Blue Sky Circus: A Stellar Circus Spectacle – Free Tickets!

photo: Circus West

Run away this May and join the circus!

CircusWest is proud to present a circus extravaganza that captures the entire Universe!

Join the circus as you follow the adventures of a band of young adventurers – Stargazers – as they defy gravity and soar weightlessly through space and toward the moon.

Zodiac inspired characters, including Sagittarius, Libra, Aries and Scorpio, guide the Stargazers on their way. Soleil, the sun character, weaves mayhem in a gyroscopic spinning hoop. Constellations come to life as aerial dancers twirl high above centre ring. Jugglers create a starry sky through dazzling object manipulation.

On their journey, these Stargazers face the ultimate challenge – and end up saving the Earth from impending doom.

Featuring Acrobatics, Aerial Fabric Routines, Object Manipulation, Unicycles, Rue Cyr and Swinging Trapeze, and the amazing circus talents of circus performers from the Performance and CentreStage programs of Cirkids.

Blue Sky Circus will enthrall children from 4 to 104. You MUST be part of this adventure!

Where: PNE Garden Auditorium, May 10 through May 13, 2012.

When: Shows Daily at 12:30pm and 7:00 pm

$13 – 18 and under
$15 – Students and Seniors
$20 – Adults
$ 9 – Group Rate

Tickets must be purchased online by clicking here.

Please call 604.252.3679 for more information, or to arrange for the school group rate.

We are giving away Two (2) Tickets to the Blue Sky Circus on Saturday, May 12 at 12:30pm. To be eligible, all you have to do is post a comment below. Weโ€™ll randomly select a winner at noon on Monday, April 30 and notify them by email.

Updated April 30, 2012: Congratulations Margaret N. – You are the winner of Two (2) Tickets to the Blue Sky Circus on Saturday, May 12 at 12:30pm! Please check your email inbox for further details on how to go about claiming your prize.

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104 Responses to Blue Sky Circus: A Stellar Circus Spectacle – Free Tickets!

  1. Helen Wong

    Whoa it looks amazing. I’d love to see them.

    • nadia

      my first ever will be …circus in life …i wish

    • Constance

      I recently did a college research project and presentation on Circus West. My class loved it and will be at the show! I would love to see it too!

      • Markus

        I would love to see this show!

        • Juliet

          I will take my daughter to see this show!

    • Ema

      I’ve always wanted to join the circus!
      I’ve even learned how to juggle, this would be so cool to see!!

  2. Chelsea

    Yes please! Love love love CircusWest!

  3. Whoa! Who doesn’t love the circus?

  4. Diana

    I would love to go to the circus!!!

  5. DK

    Would love to go! :)

  6. Tara C

    Wow haven’t been to circus for years! Looks amazing…just in time for early birthday treat for me and hubby?

  7. Donnison Gatchalian

    Outer space meets circus acrobatics!!! ^_^ i hope could win the tickets to see this intergalagtic awesomeness! :)

  8. Iuri Abreu

    Circus: cool. Circus + Universe = super cool!

  9. alex ilagan

    i want to win!!

  10. It would be so cool to take my grandsons to this!

  11. seyfi

    Looking forward to it!

  12. Jason

    This looks interesting! Never heard of them

  13. Curtis

    Looks Sweet!

  14. Jennifer

    I’d love a chance to take my daughter to see this!

  15. Karen

    Who doesn’t jump for joy when the circus is in town? :)

    • Emily

      This circus is ALWAYS in town! CircusWest is Vancouver’s circus.

  16. Wendy T.

    Would love to check this out.

  17. w

    Looks fun!

  18. susan c

    Would love this! It looks amazing!!!

  19. Karen Elder

    The show looks fantastic, I would love some tickets please!!

  20. Sana

    Looks awesome!! I love circus and want to take my little bro for his 10th birthday!!!

  21. flyingbalance

    i want to fly with you!!

  22. Shareen A.

    Have never been to the circus before…would love to see this !

  23. Jennie

    Zodiac inspired! looks wonderful, would absolutely love to go.

  24. Sarah

    I would love to go – this looks amazing!

  25. julie

    I have never been to a circus performance before, but this would be an amazing experience. Hope I win!

  26. Heidi

    Haven’t been to a circus in ages!
    Would love to enjoy this fantastic event reminiscing how easy being a child was ~

  27. Jason Kou

    Whoa!!! I wanna go!!

  28. Nicole B

    Would love to check this out!

  29. Britt Pollard

    This looks amazing! I would love a chance to experience this!

  30. Diana

    Would love to go and take my little one!!!

  31. It’s great to have this type of events in Vancouver!

  32. Sunshine G

    Would love to go to the circus with my husband!

  33. Katrina S

    haven’t seen the night sky in so long, would love to go see this spectacle!

  34. Priscilla Ho

    I would love to win tickets to watch this!!

  35. Taruna Goel

    This looks like just the perfect activity for my 8 year old daughter and us :) Would love to win a chance to see the Blue Sky circus – live and happening! Thanks Inside Vancouver!

  36. Helena


  37. celia

    I”m a LIBRA!!!!! I NEeedddaa see this!!

  38. Robin

    Haven’t been to a circus since I was 8.

  39. Lily

    It seems like it would be so much fun to run away and join the circus…

  40. Adri Khalis

    This sounds cool! Very Cirque Du Soleil-ish :D

  41. Christine

    I’d love to go to this!

  42. Al Marsland

    My 3 young daughters would enjoy this so so much!

  43. Mark Sleath

    Wow, looks amazing.

  44. Odette

    I would love to take my little girl to this for her 5th birthday :)

  45. Hong

    Would love to go! Great way to enjoy my spring

  46. Holy

    Wow! I’m sure my little nice will love to be there

  47. Cecilia

    Amazing. Hope I get this :)

  48. Tran

    Hope I get these tickets this time. Would love to take my 5 year old cousin

  49. Kleia

    We goin to the circus!

  50. Kari

    My kids would love this!!!!

  51. Jennifer Tsang

    Would love to go, I love circus!

  52. Van

    Circus!!! Never been…

  53. Annie

    i would Love to go!!! :)

  54. David

    definitely like to go, =D

  55. Great to see a Circus type show that has such reasonable pricing! I would love to go.

  56. Nicky Tam

    Yes please!! This would be a fun date idea!!

  57. Angie


  58. Shahee

    Sounds awesome

  59. Shiela

    Meeeee!! pick meee!

  60. Angela J.

    It sounds like a beautiful performance.

  61. the kids would love to see the circus

  62. Jill Finnegan

    Wow! I haven’t been to a circus since a kid and now I am a
    grandma with 15 grqandchildren and a chance to relive
    my childhood.

  63. elesa

    YA.. …a… hope I could win! really want to go~~~

  64. Nguyen Tang

    A good friend of mine is performing in the show. I’d love to go see it!

  65. KK Leung


  66. Joseph

    Its my b-day~

  67. Joyce L

    Cool! It would be so sweet to watch!

  68. Gloria

    Would love to take my 6 year old. She loves the circus!

  69. DB

    Who doesn’t love the circus!!

  70. Nicole

    did i hear CIRCUS? :D

  71. Nuria

    Oh my god, the circus is here !

  72. Amy

    Would love to take my sister, she loves circus shows!

  73. lisa

    OoOooh, sounds really entertaining! Would love to get free tix!

  74. Jer

    Would love to see it with my boyfriend when I go back home in May! Haven’t seen him in 4 months because he studies in BC and I am in QC right now! This would be a great first date when I get back! :)

  75. nancy

    Awesome day out!

  76. Nlee

    I would love to go!

  77. Lola

    Awesome! Would love to go

  78. Kaka

    I want to go :)

  79. Yasmine Kantman

    I’ve always loved watching circus.
    So excited to watch this show!

  80. Gemma Bishop

    I’ve always wanted to go to the Circus, this would be the best first!

  81. Eileen

    Haven’t been to a circus in years! Would love to go to this one! @eleenie

  82. Christine C

    The show sounds awesome. I enjoy going to Cirque shows, so I think I’d love this. Each circus presentation I see, I am amazed at the strength, endurance, and skill it takes to complete an acrobatic performance.

    It would be lovely to win tickets to the show.

    I hope it’s me!

    Thanks :o)

  83. oh! my god~!!
    actually, this would be a great chance to make unforgettable memory in BC!!

  84. ANNIE

    i’m a language school student from korea!!
    i am looking forward to watching that amzing show very much~!!:)

    if i get a chance to watch it, i’ll have much fun and i’ll post to my blog to introduce my incredible experience about fantastic circus in canada ~~!!!!!

  85. RENATA

    I wanna win free-tickets!!!!

  86. David

    Me too !!!

  87. KY

    I’d love to go!

  88. Fred

    Count me in, I’d love to see it!

  89. Juliana

    I want to go :)

  90. Leiz Gagnon

    Looks amazing. Will take the kids and my Mom!

  91. Jennifer

    We are so excited to go see this. Can’t wait to see Kayla perform and the other amazing talents. This is such a great place!

  92. Natalie

    pick me! i love circuswest!

  93. Colleen

    I love it when the circus comes to town! Would love to go and see this show.

  94. elaine

    Looks fun!! Would love to go watch.

  95. Margaret Newill

    What a great idea for a date night!

  96. Great photo of the show. This looks mesmerizing. I’d love to see this!

  97. Marzena

    I have just moved to Vancouver. Circus will be nice event in a new chapter of my life :)

  98. Louisa

    Really looking forward to it – I haven’t been to the circus in years!