Final Dine Out Vancouver Giveaway: $50 Gift Certificate for the Wines of British Columbia

Welcome to the Final Daily Dine Out Vancouver Giveaway!

Today’s giveaway is a $50 Gift Certificate for BC VQA Wine Stores (21 locations).

Simply post a comment below, and we’ll randomly select a winner tomorrow.

Good luck everyone!

Updated February 6th: Congratulations Jessica! Please check your email for further details.


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192 Responses to Final Dine Out Vancouver Giveaway: $50 Gift Certificate for the Wines of British Columbia

  1. Michele

    would love to win this…love BC wines

    • Racquel

      My partner and I love sharing wine together! We love wine from Nik’Mip wineries!

  2. Kati

    I would like some delicious Wines of British Columbia please! :-D

  3. Allison

    Love me some VQA wine

  4. Olivier

    What a prize and what an awesome way to discover new BC wines!

  5. Tracey H

    Last chance…

  6. jen

    love it!

  7. Maki Owaku

    I love BC wine♪(*^^)o∀*∀o(^^*)♪

  8. steve

    sounds awesome

  9. Simon Wu

    BC Wine is the best wine on Earth.

  10. Denise N

    Would love to win some wine for my husband

  11. Kai

    Love Elephant Island wines from Naramata!! We’re so fortunate to have such an abundance of amazing wine producers in BC :)

  12. val

    great contest

  13. Alana van Dam

    I only drink BC wines this would be a great prize!

  14. Robbie

    What? My turn?

  15. Pamm

    Uhmm, BC Wines?…yes, PLEASE!! I’m a wino ;)

  16. BC has most of my fav wines! I would love to wine this so I can get nice VQA to share with my hubby on Valentines!

  17. Melissa

    A glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away!! .. Not exactly true, but I drink enough wine to make it partially true!! I love wine!

  18. Barbara

    I’ve entered every date, hope today is my lucky one!

  19. BC wines ROCK! So many varietals, so many styles, and so much deliciousness!

  20. Local wines sounds delish!

  21. BC has most of my fav wines! I would love to wine this so I can get a nice VQA to share with my hubby on Valentines!

  22. Rick Leonovich

    What a great way to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

  23. Patrick


  24. Some BC Wine for the bride-to-be would be fantastic!

  25. Carolyn

    I love food! I love Vancouver, BC!

  26. Carolyn


  27. Sarah

    Glug glug.

  28. donforan

    In vino veritas- “in wine [there is the] truth”.

  29. Kelli

    Forget Campbell’s soups, vqa is mmm, mmm, good!!!!

  30. Greg

    Great prize!

  31. Dora

    BC wines!!

  32. Steph

    Love win! Love to win!

  33. Siobhan

    Thanks for the give-away!

  34. Karen

    That would be great.

  35. Sean

    This would be awesome!

  36. Nabi Awada

    Dont make me whine for wine!

  37. Chef Michael

    I would love some great BC wine to pair with dinner at home!

  38. lee


  39. Faye

    Ooooh no… WHICH wine would I take? A Black Hills Nota Bene? Ruby Blues? Le Vieux Pin? Stag’s Hollow??!! We maybe need to stop producing such delicious wine so that my desicion won’t be quite so difficult.

  40. Shantel


  41. Veronica

    Wow! BC Wines. I would to win!

  42. Yuji

    I’m going DINE OUT tonight. Appreciate this kinda opportunity…

  43. michael h


  44. Jennifer Sharein

    Pick me!!

  45. Angela

    Mmmmmm… Keep these wine certificates coming!

  46. Elissa

    Ooh- yes please!

  47. maria

    Hopefully i win this one!

  48. If you’ve got photos of Vancouver, feel free to send to me to post on my Fun!Fun!Vancouver! Blog!

  49. Anne

    Great giveaways!

  50. Charlene

    BC wines please!

  51. nick


  52. gordon

    I’d love to win. :)

  53. Judy

    This would be great … I love BC wines and regularly visit wineries!!

  54. Meaghan Rafferty


  55. Alisha Fazal

    Mmmmm I love trying new wines :) awesome contest!

  56. Judi

    More wine please

  57. I would absolutely love to win something before Dine Out is over. Goodbye Dine Out! :(

  58. Tom Delcourt

    Wine not?!

  59. I grew up in Southern Ontario’s Wine Country and thought they had the best wines in Canada until I moved out here. BC Wines are fantastic and rival anything the Wineries in Southern Ontario put out.

  60. Alison Omelus

    Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn!

  61. Sunshine G

    Pick me!

  62. Sandy shi

    Thank you!!

  63. Farin

    This would be awesome!

  64. Ursula

    Love BC wines!

  65. Dennis L.

    Pick me!

  66. allison

    one last chance!

  67. Baca


  68. Tracy

    Pick me please!

  69. Moneesh Reddy

    Say Cheese :D

  70. gloria

    my dad would love this prize.

  71. Willock

    Awesome love it

  72. Kevin L.

    “If a life of wine, women and song becomes too much, give up the singing.”

  73. Meggy

    Love all BC wines! Summerhill….Peller Estates…Sandhill…Calona Vineyard…etc etc yum! <3!!

  74. Jessica

    Last chance! Ooooohhhh this would be great to win!

  75. wenxiao Z

    Pfaffenheim Gewurtztraminer 08 France wine.

  76. We love to shop local and we love BC wines!

  77. ann

    Wine would be great to win/

  78. lisa

    Coooommmonn…. Mama needs a new bottle of wine!!

  79. Brian

    Yes, please! :)

  80. Angela J.

    A gift to savour.

  81. karen fong

    Vancouver is the best place on earth. <3 <3 <3

  82. Trish

    Drinking the best of BC in the greatest place on earth is my favorite thing to do! :)

  83. Alexandra

    Now this is my kind of giveaway!

  84. sandy


  85. lindsay

    I love BC wines! This would be a great treat.

  86. my last chance… please :)

  87. Jennifer york

    Pick me

  88. Justin

    Would love to go out for another dine out.

  89. Love to win this!

  90. Ginny C

    Please please~

  91. BC wines are great!!

  92. Eva D

    Love wine!!

  93. This would be amazing!!!! Thank you TV!

  94. Joyce

    Pick me! Pick me!

  95. Becs

    I never drink wine – this would help fix that!

  96. Vicky

    Yes please pick me!

  97. Dawn


  98. Emmy

    I love BC wine:)

  99. Melissa Hoffmann

    Would love to try some different BC Wines!

  100. Vania

    o/ <– this person could use some wine to cheer her up!

  101. Linda W

    This makes a perfect gift =D

  102. Carol

    Nice chance to try a different wine.

  103. We love BC wine…There are so many to choose from..would love to win this.

  104. I love bc wines!!!

  105. Tannis

    Love bc wine

  106. What a girl has to do to support BC Wine:)

  107. Love to support our BC Wineries!

  108. Allyson

    Love bc wine!

  109. Karen

    A toast to another success year of Dine Out Vancouver!

  110. Michael

    Dine Out Vancouver was the Bomb!!!

  111. BlueJules

    I’d love to win this.

  112. Jen

    Love BC wine!

  113. Dana S

    last chance!!

  114. Michelle S

    Last Chance =( …. Pick me Pick me :D
    ~ LOVE ~ BC WINE <3

  115. su skerl


  116. AMBERJL

    BC wines are the most amazing wines in the world!!

  117. Carolyn


  118. Chingyun

    Last chance! Good luck!

  119. Cass

    Yes please!

  120. Lammie

    Pick me!

  121. Bertha


  122. Cherie

    I’d love to win this!

  123. Joyce Lai

    Yes please!

  124. Michael

    Really? Cool. Can you pick me?

  125. Sharon SK Ng

    Would love some good wines!!!

  126. Winnie

    love love love wine

  127. T

    would love to see what the buzz is about. :)

  128. Lena

    I love wine<3 Esp. Chardonnay&Rose

  129. Tim


  130. If I win, who would like to share the prize with me? Maybe one of my friends? :) Have a great day!

  131. Kirsten

    I’ll dine with BC wine any day!

  132. Stewart Gilmour

    visiting Vancouver at the end of Feb. This would push the trip over the top :)

  133. Vince

    Dineout! Yay! Wines! Yay!

  134. katie

    i love this!

  135. Robbie

    My turn??

  136. Nic

    I want to take my gf :)

  137. colleen


  138. Randy Cosby


  139. Laura

    I love wine! Pick me!

  140. Herman

    Would love to have this! Thanks!!!

  141. Stephanie


  142. Melanie L

    This would be awesome to win!

  143. Cougan W

    Great offer!

  144. Mel

    Pick me please!

  145. Pam

    Please, inside Vancouver, let it be me!

  146. Glenda

    So much wine, so little time!

  147. SarahJane

    What a great idea! I’d love to get some free wine!

  148. Christina Chen

    Nice treat for my bf if I win! (his bday tmr!)

  149. Jenny Chan

    I hope I win this awesome prize!!!! :D

  150. Siu Yui Lee

    Contest again! I hope you pick me this time * finger cross*

  151. JenieB

    BC wines Rock! :)

  152. Amy

    Yeah for bc wine

  153. Chantelle

    Love BC wines…. Yay for the okanagan!

  154. valerie


  155. jennifer


  156. dan

    my kind of contest!

  157. jen

    sounds great

  158. Abi

    Yes please!

  159. Ellen

    I love BC wines!!

  160. Lina N

    I want to have some wine!

  161. mary

    pick me!

  162. Daniel

    Would love to win!!! Pretty please and thank you!

  163. Amber

    BC wine is yummy

  164. jean

    me me me me

  165. Christy Hui

    Love BC cuisine!

  166. Jeremy

    BC wines are top notch!

  167. Jen

    I love BC wine!

  168. Jennifer M.

    Great reason to have some friends over! :)

  169. Jeffrey

    No Remarks

  170. Jane Mehai

    I would love to win this for my hubby for Valentine’s Day !

  171. rubai

    would love to try some bc vqa wines!

  172. linda

    mmm! wine!

  173. Amy


  174. Vaughan


  175. Grace Cheung

    Please, I hope I win!!

  176. Mabel

    Oh, let me share this with some friends! :)

  177. Winnie

    BC wines are the best!

  178. This would be a very nice thing to win.

  179. TKolber

    Wine? Sounds delish! I promise to share too!

  180. Cindy

    love wine!

  181. Wenfei Lee

    what can go wrong with $50 gift card for wine? =)

  182. gigi

    Can never say no to wine!

  183. Morna

    That would be a great excuse to splurge on a bottle of Nota Bene Mmmmm!

  184. Chiu Sing Chan

    I love wine!!!!!:D

  185. Yan Yee Chan

    I hope I can win this final contest! :)

  186. Julianne

    Yes please! I love supporting BC wineries! Always a wonderful time to be had tasting your way through the Okanagan.

  187. Nancy

    Final dine out prize? Say it isn’t so!

  188. Judith

    My fiance and I will be visiting Vancouver this weekend.

  189. Suli


  190. Von

    Great contest!

  191. Joanne

    BC wines, gotta love em! Please enter me for the gift certificate, and I promise to drink more wine if I win!