EAT! Vancouver Food + Cooking Festival, June 1 – 3 (Free Ticket Giveaway!)

photo: Eat! Vancouver Food + Cooking Festival

Celebrity chefs, popular local restaurants, wineries, food and beverage manufacturers, cookbook authors, retailers, artisans, and many others from the culinary world will come together for a three day public extravaganza at the newly refurbished BC Place Stadium. EAT! Vancouver encompasses unique food experiences, opportunities to learn behind-the-scenes culinary magic from professional chefs, dynamic entertainment through celebrity chef cooking demonstrations and culinary competitions, diverse food, beverage and cooking related exhibits; and of course fantastic shopping opportunities.

Come for lunch and stay for dinner at EAT! Vancouver’s Bite of Vancouver restaurant pavilion. The chefs of favourite Lower Mainland restaurants will serve up appetizer portions of their signature recipes. For a nominal charge ($1.00 – $4.00) per item you will be able to savour the flavours of numerous eateries.

Beer, wine and spirits will be well represented in the Tasting Pavilion where you can sip and taste hundreds of different beverages. Hosted by Daenna Van Mulligen, Vancouver’s Wine Diva, the Grapes and Hops Stage will feature presentations and tastings of numerous local and regional beers and wines conducted by a variety of industry experts.

While at EAT! Vancouver, you will also enjoy shopping in the marketplace of over 250 exhibit booths. Producers, manufacturers, retailers and food artisans will showcase a wide assortment of unique products for eating, drinking, cooking, entertaining, and outfitting a kitchen. Exhibits will include everything from gourmet foods to kitchen accessories.

While visiting EAT! Vancouver, you will:

  • Discover new food + beverage products +cooking ingredients
  • Taste hundreds of food and beverage from hundreds of exhibitors
  • Shop & buy hard to find food +cooking related products.
  • Learn new methods of cooking from the experts
  • Watch Food Network celebrity chefs showcase their talents on stage
  • Learn cuisines of foreign lands in the World Culinary Tourism Expo
  • Enjoy tasting the offerings of restaurants and wineries +breweries
  • Find new foods + treats for your pets in the Pets EAT! Too Pavilion
  • Discover appreciation for cheese at Dairy Farmer’s Cheese Seminars
  • Talk with food producers, growers, vintners and brewers
  • Improve wine + beer appreciation in Grapes & Hops Seminar area

For additional information about the event, please visit the Eat! Vancouver Food + Cooking Festival website.

We are giving away a Family Pack of Four (4) Single-Day Admission Tickets to attend the event! To be eligible, all you have to do is post a comment below. We’ll randomly select a winner at noon on Tuesday, May 22nd and notify the winner by email.

Updated Tuesday, May 22nd: Congratulations Elaine! You are the recipient of a Family Pack of Four (4) Single-Day Admission Tickets to attend the Eat! Vancouver Food + Cooking Festival. Please check your inbox for further instructions on how to claim your prize.

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256 Responses to EAT! Vancouver Food + Cooking Festival, June 1 – 3 (Free Ticket Giveaway!)

  1. lisa

    Love to try and discover new food!

  2. If you like to eat or cook, you have to go to this show!

  3. Jeanie

    Count me in to EAT!

    • carl

      Can,t cook don;t cook love to eat

  4. Jessica

    So excited about the event. Sounds DELICIOUS! :)

  5. Anne Ticehurst

    Perfect timing for my foodie weekend in Vancouver :)

  6. Victoria Thomas

    Love Love Love Food! And the quality of food of Vancouver and the different options available is unlike anything else. I need to learn how to expand my cooking when it comes to foreign cuisine!!

  7. Bons

    Love food, but never been to this festival before. Would love to attend this year!

  8. Wendy T

    One of my favourite events of the year!

  9. Rosalie

    Love exploring new foods!

  10. cann’t wait to taste the wonders of all exotic food.

  11. Jildau

    Sounds amazing! Would love to go try some new food :)

  12. Joanne Tse

    I come every year! I love seeing the vast variety of foods. My favorite part is the wine section ;)

  13. Christie M

    Yum, would love to win this!

  14. Jess

    So many new vendors this year! Would love to spend the weekend tasting yummy food

  15. Emma H

    I’m feeling hungry just reading about it :)

  16. Amy

    I love food :D

  17. Fanny

    Love cooking and would love to attend Eat! Vancouver Food :-)

  18. EG

    I would love to win!!!!!

  19. Emily H

    I’ve always wanted to check out this event. I would love to go!

  20. Leslie

    Best event ever

  21. Deena

    This looks so impressive! Would LOVE to go

  22. Janet

    Love of food is the best love!! <3

  23. Heather

    Heard it’s a blast would love to go!

  24. Ro

    Would love to take my family!

  25. Paul

    Always look forward to the food festival

  26. Coral

    This would be fantastic!

  27. Brenda


  28. Alice

    Wow, it sounds wonderful!

  29. K

    Pick me! I’ve never tasted food before!!!

  30. That would be fun to check out.

  31. June

    Yum! Sounds delicious!!

  32. Rainy

    Thanks for such awesome giveaway. That would be great to join the Eat! Vancouver this year =)

  33. Gina

    Every year I have always said I wanted to go being the big foodie that I am and every year something comes up and I end up missing it. Would like to try again this year as it sounds amazing!!

  34. kelsey

    i love going to this! sampling food is great :)

  35. Frank

    Can’t wait to try the new goodies at Eat Vancouver this year!

  36. Jocelyn

    I’d love to take my parents – they’ve never been to Eat! before.

  37. Masia

    Mniammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ! ! !

  38. Amy

    Love going to eat & trying all the delicious food. Happy that this year they are doing some classes

  39. Tracey

    I love to eat! :)

  40. Blanka

    EAT!Vancouver is my favourite event! I can warmly recommend it.

  41. lindsay

    I would love to attend

  42. Irene

    Great chance to expand my little ones palates. Love trying new food.

  43. Eat Vancouver is the best event of the year! Love to attend.

  44. brenda

    can’t think of a better way to spend a few hours than snacking on goodies in van!

  45. nadia

    I’d like to take my new 3 Kiwi friends…I’m in!!!

  46. Laura

    Sounds delicious!!

  47. Lisa

    YAY to EAT Vancouver!!! Love food? Can’t miss it!

  48. Julianne

    I love experiencing new foods and wine! Sounds like a perfect way to spend a day!

  49. Gene


  50. Jeanette

    Love trying new food & drinks! EAT! Vancouver is great =)

  51. Karla

    I’m a total Foodie Nerd…this is like my ComicCon! LOL Can’t wait!

  52. Oh me, I’m extra keen to go to this! Can’t wait!

  53. Anne-Marie

    Living in Vancouver turned me into a foodie!!!! Pick me Pick me Pick me!!!

  54. Jewels

    Love! Love! Love Eat! Vancouver Food+Cooking Festival because that’s where I get the best new meal ideas and ingredients!!! =D

  55. I will try out the new restaurants

  56. I will stay for dinner!

  57. Lisa

    So looking forward to this show.

  58. Percy

    Been wanting to go to EAT for a few years now but something always got in the way. This year, I’m free – here’s my chance!

  59. tracy

    day of eating! count me in =b

  60. Stacie Schartner

    I love the EAT! festival :)

  61. Nicole B

    Love this event! Would love to attend this year

  62. Nadine Wu

    Definitely one of my favourite festivals of the year. I always look forward to EAT! Vancouver!!

  63. Carolyn

    Can’t wait to invite everyone:)

  64. Cameron Hui

    food is good

  65. Cat

    I keep missing this festival every year! Not this time :)

  66. Lawrence

    Loving the idea of trying a hundred new tastes – and then going back for more.

  67. Marinette Carag

    Always wanted to go to this event! Sounds so yummy!

  68. Kevin

    samplers are the best way to bring more clients to your restaurants!

  69. Jennifer Y.

    Can’t wait to get inspired by all the good food!

  70. I’ll be very happy going to this awesome event.


  71. latnahcc

    Hope I don’t get drunk!

  72. Michelle W

    What can I say? I love food!

  73. Melissa

    awesome, hope i win, i have never been to this event before.

  74. Definitely will be there.

  75. Kristy N.

    Mmmmmmmmm….Eeeeeeeeat. Looking forward to another awesome year! :)

  76. Cal

    Love this! Wish there were more of these events to attend!

  77. I am drooling just thinking about getting to hit this delicious sounding event with friends!

  78. Lydia

    Wouldn’t mind going again!

  79. Jennifer Lagesoe

    You can find me in the beer garden!

  80. Andrea

    Never been to EAT! before, would love tickets!!

  81. Janice


  82. Becky

    Wow, this looks great, definitely want to go!

  83. janette

    I hope I win these!!!!

  84. Donna

    I love coming over from Victoria for EAT!

  85. lammie

    Excited for this!

  86. Jo-lynn

    Our family loves food and we love to eat!

  87. alyssa trobacher

    sounds great!

  88. David

    Have never been, would love to go!

  89. Alice

    Yum yum yum!

  90. Nicky

    oh yes!! would totally love to go!!

  91. Jeannie

    Can’t wait for Eat vancouver this year

  92. Darwin

    Love Eat! Vancouver

  93. Billy Chai

    Would love to go!

  94. Emmy

    I love food:) I would love to go!!!! Yum yum yum ;)

  95. Sbou

    Mmm.. nom nom nom!

  96. my stomach is all ready!

  97. Jen

    They should really lower the ticket price so there wouldn’t be so many people fighting over free tickets, including me! :)

  98. would love to check this out

  99. brandon

    Love trying new food

  100. Chelle

    Eat! Vancouver was one of my favourite events that we went to last year–would love to go again!

  101. Maybe this will help me learn to cook, finally.

  102. henry

    let me win!

  103. Natalie

    Would love to go

  104. Neena

    What a fun way to spend a family day…….eating food!

  105. Moneesh

    Wonder if I am lucky enough to participate this year :)

  106. Marianne

    I’d love to go to this!!

  107. Diana

    I would love to go to this event!!!

  108. Patti

    Pick me , Pick me please!!!!

  109. Archana Aggarwal

    Sounds like a great way to spend a day!! :)

  110. Jamilla

    I would love to go with my family, never been but heard its GREAT!

  111. Fingers crossed!!!

  112. SK

    As a Vancouver newbie, I would love to attend this events! Sounds like there is a lot to taste, see, and learn! :)

  113. Chastin M

    I would love to bring my family here!! We love food and are always interested in trying new things!

  114. San

    Such a wonderful event!!

  115. Jax

    Great food, great venue… hard to beat!

  116. Heather

    Eat Vancouver!!! As much as I try to, the restaurants keep changing! Hope it’s as good as the Spot Prawn Festival. Love how foodie Vancouver is becoming.

  117. Elaine

    who doesnt love to eat food?

  118. Lorna

    Who doesn’t like to EAT?

  119. Richmond yu

    I’m in!

  120. Sheila L.

    My family could love to attend – it’s a great event!

  121. Kelly

    Can’t wait! I’m hungry already!!!

  122. Melissa H.

    We would love to try the delicious food!

  123. Tabatha

    The perfect event for foodies!!

  124. RD

    I’ve always wanted to attend this event but never had a chance. Would be great to win the tickets.

  125. Kelly

    Sounds like an adventure! Count me in!

  126. Kevin

    In to win! Would be a great little surprise for my foodie friends. Thanks for putting on the great contest!

  127. Kira

    Looking forward to it!

  128. KJ

    Can’t wait!

  129. Colleen

    Haven’t been in the newly renovated stadium. Would love to go and see/sample menu ideas and such for the Senior’s residence that I manage. Tantalize their tastebuds!

  130. I’m going for sure! Excited about eating all the food there!

  131. Lisa Chambard

    Thanks for keeping us informed of these great events!!

  132. Shirley

    Would love to try and discover new food : )

  133. Alex

    mmmmmm fooooooooood

  134. Kelly

    I would love to win! Try new food and gain some inspiration :)

  135. Benson

    I will definitely make it this year! Can’t wait!

  136. Samantha

    It would really make my day if I won. New food spurs creativity and I need some right now!

  137. wendy

    Can’t wait for the event to start! Always a lot of fun.

  138. Norah

    I want to gooooo! Mmmmm delicious foooooood =w=

  139. Michelle

    Sounds like a great event

  140. Serena

    I missed out last year because I was out of town so I’d love to win tickets for this year!

  141. Dilara

    Love Eat Vancouver!

  142. francis

    Love this event!!!!

  143. Angela

    Count on me to take a few bites!

  144. Megan

    please enter me into the draw!

  145. Darlene C

    This is an amazing event. I went one year and tired Kangaroo mini burgers. Pretty good. I would love to go again and try something new.

  146. Janson

    I would love to visit Eat! Vancouver and join the festivities with good food and good people. :)

  147. Jo

    I will go for sure!

  148. Sue

    yes please!

  149. Wendy

    Pick Me! Pick Me?!

  150. Sandra

    I am addicted to Inside Vancouver and would love to win tickets to Eat Vancouver.

  151. I woud like to go again..

  152. Joyce

    Would love to win this prize!

  153. Teresa P.

    Would love to win! This is a perfect event for someone like me who’s pregnant and craving all kinds of food all the time!

  154. Lena

    Any event with food is good :)

  155. Cherie

    I would love a chance to win! I’m a total foodie!!!

  156. Amy

    I would love to go!

  157. Hei Moon

    Cool event.

  158. Chantel

    Pick me! Love this event <3

  159. Great Event ! Hope I get the tickets.

  160. Emily

    This sounds great!!! Really want to go!!!!

  161. Vu Nguyen

    I got to Eat Vancouver every year!

  162. Thanks!!

  163. Lauren

    This show is always a blast, hope to win the tickets!

  164. Jeremy

    would love to go!

  165. Vanessa

    I would LOVE to go!

  166. Dennis L.

    On behalf of my tummy and the tummies of three others, I would like to win these tix.

  167. Gigi

    Yes for tickets to food.

    I can live without technology, but I can’t live without food!

  168. Jennifer Mancinelli

    Me and my husband are major foodies and would love to go!!! Pick us please.

  169. Yummi! Food is my passion! Pick me please!

  170. craig

    looks like a great event

  171. Betina

    Loved it last year! can’t wait for this year’s event!

  172. vpro

    I love food!

  173. ML

    Excited about going this year; love this event!

  174. Lina

    Love food events!

  175. SMa

    Yeah~~~ can’t wait!!!

  176. shahmanshadi

    i never been to one of this

  177. k

    Nothing beats food and drinks a plenty under one roof!
    Thanks for the opportunity :)

  178. Pat Awmack

    Every year I say I am going to this show, and never make it for one reason or another. This year I am going!

  179. Ann-Marie

    I’d love to win tickets!

  180. Jeff MacLeod

    Random post!

  181. Eva Sharell

    sounds delicious!!

  182. Melissa

    I can’t wait for Eat Vancouver!! It has been marked in my planner for months!

  183. katrina

    this sounds really cool

  184. Vicky

    Sounds good! Would like to go!!

  185. Jessie

    I’d love to win tickets!!!!!

  186. Hana

    I LOVE foodhunting in Vancouver!

  187. Chrissy

    I would love to go!

  188. Tracy

    Sounds super fun! Would love to win :D!

  189. Naomi

    This sounds like a great event! I’d love to improve my culinary skills and eat delicious food :)

  190. Petra

    Thanks for another super hint! Love this blog :)

  191. Michal

    Sounds fun, count me in!

  192. Donnie

    Yum. Samples!!!

  193. Kim

    Love to cook and Love to eat! Always looking for new and creative foods and wines!!

  194. Amy


  195. Lain

    Can’t wait. I live to eat!

  196. Tina

    Can’t wait for Eat! Vancouver. Would love to win tickets.

  197. Minnie

    Would love to go and take my aspiring chef with me!

  198. Areta

    Love to win this! Great event!

  199. Tony

    I would love to go!

  200. Amy

    I would love to win tickets to Eat Vancouver festival! :D

  201. Reza

    Would love to be there!

  202. Sonya sangha

    Count me into the draw!!! Thanks

  203. Bonnie

    Food and free sounds good to me.

  204. Amy

    I love checking out cooking related festivals!

  205. Hanson

    They say as soon as you see a food you like coming, your stomach automatically allocates new space from the unknown to hold this new delicious food. Can’t wait for this year’s EAT! Vancouver! :D

  206. yong

    We look forward to this show every year!

  207. patrick

    Let’s eat! Can’t wait to try new foods.

  208. Robin

    waiting in anticipation for this event!

  209. Hidemasa

    I love both cooking and eating!!

  210. Katie P

    I love Eat Vancouver!

  211. Gwendolyn

    Let’s EAT! together (:

  212. Well I did have a ticket to Eat Vancouver when I registered for DineNDazzle but as I lost it, boo hoo, guess I’ll try to win one!

  213. Sophia

    Thanks so much for the draw!!!

  214. Robbie

    What a great opportunity!! Let’s EAT!!

  215. Ronald

    Samplers are the best part!

  216. Amanda J

    Loves food with a passion. Grew up surrounded by food. Love studying food and learning about the different cultures. The history of food, from where a spice originated from to the art of food. Delicious! Mmmmmm super excited to be apart of eat vancouver! Yum!! I am sure my daughter would have a blast of checking this event out too <3

  217. S Lam

    Can’t wait to Eat Vancouver!!!

  218. mike

    eat! vancouver is the only vancouver convention i go to every year and this year is a must! so many talented chefs coming i cant wait!!!

  219. Burk

    This is a great event! Would love to go again!

  220. Aubrey

    ( EDL) Eat, drink, Laugh- =The joy of life. See you all there

  221. Yum! I would love to attend this :)

  222. Kathleen

    I would love to go!

  223. Audrey

    I wanna go!!!

  224. Arella

    Foodie forever! Love life!

  225. Sarah

    mmmm nom nom nom

  226. Portia

    Can’t wait to visit this year! :)

  227. CY

    It’s a great event. I wanna go!

  228. Nabi

    Im a foodie, I want to go!

  229. Went there last year, and would love to go again!

  230. Sylvia

    Would love to go.

  231. Everybody has at least two talents, I so hope this one is my second…

    Looking forward to the event!

  232. Jacalyn

    I’d love to take the whole family here. Mmm mmm.

  233. Lincoln

    I will eat everything.

  234. Angela

    You’r making me hungry at 11:29pm when I should be sleeping LOL Thanks :P Good Food Needs Good company to enjoy! Count me in :D

  235. Amy

    I would love to try so many different kind of food!

  236. Jennifer Law

    Would love to go – thank you for the giveaway!

  237. Max

    cut my finger while cooking last week, it still hurts… I like to see how experts chop things so fast. Lol

  238. andrew

    Sounds amazing! We LOVE Vancouver and all the wonderful tasting opportunties. This is absolutely a MUST

  239. Sophie Wang

    Love to try this

  240. Ayesha

    my favorite annual event

  241. Bala Meenakshi

    would love to attend this event

  242. Patty

    Ah-mazing! Can’t wait to try all the food. Yay to summer in Vancouver!

  243. Eileen

    Heard good things about EAT! Vancouver, but have never been. Maybe this year?!

  244. Evan

    Thank you for the offering for this great spring event.

  245. Susanna

    I been going to Eat Vancouver! since 2004, haven’t missed a year =) i love this event and im so excited for it again this year =)

  246. Teresa

    I’d love to check this out.

  247. lisa

    I’ve always been caught with a work shift during eat vancouver and am finally going to be free to attend this year. So excited to go! :)

  248. Khai

    I’m always hungry when there’s food.

  249. Irina

    Looking forward to the event!

  250. shiane

    Never been to EAT! Vancouver before!! It would be amazing to go!!

  251. Linda

    I would love to attend this event because I am learning how to cook for my family.

  252. linda

    Sounds delicious!

  253. Dave

    Food, wine, beer and spirits tasting, demos, samples, etc. it will be a busy eventful day out! Looking forward to it!

  254. Anne

    Love this celebration of foods!

  255. Vince

    food, wine, new experiences – what could be more fun!