glowbal

  224. Carol G


  225. Amber

    Love a night out! Needs a break away

  226. karen

    I need it. I want it. I savour it!! thx!

  227. Vinnie

    Love glowbal!

  228. scott


  229. Amy

    Pick me, pick me!

  230. Moon

    Yummy! Yummy!

  231. Meline


  232. Lily


  233. Jarrod


  234. Nabih

    Great place for drinks!!

  235. Marta

    I want this certificate! :)

  236. Lilian S

    Drooling already :P

  237. Italian Kitchen, Sanafir and Coast are the only few that I’ve been to so far.. but.. yummy….

  238. Dora

    Hope I win!!! Love Glowbal collection!!

  239. Jean


  240. Hong

    Never been to Glowbal so it will be wonderful if I win this gift

  241. Craig

    I would very much like this please.
    And thank you.
    A lot.

  242. wenxiao

    Waiting to try it out.

  243. Nancy

    I love Glowbal and would love to win! :)

  244. Jennifer york


  245. Lena

    It be nice to take my boyfriend there !

  246. Melissa Hoffmann

    Would love to give it a try!

  247. linda t

    Glowbal want to try spaghetti and meatballs!

  248. Stephanie Ivy

    Ohhhh!!!!! I love to eat – please pick me!

  249. Sandra

    would love to win. thanks!

  250. kim

    top ten for sure

  251. Glenda

    What a great group of restaurants! Would love to win this!

  252. jen s


  253. steve

    great prize

  254. Nancy

    Heard great things about Glowbal restaurants, yet I still haven’t been!

  255. Jeremy

    Never tried a Glowbal restaurant and wouldn’t mind going!

  256. Sunshine G

    There’s always room for Glowbal food!

  257. Bonnie Y.

    Fingers crossed to win.

  258. BlueJules

    I really hope I get this one!

  259. pleeeeeeaaaassee

  260. Jessie

    Love Glowbal! Especially their buck a shuck oysters at Coast :)

  261. Haley Tencha

    We have gone to Glowbal nearly every weekend since we moved here!

  262. Ho

    Great contest. Wish I win this time

  263. Cecilia

    Thanks Tourism Vancouver for giving these wonderful contests. Hope i win :)

  264. Jenny Chan

    I would love to win this great prize :)

  265. Siu Yui Lee

    I hope I win this :)

  266. Chiu Sing Chan

    I wanna win !!!!!!!

  267. Maggie

    I would love to go there again

  268. Lily

    Pick me

  269. Linda

    Me please!

  270. Kevin

    Would love to take my gf here…

  271. Ka C.


  272. Yvonne

    Oh please! :)

  273. Michaela Z

    Peek me please!

  274. Jan

    I hope to win at this time!

  275. Michelle K

    Hoping for a yummy outcome!

  276. Lincoln

    I enjoy eating, that is enough reasoning to pick me. :)

  277. Elysia S

    Oh I really want to go try it

  278. Eric

    Craving for some fine dining from Glowball at 2:30am!

  279. Richard G


  280. Wendy T

    Love the brunch @ Glowbal.

  281. David D.

    Yes! :)