Daily Dine Out Vancouver Giveaway: $50 Gift Certificate for the Wines of British Columbia

Welcome to the Daily Dine Out Vancouver Giveaways!

Check back daily for a new giveaway each day of the Dine Out Vancouver Festival.

Today’s giveaway is a $50 Gift Certificate for BC VQA Wine Stores (21 locations).

Simply post a comment below, and we’ll randomly select a winner tomorrow.

Good luck everyone!

Updated February 3rd: Congratulations Thao! Please check your email for further details.

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188 Responses to Daily Dine Out Vancouver Giveaway: $50 Gift Certificate for the Wines of British Columbia

  1. Raina Beeksma

    Ooohhh…wine would be lovely! And it’s my birthday Saturday! hehe

    • Anthea

      OOhh I love our local wines :)

    • Melanie

      I love all the local Wine and Culinary treats Vancouver and it’s greater area have to appease!

    • Marlene

      Wine and dine on!

    • Kim

      Love to try some

  2. Karla

    make me a wine-oh!

  3. Cecile

    Yes, I love BC wine!

  4. Kelli

    Yes, please! This would be ideal for an out of town guest I’ll have for the next week.

  5. Love our local wines!!

  6. Marianne

    MMmmmhhhmm… Wine!!!

  7. Colleen


  8. Bec

    Loving the BC wines right now!

  9. Devan

    Just what the doctor ordered, wine.

  10. Carol

    Great prize!

  11. Olivia

    Please, pick me! :)

  12. randy


  13. Jade

    Yum! Pick me, please!

  14. Anthony

    Yessss please!

  15. amy

    love BC wine

  16. Rosalie B.

    Just love B.C. wines!!

    • Kayla

      We are so lucky to live in BC, because we get the worlds BEST wines. My Favs come from the Okanagan Valley and Oliver Region- Tinhorn Creek, Hester Creek, Mission Hill, Blasted Church, and the list goes on..

  17. Dana S

    its back. nice

  18. Katya

    LOVE FOOD!!!!

  19. Erin

    I do love wine….

  20. Randy C.


  21. Marjorie Q.

    BC Wines . . . would love it!

  22. Gina

    Please pick me! :)

  23. Michael

    I’d like some cheese with that whine please :)

  24. Lynn

    I heart BC wine!

  25. Mmmm… vino

  26. Linda

    Oh, wINE………

  27. Jessica O.

    I have worked 40 hours this week and it’s only Thursday morning. Please, PLEASE wine me.

  28. Louella Q

    I entered but don’t see my name so here I am again! Me please!!

  29. stacey

    wine? Yes Please!!!

  30. Christie M

    Yes Please!!!

  31. Celine

    I love wine!!!

  32. kim

    Vino Me!

  33. Craig

    Please and thank you.

  34. Vania

    Wine again??? Oh yeah! Now I only need my name to be picked ;)

  35. wesley

    i love wine…especially when someone else is paying

  36. Olivia

    yeah wine!

  37. Alfred

    Red red wine! Ice wine! White wine! Yummy food paired with wine!

  38. Oh goody…another chance to win some BC Wine!

  39. Please and Thank You!

  40. It will be Rigamorole for me:)

  41. I have a few wines I’d like to try… would be nice to get a wine for me after all the wines i’ve been gifting over the holidays! :)

  42. alan

    Thanks, great promo!

  43. ooOOooOoooo! This would make my bride-to-be very happy!

    ‘Specially since we are saving for our wedding and don’t have a lot of money for wine at the moment!

  44. Farin

    Enter me in this please!

  45. Amie

    It’s my birthday today. What a wonderful gift for me :)

  46. Food and wine. Done!

  47. acal

    love it!♥

  48. Namit

    Me want

  49. Angela J.

    Yes, please.

  50. Ice Wine

  51. Jen

    I love BC wine!!!

  52. Jeremy

    BC wine is the best :)

  53. Valerie

    Would love wine.

  54. Heidi

    THANK YOU in advance ;D

  55. Chris

    Count me in FTW!

  56. Barbara

    My husband would love this!

  57. michelle s

    Omg pick me please :D so cold outside and the bus is late again =[

  58. Sharlene

    me + wine makes everything fine :)

  59. Von


  60. Jin

    I love wine

  61. Joyce


  62. Steph the Baker

    Nothing better than wine!

  63. Jen

    Yummy wine!

  64. Lina

    Would love some wine!

  65. A.Chan

    started to know another liquor, time to experience more!

  66. Baca

    BC wines rock!

  67. Maki Owaku

    BC wine Love it♪(*^^)o∀*∀o(^^*)♪

  68. Laura


  69. Eva

    Yummmm! Wine!

  70. Lisa

    I love BC wine. Lake Breeze is my favourite.

  71. Kate

    Would love to win this

  72. cherie

    I’d love to win this!

  73. wenxiao Z

    It would be nice to buy some Pfaffenheim Gewurtztraminer 08 France wine.

  74. Mabel M.

    I love wines! :)

  75. Angel C

    Thank you~

  76. Felix

    Nice! I think i would get some ice wine with this!

  77. Nicole Webster

    this has got to be the best contest ever! i love dine out vancouver and everything associated with it!! :)

  78. i like wine.

  79. Aaron

    Would love to try some more wines!

  80. Sarah

    i love wine! pick me!

  81. Nancy

    I would love to win this prize!

  82. brandon

    I do love wine

  83. CY

    Superb wine is in BC for you to discover!

  84. Jennifer Sharein

    Pick me!!!!!

  85. christine tseng

    love that dine out promotes wine pairings :)

  86. David Yu

    Hope I win, =D

  87. Ursula


  88. Melissa

    Can’t think of a better way to celebrate special occasions like 2 birthdays, new jobs, and a move back to the Lower Mainland than with BC wines!

  89. Gigi

    Wine anytime!

  90. NNick

    MMe me

  91. Randy

    great contest

  92. Cougan

    Great prize!

  93. Mel

    Hope I win!

  94. Emily

    Wine sounds lovely! Please pick me :) Thank you for hosting it!

  95. Winnie

    Love this one !

  96. Jennifer YOrk


  97. Sally

    Eat local, drink local…

  98. Hans

    Wine, oh yeah!
    gimme some please!

  99. Valerie

    mmmm …wine is wonderful!!!

  100. Linda W

    Ooooo good for celebratory events!

  101. Erika

    I love wine who doesn’t?

  102. Angela

    Whoooo can say no to more wine?!?

  103. Ginny

    One more chance doesn’t hurt :)

  104. Melanie L

    This is awesome!!

  105. ann

    trying again :)

  106. Cass

    yes please

  107. Chelle

    I love trying different BC wines!

  108. Abi

    I love BC wines!

  109. Tammy K

    What a great way to make February go away!

    I might have to add a little to the $50 expenditure ;)

  110. Darlene C

    The BC wines are the best!!!!

  111. Grace Cheung


  112. Dani

    How could this NOT be a good thing??? :)

  113. Arlene c

    2 or 3 bottles would be nice for the wine rack. This is a good thing! So please pick me.

  114. Wally


  115. Pat

    “Wine is sunshine held together by water” Would love to win this!!

  116. Vaughan

    Awesome prize!

  117. Zhan L

    Going after my heart

  118. shelly kristianson

    mmmmmm…..BC wine!

  119. Catherine M

    Love wine!

  120. Anne

    Love wine too!

  121. Vince

    BC wine is best!

  122. Nabi

    I love wine if I don’t win though I won’t whine.

  123. Magdalene

    Thank you for the giveaway. I hope I win one of these days.

  124. Deidre

    I love BC wine!

  125. Holly

    Dine Out Vancouver…my favourite post-Xmas event!

  126. Jennifer M.

    So nice that you have these giveaways…wine is a nice thing to receive. :)

  127. Mandi Bryan

    MMM I love wine. Good for a date night in!

  128. Sharon

    Love your giveaways!

  129. Mags

    Sounds awesome!

  130. Karol

    Thanks for this offer – fingers crossed that I will win something for the first time in my life.

  131. I’d love to win this!

  132. Shahee

    Love my wines

  133. Amy


  134. Thao Nguyen

    I’ll get in line
    to win this wine!

  135. ok

  136. Amber

    Love BC wine:)

  137. Amy

    B.C. wine would be wonderful!

  138. Lawrence

    All my wine keeps disappearing…I’d love some more.

  139. Isabella Hsiao

    please pick me!!:-)

  140. Annie


  141. Neal R

    Mmmm Wineandineout!

  142. i like wine

  143. sandy

    I like!

  144. Henrik

    Pick me!!! :)

  145. Sabrina


  146. lena

    I love BC wine! Perfect weekend for a wine date :)

  147. Lammie


  148. norah

    Hehe. Maybe i can start my own wine collection!

  149. Bertha


  150. Elysia S

    this is perfect!

  151. Weeeeeeweeeeee wine! :D memememememememee haha hyper.

  152. Pam

    I’d love some wine!!

  153. Nick


  154. Mackenzie

    People think I’m really funny and cute when they drink wine with me… so… help a sister out…

  155. su skerl

    In vino veritas!!!


    nothing makes a night quite like fermented grapes.

  157. Linda

    Wine is delicious!

  158. Kim

    wine would be lovely!

  159. Anne

    Another great giveaway!

  160. jen s

    sounds wonderful!

  161. steve


  162. val

    great contest!

  163. jennifer

    awesome contest

  164. Glenda

    Wine, nature’s finest grape!

  165. katie

    I want to win :)

  166. Wine me! ^^

  167. Christina Chan

    Good luck everyone!

  168. BlueJules

    I need this!

  169. Tina

    pick me!

  170. Sam

    BC VQA wines are fine

  171. vivian


  172. Goodnight, Sweet dreams!

  173. KC

    BC wines are delicious!!

  174. Jenny Chan

    I hope I can win this and try it out soon :)

  175. Amber G

    Serve me up some B.C. Ice Wine please

  176. Siu Yui Lee

    I want to win :) I love wine hehe

  177. Chiu Sing Chan

    PIck me please!!!!!!

  178. Natalie


  179. Nimo

    Wine an dine me!!

  180. Warren Dy

    I hope I could Try it.

  181. Suli


  182. Christy M


  183. M. Soleil

    yes please