Local B.C. Chefs To Compete on Top Chef Canada Season 2

Top Chef Canada Season 2

Top Chef Canada was the highest rated program on The Food Network Canada, so it’s no surprise that the reality-show competition—where chefs battle it out to be named Top Chef Canada and win $100,000—will return for a second season on March 12, 2012.

The first Top Chef Canada winner was Vancouver’s own Dale MacKay, current owner of Ensemble Restaurant in downtown Vancouver. In Season 2, B.C. has four chefs in the running, including another Vancouver chef, Trevor Bird (originally from Montreal), who worked at Vancouver’s Shangri-La Hotel and now runs the catering company Trevor Bird Cooking.

Another Season 2 B.C. chef and contestant has close ties to Vancouver: Jimmy Stewart, the sous chef at Whistler’s Bearfoot Bistro, grew up in North Vancouver and worked alongside MacKay at Lumiere and DB Bistro Moderne.

Victoria’s Kunal Ghose, the chef and co-creator of Redfish Bluefish, and Tofino’s Joel Aubie, head chef at Shelter Restaurant, will also represent B.C. in the competition.

Check out the complete list of Top Chef Canada Season 2 contestants here and get ready to root for our local chefs on March 12!

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