Vancouver on an Autumn Day, 1972

Background / Vancouver is a portrait of Vancouver, British Columbia captured on a autumn day in 1972 by four artist/friends Taki Bluesinger, Michael de Courcy, Gerry Gilbert and Glenn Lewis.

Below are just a few photos from this iniative. The full project can be viewed here. All photos are credited to The Background / Vancouver Project, 1972.

Anchor Hotel

Hotel Europe

Burrard Street Bridge

Naam Cafe

North from Victory Square

Pacific Train Station

Lougheed Drive-Inn

Looking south on Granville at Robson St.

Under the Granville Street Bridge

The West End

The West End

The West End

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7 Responses to Vancouver on an Autumn Day, 1972

  1. TamAirah

    I absolutely LOVE seeing photos like these!

    • Inside Vancouver

      Yeah we do too. Love seeing examples of Vancouver’s hippy roots.

      • Lorne

        Which one is Harold Head?

  2. Colleen gawd…what great pictures! Especially love the one of the Canadian Pacific Railway building…took it across Canada for Expo 1967 (age 16) yeah…do the math…your right Janice…seems not so long ago! I would be dissing the old folks for their pictures of bygone days…ah…passages

  3. Great photos! This made my morning.

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  5. vancouver home

    I wanna go home

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