Get ready for the Umbrella Cherry Blossom Dance Flash Mob, April 14

Typically a flash mob is a clandestine affair designed to surprise. According to the Oxford Dictionary, a flash mob is: ‘a public gathering of complete strangers, organized via the Internet or mobile phone, who perform a pointless act and then disperse again.’

In light of the fact that the 2012 Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival is holding public practice sessions for their upcoming Umbrella Cherry Blossom Dance Flash Mob, it’s all right to share the scoop.

The Umbrella Cherry Blossom Dance Flash Mob is pink act of community spirit that will go down April 14 at the Vancouver Art Gallery, as well as satellite locations in Bowen Island (Bowen Island Community Gym) and Burnaby (Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre).

Find out how to participate after the jump.

Choreographed by Vancouverite Shiamak Davar, The Umbrella Cherry Blossom Dance Flash Mob moves are set to “Zoobie Doobie” at hit from Bollywood film The 3 Idiots.

According to the VCBF website, the tune invokes the giddy, nutty feeling you have when falling in love. VCBF is over the moon for cherry blossoms. Hence their choice. The umbrellas reference Vancouver weather.

You can join the VCBF Umbrella Cherry Blossom Dance Flash Mob Saturday April 14 by registering for one of the rehearsal times on the VCBF site. The $12 fee includes the rehearsal and the pink umbrella, available for pick up 11:30am to 1:30pm on the Robson St. side of Vancouver Art Gallery.

5 memorable flash mobs in Vancouver history

1) February 13, 2010 Winter Olympics Flash Mob
2) June 3-July 1, 2012 Canada Day Flash Mob
3) July 23 2011 KHATSAHLANO! The West 4th Music + Art Street Festival Flash Mob
4) February 11, 2012 Vancouver Wedding Dress Flash Mob
5) February 29, 2012 Richmond Pride Day Flash Mob


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3 Responses to Get ready for the Umbrella Cherry Blossom Dance Flash Mob, April 14

  1. Karen

    Why is there an Indian bollywood dance for a Japanese originated cherry blossom festival?

    • expecting this umbrella cherry blossom festival and more beautiful pictures related to it.

  2. kevin

    Is that on the Robson side or Georgia side of the Vancouver Art Gallery?

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