Featured Vancouverite: Jordan Cash

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

How long have you been a Vancouverite? Five years

Occupation: Proprietor and donut slinger at Cartems Donuterie.

Best way to spend a Saturday night in Vancouver:
I’m a simple person, so my Saturday night, assuming it’s a warm summer’s evening, would be spent with friends. We’d bike to a good spot on the seawall to enjoy some good food, wine, and tunes, and follow that up with a stop at a quality bar for a good Negroni or two.

Favourite Vancouver  restaurant:”
My favourite restaurant is definitely Chambar — an unpretentious experience and top-notch food (and the best foie gras I’ve ever tasted).

Your best Vancouver haiku:
The sun rarely shines
Misty mountains, ocean vista
Our donuts blow minds

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