After Hours, at the Vancouver Aquarium (Free Ticket Giveaway!)

It’s time for the next After Hours, the Vancouver Aquarium’s adults-only evening, on June 27 from 6 – 10 p.m.

Visitors will be able to enjoy the new Penguin Point exhibit, special programming, access to the galleries…and the most exciting part? There will be no little ones around – well, except little penguins!

The summer After Hours will include the following:

* Special information from experts and volunteers about the new African penguins.
* Hands-on Wet Lab experiences.
* Presentations on Arctic cod research and implications to the Arctic ecosystem.
* BBQ, beer and wine (alcohol only available with the purchase of food) from the Upstream Café.

For tickets visit

Members $13.25 / Non-Members $21

The event in March sold out very quickly so reserve soon. No tickets will be sold at the door.

Free Ticket Giveaway!

We have two pairs of tickets to After Hours to give away to our readers. To be eligible for a pair of tickets just post a comment below. 

Congratulations to Samantha and LM, check your email inbox for prize details!

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248 Responses to After Hours, at the Vancouver Aquarium (Free Ticket Giveaway!)

  1. Those penguins are so cute!!! Not going to lie, I sometimes leave the live cam on in the background of my work comp. Best breaks ever!

    • Jenny

      Would love to go!

  2. Alice Ewart

    How adorable and special are these little guys? I love them and I’d love to take my friend to this event who’s leaving the country soon after!

  3. Joyce


  4. Tracy

    Please pick me! I miss the Aquarium so much!

  5. Matt

    Neat idea.

  6. Looking forward to chillin’ with some penguins…my boyfriend will be stoked. :)

  7. LM

    Is the evening black tie like the penguins? :)

  8. Sara

    I heard about this event before and my friends LOVED it. I’d be thrilled to win the tickets to this event. The Aquarium at night is such a magical thing. Whoever wins will be very lucky!

  9. Bryan

    Love the aquarium, but have yet to see the penguins there!

  10. Rainy

    Great! Wish you pick me!

  11. Jeanette

    I remember learning about Social Studies in elementary! seems like eons ago..but so much fun!

  12. Andrea

    Penguins after hours?! Awesome!

  13. Sunita Sohi

    The penguins are SO cute, my favorite animal. The exhibit looks interesting to check out!!

  14. Miranda

    Great event! Can’t wait

  15. Wells

    I’ve always wanted to go to one of these nights. Add in penguins and I’m there, no questions asked!

  16. Samantha

    I may just have to watch March of the Penguins in preparation!

  17. Jon McMorran

    Such a great event! I went last time, and it was fantastic.

  18. Sheri Rowe

    The Aquarium with BBQ and beers!? What could be better??!

  19. janie warner

    hello that will be our first night in Vancouver and what a wonderful way to start our visit look forward to maybe hearing from you also is everything wheelchair accessable

  20. Kay

    Sounds like fun! :)

  21. Sounds like fun!

  22. Remi

    Poor student here. My friends keep telling me how great the Aquarium is, and that I should get a yearly membership. HOWEVER, then I remind them that I can’t afford to go. A free ticket would be amazing so I could finally see what it’s all about! And…I love Penguins!

  23. K


  24. It has been years since I’ve been to the Aquarium! I would love to see those penguins!

  25. john ramsden

    How adorable, there so darn cute, can i take them home

  26. Michael

    After Hours… This is when the action starts!!!

  27. Terry

    Awww havent been to the Aquarium for so many years, would love to see the Penguins:)

  28. Teresa L

    Those penguins are beyond cute! Would love to see them in person!!

  29. Sarah

    Penguins and drinking! My raison d’etre!

  30. Melody

    Going to the Aquarium is awesome, only adults night is even better. Love it!

  31. janette

    Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go to this!!!

  32. David M

    Having lived here for a year, moving from England and slowly checking off my to-do list, I would love this!

  33. Michael

    More attractions and businesses could benefit from adult only scheduling. Love it!

  34. Alison o

    African Penguins!!??!! I gotta see this for myself!

  35. Taruna Goel

    These african penguins are damn cute! I have been checking them on the web cam and looking forward to know their names :) Would love to see them live and kicking! Thanks

  36. Sarah

    Penguins, BBQ, and Beer – how ‘cool’ would that be?

  37. Jenibop

    I love little men in tux!

  38. Sarah

    Penguins, BBQ and beer – how ‘cool’ would that be?

  39. Alix

    Absolutely love the Aquarium!!! Have always wanted to go to an After Hours event :D

  40. Justin

    Sounds like such an awesome event. I definitely need to try this

  41. Samantha

    I love penguins! An After Hours event would be so cool to go to, especially for penguins!

  42. Kevin

    I haven’t been to the aquarium in ages! Conflicts with my work hours but “after hours” is a great idea!!!

  43. Melissa

    This sounds like a great event! I’m a teacher and spend all day with young children, so after hours will be a nice relaxing way to see the aquarium! I can’t wait :)

  44. Quan

    I LOVE spending time at the aquarium! Haven’t seen those penguins yet…

  45. Lindz Marsh

    A Flightless Haiku

    Black n white parade
    Calling for a sardine lunch
    Penguins on webcam

  46. Moneesh Reddy

    Madagascar :)~

  47. Matty Beaulne

    Penguins! Cool!

  48. alex

    sounds like a fun event!

  49. Gillian

    Yay free tickets!! I love the aquarium :D

  50. yes please!

  51. Rosana

    I would love to have a date with my husband at the Aquarium!

  52. Amy

    Sounds so much fun. I want to go!

  53. stefanie

    A very cool adult only event.

  54. Brooke Prior

    My nicknames is Penny short for Penguin and My bf is Turtle… Id love a pair of tickets to experience this so this odd pair of a turtle and penguin can roam around the real ones!!!! <3 xo

  55. Dianne

    No matter what I wear I’m sure I’ll be shown up by the penguins!

  56. Angela

    I would LOVE to see the penguins !

  57. Oh pick me! Would love to take a friend and have been meaning to check out the aquarium ever since I moved here!

  58. Robert

    Oh, I wish I didn’t already buy those tickets.

  59. Nataliya

    Time to visit aquarium !

  60. Heather

    Nothing against kids, but a kid free aquarium evening sounds like fun!

  61. Anna

    I love penguins! Can’t wait to see them!

  62. Sabrina

    I have never been to the aquarium! Would love to see all of the exhibits… Especially the penguins! :)

  63. Emily

    Oh my! So cute. I went to Iceland last year, to a place called Vik where penguins live in the wild. But we went during the wrong season! This would be perfect redemption!

  64. Christie M

    I love the aquarium and am really looking forward to checking out the new penguin exhabit. Would love to win free tix :)

  65. Rumen

    Omg!!!!! Such an amazing idea! Been wanting to go with my boyfriend ever since we heard about the new cutie penguins! He also calls me his penguin (he says I walk like one LOL) <3

  66. Andrew Brewerton

    Sounds fabulous!

  67. Dani

    I (and my four year old!) would love to go…it’s nice to have penguins back…

  68. Stella Panagiotidis

    Oh! This sounds great! I’d love this opportunity!

  69. linda

    i’d love to see the penguins

  70. nadia

    me please! i’ve entered way too many contests on here but i’d really like to win this one

  71. Wendy

    I wish to bring my daughter there for her birthday coming up!

  72. bev

    After-hours date at the Aquarium?! Yes please! So cool, would love to go!

  73. Shannon

    Aww so cute. Haven’t been to the aquarium in ages. Sounds fun!

  74. Melissa

    I would love to go see penguins!!!

  75. Chalinee

    I love Vancouver aquarium! This is a good idea. I know there will be no baby there but I’m bringing the one in my tummy with me. I’m sure he’ll love it :)

  76. Hei Moon

    I Love PENGUINS.

  77. Hanson

    My penguin-itis is tingling! An opportunity to go without distractions I would make sure to write/blog about so I never forget ^_^

  78. lammie

    Love penguins!

  79. Mathew

    So excited about these penguins!!!!!!!!

  80. Stanley

    Awesome! Penguins at night!

  81. Conroy


  82. Belinda

    African Penguins afterparty!!! I definitely would like to visit them during the night. I wonder if all of them will be going through the stage of losing their feathers at the end of the month, but I hope the one that is in the process will get its new wonderful summer coat on and bring out more sunshine in June. :D

  83. Minnie

    Would love to go!

  84. Jen

    I would love love to see the new residents at the Aquarium!! They make me wanna dance, shake, and goof around… cuteness to the max! =)

  85. kels

    i wanna go!

  86. Kelly

    Sounds like a fun unconventional date night! I would love to go see the penguins with my man! Hopefully we’ll win *fingers crossed*

  87. clafa

    I love penguins! yay penguins!! I would love to see them!!
    Won’t they be asleep though? or maybe they have jet lag?

  88. Marissa

    Would love to see the penguin exhibit!

  89. Debra

    I would love to see the Penguins – I hope they stay awake for all the visitors who are anxious to see them!! And I look forward to hearing what their new names will be!

  90. Veronika

    I´ve never seen penguins actually, but love them! They are so cute :)

  91. Linda

    Happy Feet!

  92. J

    Awww….. wish I was at the Aquarium right now.

  93. Paolo Fabri

    I would love to get my fiance and myself in to see these amazing animals. My fiance is from South Africa and with the current weather situation is a little homesick, also due to the fact we can’t afford to travel to see her family it might be a nice surprise for her to see her native South African little cousins.
    Thank you.

  94. Veronica Hoffmann

    I love the aquarium… and even more the little penguins!!

  95. Jessica

    I want to go see the penguins!

  96. Terra Scheer

    I love these little guys. I’ve been watching the webcam non-stop and nicknamed one of them Ned. Can’t wait to see them in person.

  97. Robbie

    This would be the best fathers day gift ever!

  98. Jadie

    I like’d to see Happy Feet :)

  99. Angela

    I want to go~~

    I love penguins and missed them when they moved out of Stanley Park.

  100. Joanne

    I haven’t been to the aquarium since my kids were little….would love to see the penguins!

  101. RH

    The Vancouver Aquarium is a great destination that locals can get reaquainted with. Rediscover why tourists love this hidden gem of ours. Besides, penguins look cool in their tuxs! :)

  102. LH

    AH! I want to see the penguins! One of my fave moments was getting to feed the sea otters. So cute!

  103. Alexandra

    Wonderful, a night at the Aquarium!

  104. Ashley

    I’d love to come to this!

  105. Randy

    Penguins are my wife’s favourite animal and it would great for both of us to have a nice date night out visiting the aquarium and these new little guys! Go penguins!

  106. Nina

    I love penguins, period :-)

  107. Jenni D

    After hours at the Aquarium would be soo much fun… Especially if we get to hang out with those cute little Penguins!! Pick me!!! :)

  108. Tuija

    Great to have penquins back in Stanley Park! They are, after all, the waiters in Mary Poppins. In addition to being absolutely amazing animals!

  109. Lauren

    Do you think I could take one of the penguins home with me? It could live in my converted freezer just like in Ace Ventura.

  110. KY

    I haven’t been to the aquarium in years and would love to go again!

  111. Darlene C

    Love peguins. I spent an hour inside the building in San Diego watching them interact. I have seen the fairy penquins in Austrailia. They are amazing little creatures. Can’t wait to see them at the Aquarium.

  112. Rob

    would love to be a part of this after hours and chsnce to see the prnguins for the first time!

  113. Sweet!

  114. kim

    This is a fantastic idea- We’d love to see the African penguins “after hours.” I’ve always wanted to go to the aquarium and take my dad, who’s never been. It’d be a treat! :)

  115. Chelle

    I love going to events at the Aquarium!

  116. Emily

    OOOOH Penguins!
    I’ve only just moved to Vancouver from the UK and would love to go to this event with all my heart and sole – I’m usually pretty unflappable when it comes to aquariums but I’m wishing upon a star(fish) for these tickets!

  117. Justin

    Man, those penguins are so awesome. Would love to go see them =)

  118. Corrinne

    I love the penguins! But the otters will always be my favourite.

  119. Alicia

    I LOVE PENGUINS!!!! no really.

  120. Jane

    always want to meet penguins. really hope to win this.

  121. Kay

    I LOVE the penguins!!

  122. au c.

    love VanAqua & the penguins. . .penguins are so adorable & cute! :)

  123. Chelsea

    Please pick me! This event is sure to be awesome and I’m dying to see the new penguins!!

  124. Jeff MacLeod

    I’ve been meaning to get to the aquarium and was very excited about the new African Penguins arrival. I was hoping in one of my weekly walks around the sea wall I would be able to take some time out to see them myself but I am a little short on cash as of late. this would be perfect.

  125. Gemma

    The Vancouver Aquarium is one of my top favourite activities in the city, and penguins are my favourite animal! Please pick me!

  126. Trevor

    I love going to see the penguins with my girl, her nickname is even penguini! Pick me so I can surprise her!! Please and thank you :D

  127. I love going to the aquarium. I would like to see your new exhibit of penquins. What I have seen advertised has inspired me to want to go. They are interesting creatures and I would like to take my adoptive niece to see them. We have so much to learn from them. :)

  128. Marie

    I want these tickets :-)
    I am newcomer in Vancouver and I read a lot about Vancouver Aquarium, I would love to visit it!

  129. Debbie

    Penguins are so darn cute! I would love to check this out!

  130. Cory

    The aquarium is so much fun!

  131. Nuha

    Never be there , s would nice if I have the chance

  132. David

    would love to go!

  133. Candy

    would be great to be our first date night without our kids!

  134. Sandra

    Please feed my penguin addiction.

  135. Pakka


  136. Alice

    The Vancouver Aquarium is the place to be!

  137. Ian

    Looks like fun!

  138. Faith

    Would love to go!!!

  139. It’s been awhile since we had a date, would be real nice to do it here :)

  140. Dan

    Would love to go to this! Sounds like a fun night.

  141. Diana

    Thoroughly enjoyed the Happy Feet 4-D experience! Twice!!

  142. Shahee


  143. janet

    I <3 penguins and would love to see them at the Aquarium!

  144. Jonathan

    I’d never been to the Vancouve Aquarium, would like to check this out, free tickets would be great!

  145. Amanda

    Really want to surprise my boyfriend with these tickets! He hasn’t been to the aquarium in years!! I would absolutely love them!

  146. Marieke

    Would love the opportunity to see it without the crowds and mostly to learn more about the research work they do! Cheers :)

  147. Danielle

    After hours sounds like great fun! :)

  148. Megan

    Only just found out about this great website and now I MIGHT win something? yay. Would love to go.

  149. Kutrina

    I would love to go! With 3 little kids (4 year old twins and another one) I never get to see all the exhibits…

  150. Eileen

    Little penguins?! CUTE!

  151. Elissa

    Would love some after-hour penguin action!

  152. Christine Tsang

    I love penguins! I would love to see them!!
    Great event! Can’t wait ~~~~

  153. wooo penguins

  154. Shirley Meeker

    Yes this would be fun without the children running afoot. I would defininitely come to this event……….. Shirley In PoCo

  155. Jeremy

    my wife loves penguins!! would love to go with her!

  156. Roxsy

    please pick me!

  157. Lena

    Would love to go with my bf!

  158. Percy

    After living here for 8 years, I went with my brother to the Aquarium in April for the first time. Loved every minute of it!

  159. Breanne

    I would love to go and see the cute little penguins!!

  160. Heidi

    I’d love to go.

  161. Donna

    You don’t have to a kid to enjoy the Vancouver Aquarium. It’s fun for everyone. The electric eels are my favourite!

  162. Max

    I heard about the Vancouver aquarium back in Italy……does it really make the difference to visit in the night, or during the day (maybe sunny), is it good enough??

    I’ll go there for sure before the end of summer….

  163. Nabi

    I love the aquarium.

  164. Vanessa

    I love the Vancouver Aquarium and would enjoy meeting the penguins!

  165. slantendicular

    I want to take my girlfriend and show her that the aquarium isn’t a cruel institution.

  166. Cathy

    Wow, the penguins sure are popular :)

  167. I’ve heard such good things about the new penguin exhibit! Would love to bring the bf along for a cute, fun date :)

  168. Karen Elder

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease pick me!! I love the aquarium and have just returned to Vancouver from the UK, not had chance to go yet so this would be perfect :)

  169. Anna L

    will the penguins be wearing “fish net stockings” as it is an after hours event? ;)

    I speak in puns when I am excited :)

  170. Alicia M

    I love the Vancouver Aquarium; it would be really fun to go to After Hours

  171. B. Li

    Embarassed to admit that I haven’t been to the aquarium since I was a little girl. Would love to have a date night with husband for the nostalgia :)

  172. Yasmin Vatter

    I can’t think of anything more fun that after hours at the Aquarium~

  173. Yasmin Vatter

    I can’t think of anything more fun to do that AFTERHOURS at the Vancouver Aquarium, on my BIRTHDAY!

  174. Lina

    Would be nice to take my bf for his bday!

  175. Lauren

    I would love tickets to see the penguins after hours. I do love children, but I love the quiet peacefulness sometimes!! Please please please pick me!!!!!! I would be eternally grateful!

  176. Nancy

    It has been a while since I’ve been to the Aquarium!

  177. MIchelle K

    As a single Mom, I would live a free night out without kids around.

  178. Gloria

    Would love to win and spend an evening out with my husband (sans child).

  179. i love the aquarium and would love to win!

  180. Richelle Scott

    There is nothing to say, other then I adore penguins. This would be a remarkable chance to go.

  181. Masia

     pick me please 

  182. Jo

    That’s our anniversary!! Would be a great date for the hubby and I!

  183. Michelle

    can`t wait to see the penguins!

  184. I’ve always imagined how much fun it would be to explore the aquarium in the evening. Would love a chance to win those tickets. Crossing my fingers!

  185. oliver

    A Picnic of Penguins – An Acrostic Poem


    Night spent
    Upon the
    Nippers of the sea

    Oh how you

    Go on, give me the tickets – it took me ages to think up that poem! Thanks!

  186. Linda

    Would love to see some penguins in the dark!!!

  187. Leah

    I haven’t been to the aquarium in sooo long!

  188. Jen Woo

    Never been!

  189. I haven’t been to the aquarium since the last time I was in Vancouver! It’d be super awesome to score some tickets to the aquarium. Heard about the penguins on the radio, how exciting!!!

  190. Geung Lee

    This event makes me wonder if there are nocturnal penguins. I would like to go find out for myself.

  191. Jo

    Penguins after hours = Awesome!! Please pick me!!

  192. Sharon

    I love this blog!

    I am new to Vancouver and I love getting involved with all things local! I depend on this site to do so. I have not yet been to the Vancouver Aquarium, and this sounds like an excellent way experience it!

    Thank you for the work you put into this blog! Your efforts are much appreciated!

  193. Christine

    I celebrate my 1st anniversary in Vancouver tomorrow and I haven´t been in the aquarium yet. Time to go… ! :)

  194. Living in Vancouver, I’ve only been once.. Yipes… I wonder if that pesky seal is still there?

  195. Uli

    Remember World Ocean’s Day today. Eat only sustainable seafood. The penguins will thank you.
    I am in on tickets too :)

  196. I want to see the penguins!! sooooooooooooo much!! Please pick me!!

  197. jennifer

    i would love a pair of tickets!!!!

  198. sophie

    I would love to win these tickets!

  199. Jenny

    Penguins at night… I hope I’ll be able to see them in slumper. Cute little guys!

  200. Cecile

    Wow, I would love to meet little ones!!

  201. Robert Carnegie

    I have always loved penguins of all varietys so it would be amazing to be able to share my love of penguins with the woman I love at this amazing event. I think I will let them be the best dressed in their tuxedos though. Don’t want to steal their thunder. They may be busy watching my beautiful date though.

  202. Jodie Lam

    I would love to go see the penguins!

  203. Matt Ward

    I would LOVE the tickets!!

  204. Vicki

    Love those penguins ….. so amazingly CUTE!! Can’t wait to meet them.

  205. Connie

    Penguins!? yes!!!!!!!

  206. Irene

    I love penguins! Would love the opportunity to meet them.

  207. Joseph

    So CUTE!! I need to go! haha

  208. Gigi

    Haven’t visited the aquarium for a few years. Would be delighted to go see the cute penguins!

  209. Shelley

    I can’t remember the last time I was at the Aquarium. These tickets would be so fantastic to win. Thanks for the chance!

  210. c

    Penguins are birds, not mammals. I do wish they were mammals, then all the animals I love like whales and dolphins and penguins, they’ll will be one family. Alas, penguins don’t have mammary glands.

  211. Jenn


  212. Bonita

    Love penguins :))

  213. Amy

    I would love to take my mom there to see the new penguins!

  214. warren

    we LUV the aquarium

  215. Louise

    There’s a fantastic children’s book by Sandra Boynton called, ‘My Personal Penguin.’ My partner and I often sing it together, as it’s a love story about a hippo and a penguin. It would be wonderful to be in front of actual penguins as we reinact the story!

  216. Ali

    I would love to take my family to see the penguins!!

  217. Diana

    I’m so excited to see those penguins!

  218. Jenny

    I’d love to visit the aquarium again :)

  219. andres

    me me me me me me I like it move move!!!

  220. Linda

    This sounds like great fun! Would love to spend an evening with the penguins :)

  221. Jennifer

    Thank you for the giveaway! Fingers crossed…

  222. Iris

    Sounds like it would be a lot of fun and Penguins!!!

  223. My partner and I haven’t been to the Aquarium before and we would love to have the opportunity to come visit!

  224. Ronald

    Penguins are always dressed the best

  225. Jax

    Stanley Park, the aquarium, and now penguins…can’t beat that!

  226. Anjali

    I used to work at the aquarium in 2005 and loved having lunch withe the belugas. I have not visited since then! please pick me, i would love to visit again.

  227. Anna

    I haven’t seen the penguins yet and I’m so excited! :D Pick meeeeee

  228. John

    Great idea for downtown apt dwellers to get together for a social evening

  229. Vanessa L

    love love love the aquarium!

  230. Carolyn

    Really overdue for a date night- what better excuse than penguins?

  231. Radhika K

    I’ve never been to the Van Aquarium and I would love to go since I will be visiting Vancouver from Victoria in a couple of weeks.

  232. i




  233. Sara

    I’ve been missing Africa and this will give me a chance to go back to Boulder’s Beach without leaving Vancouver! Can’t wait!

  234. janin


  235. Danielle

    Would love to see the penguins! :D

  236. Michelle

    I loooove sea otters. I would love to go to VanAqua after hours!!!

  237. Meaghan

    Please choose me for the free tickets!… I am back in Vancouver after 6 years and have always loved the Aquarium :)

  238. Ann O.

    sounds exciting!! i love the aquarium :)

  239. Maria

    such a great idea!

  240. Jennifer Lagesoe

    I’ve been trying to get to the Aquarium for months. Kid-free penguin time is just what I need.

  241. Janice Lee


  242. Nicola

    I would love to go to this event – sounds like a great night.

  243. Nicole


  244. Joe

    I would love to take my daughter to see the penguins!

  245. I don’t know if contest is still going on, but I’d love tickets! Thanks!

  246. Stephanie

    It’d be like Happy Feet, but in real life!

  247. Heidi

    Is it too late? I am visiting Van for a few months and would LOVE the chance to see the aquarium!