Featured Vancouverite: Jackie Peterson

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec

How long have you been a Vancouverite? Two years, by way of Calgary.

A scientist by education; I am the Director of Client Services at Cross Border PR, where we help our clients translate highly-technical and frequently geeky ideas into media-worthy stories and get their name and innovations out there. My colleague Elena Verlee and I operate this technology-focused PR agency here in Vancouver which satisfies my curiosity and love for all things science. This business also allows me the opportunity to be part of an exciting and supportive community of technology entrepreneurs.

Best way to spend a Sunday in the city:
Vancouver is the the most amazing place! My boyfriend and I find any nearby cafe to partake in Vancouver’s amazing patio and coffee culture (which always includes people watching). In my case, it’s also about catching up with tech news, new music and happenings in Vancouver, and also to chat with anyone willing to accommodate my knack for incessant questioning (which I, of course, refer to as interesting conversation). Then hit one of Vancouver’s best features; be it the beaches, the walking paths in the beginning slopes of the mountains, or the Stanley Park seawall.

The Vancouverite you most admire:
Well, that’s a tie between serial entrepreneur Doug Blakeway and Mayor Gregor Robertson.

An entrepreneur/investor for 40 years and a lifelong Vancouverite, Doug Blakeway is Chairman and CEO of Nanotech Security Corp. and entrepreneur-in-residence at Simon Fraser University. He has founded and operated a number of successful ventures. He also has an amazing number of inventions and patents under his belt, including a rotary engine, a portable diamond drill feed, a fluid-management system, GPS asset and personnel tracking systems, and an infrared night-viewing. There is no end to his involvement and accomplishments in the BC entrepreneurial community. On top of that, he’s an amazingly dedicated family man. I am proud to call him my friend.

As for Mayor Gregor, he is the coolest politician I know. He’s a great supporter of the technology and clean-tech community in Vancouver, he’s the world’s biggest champion of the city (followed closely by yours truly). My most goal is to usurp him as mayor of the City of Vancouver when I am 45.

Best tips for touring Vancouver on a budget:
Coal Harbour has to be the loveliest neighbourhood in the city. With views of the North Shore mountains, the marina, and being right on the seawall, it’s a peaceful and incredibly beautiful place any time of year. It also hosts a cluster of local restaurants that bring an huge variety of dishes to the table. I most recommend La Petite Crepe at Thurlow and West Pender Streets. The ever sweet eastern European owner, Murat Karagoz, makes soup from scratch every day and creates tasty homemade sandwiches and crepes at affordable prices.

Also, while the the Grouse Grind is not for the faint of heart, both medically and figuratively speaking, once you’re up there, the view is stunning.

I’d also recommend a picnic on Third Beach in Stanley Park, as it’s a great way to interrupt any work day in Vancouver.

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    Did I just hear Coal Harbour and “budget” in the same sentence?