Daily Dine Out Vancouver Giveaway: $50 Gift Certificate for the Wines of British Columbia

Welcome to the Daily Dine Out Vancouver Giveaways!

Check back daily for a new giveaway each day of the Dine Out Vancouver Festival.

Today’s giveaway is a $50 Gift Certificate for BC VQA Wine Stores (21 locations).

Simply post a comment below, and we’ll randomly select a winner tomorrow.

Good luck everyone!

Feb 5 Update: Congratulations Raina B. Check your email


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180 Responses to Daily Dine Out Vancouver Giveaway: $50 Gift Certificate for the Wines of British Columbia

  1. Anthony

    I haven’t made it out for Dine Out Vancouver yet, but would love to!

  2. Patrick

    Is it my turn to win yet?

    • Kim

      My parents are coming to visit soon and I’d love to take them out to eat- I am a student so this will be hard unless…

  3. kahhlee

    not a big fan of wine but perhaps i will be after this!

  4. michael h.

    it’s been a while since i enjoyed a really good bottle of wine!

  5. Rosalie B.

    I sure could use a $50 Gift Certificate for BC VQA Wine Stores!

  6. Shona LaRoche

    It would be a treat to try some new wines!

  7. LucieB

    This is great contest for us wine lovers- thanks for the chance to win it!

  8. This prize would be the best way to enjoy pre-drinking before Dine Out :)

  9. Sarah


  10. Ming

    Oh, nice!

  11. karim madi

    If I get that card im buying Gallo wine :)) thank you for choosing me :))

  12. Jenny wang

    Wine <3 <3 <3

  13. Vania

    Yes, please!

  14. michele

    I have eaten a few of the fine restaurants so far this year and drinking wine is all part of the pleasure..

  15. Nomfundo

    I’m from South Africa and love South African wine. I’m just discovering BC wines and would appreciate a chance to enjoy more of what BC has to offer!

  16. Raina Beeksma

    Ooohhhh….winning some wine would be a lovely birthday present :)

  17. Ling

    Some wine just in time for Valentine’s Day!

  18. Anthony

    Gotta love wine

  19. kirsten

    wine! yum!

  20. wine would be just fine :)

  21. Tracey Hayman

    I love wine!

  22. coral

    I would love nothing more than to win wine!

  23. Elaine


  24. Farin

    Thank you :)

  25. Devan

    As a student I need this to help cope with the stress. :P

  26. Jenie

    I hope today is my lucky day! :)

  27. Cheryl

    winner winner chicken dinner?

  28. Melissa Hoffmann

    I’d love to try some new BC Wines!

  29. Joanne

    went to Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. @ their new main location last night and it was AMAZING.

    friendly service, tasty and fresh food, warm ambiance, it was all there. MUST TRY: their brownie. it was perfect and all other future brownies will be measured by its standard.

    btw, their DineOut menu is going to last throughout the month of February – yay!

  30. Cait

    Well, I love wine.

  31. Susanne

    Another way to appreciate life. 8)

  32. Peter

    I recently moved to BC from the UK, and I would love to try out some local wines.

  33. Gina

    Mmmm!!! Would love to win this prize!!

  34. Adam

    Love BC wines.

  35. i enjoy wine

  36. Shawn

    would live to win

  37. Andrew Y.

    PICK ME!! :D

  38. Nicole P

    Wine! Yes please!

  39. Shawn

    Thx Tourism Vancouver!!! Would love to win the gift card!!!

  40. Caroline

    I would like the opportunity to enjoy some BC wines.

  41. Charlene

    LOVE BC Wines! Pick me! Please?

  42. Lois

    Would like to try some more BC reds and ice wine.

  43. J

    Me~ ME~

  44. Allison

    Wine please!

  45. Katie

    Yes please!

  46. Carol

    It is always nice to sample a different wine. A $50 gift certificate should do nicely for that!

  47. Nancy

    Would love to win wine!

  48. Kim Law

    So many delicious Canadian wines to savor…..ice wine anyone?

  49. Emily

    I would love to win and share the wine with my parents! Thank you for hosting these awesome contests!

  50. fransisca

    oh i love wine!!!

  51. lee


  52. CY H.

    Celebrating life with a bottle of BC wine would be perfect!

  53. Richard

    I’m Broke…

  54. steph

    Yes I’d love to win.

  55. Mabel M

    Give me some wines please. :)

  56. Cristina L

    Yes, sounds awesome!

  57. Ruth L

    A good man can make you feel sexy, strong and able to take on the world… oh sorry… that’s wine… wine does that!

  58. Barbara

    Please count me in!

  59. Wine not go out for dinner tonight?

  60. Linda

    Hello, wine! :)

  61. Erica Perry

    Mmmmmm Wine!

  62. $50 … How would you decide which wine! Does it come with a sommelier? I would love to use this as a prize at one of my fundraisers! I wonder how they pick who wins.

  63. Lily


  64. Gordon

    I would love to win!

  65. Jennifer york

    That’s great. Pick me.

  66. Shantel


  67. N

    II’m in

  68. Chrissie

    We tried dine out Vancouver for the first time this year and it was wonderful.

  69. Michelle S

    Pick me pick me =] me and my bf will love it

  70. tracy


  71. Love wine!

  72. Louella Q

    Would love to try!

  73. Craig

    I’ve got the cheese…now I could use a little wine…

  74. Marjorie Q.


  75. Camila

    I love wine! ;)

  76. Randy C.

    Let me try this one!

  77. Sharon

    Great prize

  78. Sean

    This would be wonderful!

  79. TJ

    hope i win :)

  80. brandon

    I love wine

  81. Sonja S

    Would love to win this—and I love all these giveaways!

  82. Judi

    I’ll whine for wine. Pleeeaase.

  83. curtis

    Send the wine this way!

  84. quan

    mmm wine

  85. ruocaled

    Last day of dine out… hope everyone enjoyed it…

  86. Sunshine G

    My husband would love an evening that revolved around wine!

  87. antoine

    I woudn’t whine if…

  88. Tracy

    Hope i win this time!!

  89. Samantha

    Me please!

  90. Karen

    A toast to Dine Out Vancouver!

  91. Anne

    Yay! More wine giveaways!

  92. Stacey

    Pick me! I like wine!

  93. David

    oh that would be a cool Starting Gift arriving in Vancouver to live there in about a month :-D

  94. randy

    pick me!

  95. Baca

    Love BC wines!

  96. Jocelyn Wood

    I heart wine

  97. Angela

    More wine = more dinner parties with friends! =)

  98. Linda W


  99. I like BC wines!

  100. Dallas

    I wish dineoutvan lasted longer!

  101. Dani


  102. Dilara

    Love wine!

  103. Winnie

    Love love love to win this !

  104. Alex Chubaty

    Can’t wait to do an Okanagan wine tour this summer!

  105. Tim


  106. ann

    sounds amazing!

  107. Moneesh Reddy

    Time to sip some wine :D

  108. Darlene C

    I love the BC wines.!

  109. Isabella Hsiao

    pick me please!! :D

  110. Arlene C

    Wonderful prize!

  111. Michael


  112. Pat Battles

    I thought I posted earlier, but don’t see it……..anyhow, I’d love to be included in the draw. I’d have fun choosing from a great selection of wines!

  113. Cherie

    I’d love to win this!

  114. Richard

    This sounds awesome!

  115. Sue

    Love dine out, great opportunity to try great restaurants

  116. Tom Delcourt

    Please please please!!

  117. Sandra Currie

    I love BC Wines!

  118. shelly kristianson

    awesome contest!

  119. al mcgee

    We hope to win…Cheers!

  120. Suli


  121. Colleen


  122. wenxiao z

    It would be nice to buy some Pfaffenheim Gewurtztraminer 08 France wine.

  123. pam

    Love wine, I would share it.

  124. ed


  125. Janice lee

    Pick me!

  126. kyoko

    i appreciate bc vqa wine! :)))

  127. Kimberley E

    Would love this prize!

  128. Nabi

    A glass of white wine and I’m a happy man.

  129. Josh

    Wine you so fine, you blow my mind.

  130. Jessica

    Boy I could sure use some wine after this crazy week. Would appreciate winning this!

  131. maria

    Love wine!

  132. Cass

    love wine!

  133. Christin


  134. Eva D

    Girls’ night!!!

  135. Melanie L

    This is a great give away!

  136. Cougan W

    I would love to win this!

  137. Win and I will go right to the BC wine section. We are so lucky inBC with all of the great wine!

  138. HK

    I would love to win!

  139. Richard

    Love it!

  140. Yue Shi

    My husband and I just moved to Vancouver from Ottawa, so we look forward to more exciting things to do in the area :)

  141. joyce


  142. Love to win this!

  143. Michaela

    please, pick me!

  144. joe

    please be my turn pretty pleeeese

  145. Jen

    I would love to win!!!

  146. Jeremy

    I love BC wine :)

  147. Amber G

    Serve me up some B.C. Ice Wine, please

  148. Jeffrey Ngai

    only 1 at the top. BC wineries is that

  149. Mel

    This would be amazing to win!

  150. Carol G

    BC wine is fine

  151. Richard G

    Go time…time for 2 crack open a bottle

  152. Jennifer M.

    Haven’t had any wine for a long time…time to change that! :)

  153. KA KIN

    Wine is great 4 Cooking

  154. Kevin

    If they want to drink Merlot, we’re drinking Merlot.

    No, if anyone orders Merlot, I’m leaving. I am NOT drinking any ******* Merlot!

  155. Mark


  156. jen


  157. sandy

    me me!

  158. Hong

    When is my turn to win coming? Hope this time it is

  159. steve


  160. val


  161. Sabrina

    Don’t like to ‘wine’ but pick me! ;)

  162. henrik

    I would like to win!

  163. Chelle

    Trying again…

  164. Cat

    Yay wine!

  165. katie

    Please pick me!

  166. Jane

    let this be my birthday gift!

  167. Gigi

    Oh yay! Another wine one!

  168. Vaughan

    Great prize!

  169. Lina

    Wine, wine!

  170. Cindy


  171. Gwill

    Mmmmm el vino shall flow!

  172. Jenny Chan

    I love to win this :)

  173. Siu Yui Lee

    Pick me !!!!!

  174. Chiu Sing Chan

    I would like to win this great prize :)

  175. Lena

    I want to win and get some chardonnay<3

  176. Nic

    I want to win :)

  177. Jun

    hope to win something for once! :)

  178. Ron

    Everyone should move to Vancouver, Canada!

  179. C. Ma

    Pick me~