Daily Dine Out Vancouver Giveaway: $50 Gift Certificate for The Mill Marine Bistro

Welcome to the Daily Dine Out Vancouver Giveaways!

Check back daily for a new giveaway each day of the Dine Out Vancouver Festival.

Today’s giveaway is a $50 Gift Certificate for The Mill Marine Bistro located on Coal Harbour’s waterfront.

Simply post a comment below, and we’ll randomly select a winner tomorrow.

Good luck everyone!

Feb 4 Update: Congratulations R. Chong – check your email.

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245 Responses to Daily Dine Out Vancouver Giveaway: $50 Gift Certificate for The Mill Marine Bistro

  1. colleen

    Yesssss please.

    • Janet

      My newly married daughter & her husband work very hard everyday & soooo deserve a nice night out at a Fine dining place like this Bisro….I would love to give it to them as I do not have money of my own to buy them something like this!

  2. Cass

    sounds great! thanks.

  3. Happy Friday! The Mill would be a great place to go on a Friday!

  4. Ger

    This looks like a nice place. Have to get there one day!

  5. Linda

    Yes thanks!

  6. melissa

    I want to try this place. Hope i win!

  7. nicole

    pick meeeee :)

  8. audra heath

    well: just thought i would say good day to everyone .as it is a beautiful sunny day in Thompson/Manitoba..and cant wait to be in Vancouver in 4 weeks. gonna be a hoot to see everyone and get out of the hibernation i live in…..see ya all soon b.c.

  9. Meghan

    They have the best nachos!

  10. Jess


  11. Jason Hulbert

    Good spot. Great cocktails.

  12. Sounds amazing! Love to try!

  13. Valerie

    wow, what a great looking venue …love the patio!!!

  14. Deb

    very nice! would love to try this restaurant out

  15. Katie

    Woo hoo! yummy!

  16. Namit


  17. Would love to try this restaurant.

  18. janette

    Would absolutely LOVE to try this place with my husband :)

  19. Ann-Marie Vaughan


  20. Mandy


  21. Patrick

    Pick me! Pick me!

  22. Terry frost

    love it

  23. Tom Delcourt

    Lovin’ Dine Out Vancouver. Got a great 3 course meal in The Keg last weekend. Plan to hit Doolins and Society (at least) this weekend!!

  24. Christie M


  25. Susanne

    Sounds like a great place to take friends 8)

  26. veronica r

    Amazing for our anniversary celebration!!

  27. Susanne Haering

    Sounds like a great place to take friends.8)

  28. Ivette

    i never won anything so, Hope i win it : )
    ME, ME ,ME!!

  29. Mo

    Yes please!

  30. Nic T

    On a patio watching people and planes go by. What could be better!?

  31. Winnie W

    Love to try this place!

  32. please feed a “foodie”!

  33. JC

    hang on until the weather is nice. great patio

  34. Tanya

    Best place to dine in a sunny day like today!!

  35. Nicole P

    Such a great place and love the summer patio!

  36. Nabila

    looks like a great place to go!

  37. Anne

    Love dine out!

  38. Samantha J.

    I’ll be excited to try this place out!

  39. Katy

    Sounds like a nice place to try

  40. Deborah


  41. Nel

    I’m hungry :(

  42. I’ve been there once—their dessert was to die for.

  43. Deena

    The menu looks delicious!

  44. ver

    I would love to go…haven’t been there!

  45. Carol

    I would love to try this place.

  46. Eva

    would love it!

  47. Rosalie B.

    Great location!

  48. Ashley

    Happy to visit this place!!!

  49. gordon

    I would love to try this restaurant!

  50. Claire benson-mandl

    I’d love to try it!

  51. Jenn

    pick me pick me!

  52. Linda W

    ooooo niceee!!!:)

  53. Valerie

    Beautiful bistro!

  54. Anthony

    Haven’t been here but wanted to try it. Looks great.

  55. JENO

    LOVE TO ~~

  56. Andrew Y.

    Looks nice! I’d love to try out

  57. Jennifer Sharein

    Pick me!!!!!!

  58. Shirley

    I need a night out : )

  59. Jean

    Me too!

  60. Hercy

    I want to win something… :) plus I love this restaurant!

  61. Ivy


  62. Tracy


  63. Natalie

    Love the Mill! Thanks

  64. Jackie

    I would love to go!! Thanks

  65. Minori

    Nice! Dine out rocks!

  66. Randy

    great contest

  67. Carrie

    Me please!

  68. mandi bryan

    would like to actually win one of these! Been posting everyday

  69. Dora

    Would love to try this restaurant!

  70. Chris

    Count me in FTW!

  71. Jin

    Give me give me

  72. joyce

    Pick me! Pick me!

  73. Jessie

    Ooh another amazing restaurant! Vancouver has too many great restaurants – it makes living here wonderful but terrible at the same time!

  74. Christine

    Fingers crossed!

  75. Winnie

    I’ve always wanted to try this place!!

  76. Lisa L


  77. Sharon SK Ng

    Sounds great! Would definitely love to try the place out!

  78. Elisa

    would be great to try!!!

  79. Laira

    Sounds like a delicious new restaurant to try!!

  80. Mareva

    Thank you for offering such great prizes!

  81. Erica

    Never been, but would LOVE to try!

  82. Alex

    I hope I win!

  83. Louella Q

    Would like to try this place!

  84. Randy C.

    Never been here.

  85. Would love to go!

  86. Marjorie Q.

    Looks like a great place to try!

  87. Jane

    this restaurant seems to have a great view. definitely a must try!

  88. Anna

    I’d love to go!

  89. Barbara

    Yes please!

  90. Cindy Chen

    really want to try this place!

  91. Eileen lee

    I love to try !! With Sunny day and happy feeling ~!

  92. Wenfei Lee


  93. gina

    Would be thrilled to try!

  94. Jen

    It’s my birthday and I would love to win this!!!

  95. Cass

    pick me please :)

  96. Alex lee

    Gove me chance to try ! We are overseas student couple that newly married ! We would like to go !!

  97. shelly kristianson


  98. Michelle Zhang

    Entering to win

  99. Stella Panagiotidis

    What a treat winning! Looks amazing!

  100. Lily

    Hope to win

  101. Andrew Brewerton

    Wow! I’ve heard great things about this restaurant!

  102. jon

    will donate this to a needy family in our church, who rarely dine out……………..blessings to all

  103. Amy Pon

    Sounds like a delicious place!

  104. linda

    I’m in.

  105. Abi

    I’d love to try the Mill Marine Bistro.

  106. Lena

    Pretty please! Never been!

  107. Angela J.

    It would be a wonderful splurge for my friend’s birthday.

  108. Van

    Soooo delicious…please let me win!!!

  109. Eva

    This would be amazing! =)

  110. Karen

    Moi! Moi!

  111. Ginny

    Me me me~

  112. Love to win this!

  113. Stephanie

    I’d love to win this prize! Please, please pick me.

  114. Grace Cheung

    I’ve been there once and waiting to go back!

  115. Isva

    This is awesome! I love Dine Out!!

  116. This restaurant has a great location…I’d love to win and check them out.

  117. We’ve walked by but never went in to eat…yet:)

  118. Bons

    Wanting to try this place out!

  119. Nicole

    I love the Mill. We go there all the time ’cause of the gorgeous views, it’s kid friendly and we can sit outside in the winter. Love it!

  120. I SHOULD WIN, I’m lucky guy, so you have no chances lol

  121. Sarah

    Have a reservation there tonight for dine out. Would love to go again!

  122. I love the view from The Mill! It’s been a while since I’ve been there… would love to win! It’d make for a nice date night… could take a nice leisurely walk from my office after work :)

  123. Kim

    would love to try this place :)

  124. Ashley

    I’d love this!

  125. Jamilla

    I would love to win!

  126. Maki Owaku

    I’d love it♪(*^^)o∀*∀o(^^*)♪

  127. Rina Chong

    pick me! pick me! please :) love the mill!

  128. Anastazja

    Maybe this time…

  129. Anny

    This looks interesting!

  130. Baca


  131. Josh

    Somewhere beyond the sea,
    Seafood, waiting for me.

  132. kahhlee

    Coal Harbour :)

  133. Alex


  134. melissa w

    yummy in my tummy please!

  135. stacey

    yum yum YUM!

  136. Sally

    Love the view from the Mill…

  137. Mary

    Yum! Would love to try this.

  138. kim

    yes please!

  139. Wally

    I hope I win before the contest is over :)

  140. Iris

    Never been and would love to try!

  141. craig

    looks good!

  142. Mabel M


  143. lena

    I’d love to win, it would be a nice dinner :)

  144. Anne

    would love to go

  145. Amy


  146. Judi

    Sounds awesome

  147. Sunshine G

    Sounds delicious!

  148. brandon


  149. Chelle

    Looks nice!

  150. Tracey Flattes

    One of my favorite summer hangouts…

  151. Charlene


  152. Linda

    Looking foward to dining there!

  153. Choo-choo-choose me!

  154. sandy

    Would love to try!

  155. serena debolt

    that photo makes me want to drive there right now!

  156. Melanie L

    This would be so nice to win!

  157. They have one of the best nachos I’ve had in Vancouver!

  158. Shahee

    Love it

  159. Moneesh Reddy

    sounds like a fancy place :P

  160. Matt

    Wow looks good!

  161. Gigi

    Sounds great!

  162. Would love to take my mom out to a nice dinner to relax & enjoy.

  163. Olivia

    Can’t wait to try!

  164. Darlene C

    Love Seafood, what better place to have it!

  165. Cougan

    I would like to try this place!!

  166. Amy W

    I’d like to try this place!

  167. Michaela

    I would like to go!

  168. Jan O.

    Please pick me!!!

  169. Linda

    Would love to try….I really would..

  170. Winnie

    Love to try this one !

  171. Mel

    I have never been there! I hope this gives me a chance to try it!

  172. Lina

    I want to win ! nice weather + nice dinner!

  173. Curtis

    hook me up!

  174. Kim

    Yeaa going to try out the Keg Menu tonight!!

  175. it’s my turn!

  176. Vaughan


  177. Nomin

    Sounds great

  178. ming


  179. Lisa

    Yum yum!

  180. Karen

    That could buy a lot of the best named shooters…

  181. Amy

    I would love to try!

  182. Moon

    Pick me, pick me.

  183. Melaina

    Best nachos in all of Vancouver – no word of a lie!

  184. Kristanto

    Never been to the restaurant, but definitely give it try if I win the deal :P

  185. Alice C


  186. Jen

    Thanks, perfect for gamedays :D

  187. Von

    Hope I win!

  188. Precious

    We will be spending our anniversary and like to try out this restaurant. Hope we will win the $50.00

  189. Carol G


  190. Kym Schmidt

    My daughter and I do not want life to pass us by.
    When we learned that Vancouver was hosting the Olympics in 2010, we jumped at the chance to attend.
    Since attending the Olympics, we returned in the summer of 2010, the following February (2011), and now we are going again in February (2012)
    This would be an awesome win for us.

  191. Day 15

  192. Michelle

    Would love to win!! Haven’t been since 2 years ago! Great food, view and waterpark!

  193. Wendy T

    Great food, great view.

  194. alyssa

    I’ll take it!

  195. Angie

    I loveeee Dine Out VANCOUVER!!
    have been waiting for it every year!

  196. BlueJules

    I’d like to try this!

  197. vanja

    I just got engaged 2 days ago! Would love to take family & friends out to celebrate! $50 would be a great help!

  198. Kristine

    Would looove to dine out here with my man! pick me :)

  199. maria

    Would love to check this place out!

  200. Suli

    love to try this!

  201. Bonnie

    Haven’t been to this place in years. Hope to win this one.

  202. scott

    me want food

  203. Melissa C

    Always wanted to check it out…..pick me!!!

  204. Tkolber

    Please pick me! I’m hungry!

  205. Lin

    Have heard lots of good things about this place! Please pick me!!

  206. henrik c

    I want to try Mill Bistro!

  207. Jennifer york


  208. brittany

    This looks absolutely amazing!! I would love to go try out Mill Bistro!! Honestly, it would be a lot to me if I won this because my boyfriend of 4 years is going away in March to Australia for a year and this would be a perfect and memorable place to go to one last time before he leaves…It would mean the world to me and make me the happiest person ever. Thank you :)

  209. alvin

    hmmm, judging by the portion, i think i’ll go in hungry, come out starved!!

    but none the less, pick me!!!

    |\/|_ —***–.
    \ ^ |

  210. Nabi

    I would live to try this place!

  211. Katie B

    Would love a mid-week dinner on the water:)

  212. bessie

    I’m feeling lucky :D

  213. Dani

    Sounds great!

  214. kyoko

    please pick me~~~!!!!!!!!!

  215. Kevin


  216. Linda

    I want to try this place out!

  217. Paula H

    Would love to try this place!

  218. Jackson C


  219. Lydia

    Sounds good!

  220. Vinnie

    I need a relaxing dinner out, for sure!

  221. steve


  222. Kei

    thank you!

  223. Lina

    Would love to try this place out!

  224. Nayrantai

    Hola! I’m from Chile living in Burnaby, My husband and I were apart for total of 15 months, now we are together again and totally Happy!! We want to celebrate in this great place!!!! Adios amigos!!

  225. Meline


  226. Linda

    Would love to try out this restaurant!

  227. Flora

    Yum! I hope I win!

  228. Jenny Chan

    I hope I can win this :)

  229. Chiu Sing Chan

    Nice restaurant, hope I can try it out

  230. Siu Yui Lee

    Pick me please!!!!! My daughter’s bday is coming soon, will bring her if I win :D

  231. Sarah Holder

    Pick me pick me!!!!!

  232. vivian

    I love this place!

  233. katie

    Nice place :)

  234. Damien

    The Mill rocks!

  235. Vania

    One more (lucky) try!

  236. Minnie

    Dineout’s the best!

  237. Sabrina

    Sa-weeeeet! :D

  238. Michelle K

    Yum! Love to try it out!

  239. Karen

    I’ve always wanted to try this place!!

  240. kelly opitz

    Wo this would be a great win for me, i travel to Vancouver often, and although I wasn’t born there feel like it is my second home.

  241. Ling

    I would love to win this!

  242. Ronald

    Dine out!

  243. Christy M

    love it~