Futuristic 30-Storey Glass Arch Proposed for False Creek

Ever since Expo 86,  Vancouver’s False Creek has been a place for architectural experimentation.  Back then, the city put up the mirrored geodesic orb which became Science World, gleaming new residential towers and the glass-paneled Plaza of Nations building.

Now, a developer wants to take things one step further.  Vancouver city council has received a proposal for a monumental, 30-story mirrored glass arch on the site of the current Plaza of Nations, according to a Vancouver Sun article.

The building, which consists of two towers connected by a horizontal segment on top, would contain up to to 2,000 residential units.  Once completed, it would form an enormous frame, with BC Place centred in the background.

The arch is the centrepiece of a new complex of ultramodern, mirrored buildings being considered for the site.  The proposal, which is still in a very preliminary phase, also includes 350,000 square feet of commercial and office space, plus a new community centre, a sports science centre and an ice rink for the Canucks to train on.

The glass arch and surrounding buildings would make a dramatic addition to the waterfront.  But is all the shiny glass and sharp angles right for the city?

Do you like the glass arch proposal for False Creek?  Weigh in below. 

The proposal was made by architect James Cheng, who has succeeded in creating some adventurous structures in Vancouver before.  Cheng is perhaps best known for designing the city’s tallest building, the 62-storey Shangri-La, which also makes abundant use of mirrored glass and sharp, modern angles.

The latest proposal for the North False Creek waterfront comes in the wake of last year’s decision to impose a moratorium on casino construction.  You might remember that a mega casino had originally been planned for the Plaza of Nations site but was scrapped at the last minute after popular outcry.

The glass arch proposal is still in a preliminary phase.  City council may take up to a year deliberating before proceeding with a public hearing.

Do you like the new, futuristic look of False Creek?  Let us know!

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8 Responses to Futuristic 30-Storey Glass Arch Proposed for False Creek

  1. Jen

    I like it!

  2. namrap

    I think a “V” shape building would be kinda cool. It is “V”ancouver after all, and it might go better with the weird “spaceship” building behind it too. :)

  3. James

    I am opposed to having yet another James Cheng designed building, let’s bring in other architects from around the world so that they can do a proper job!

  4. Jonathan

    The proposed 30-storey gateway building would compete with the appearance and esthetics of the BC Place stadium, and I don’t think it is right. BC Place should remain the main focus.

    • I see your point. BC Place is a pretty unique visual icon right now. It might not make sense to add a bunch of other unusual architecture on top of that.

  5. I like it. I think it will look great together with the BC place

  6. I am happy to see the casino go, but not really sure I like the design of the building proposed. The existing false creek buildings are beautiful and I agree this addition would add to the area, but just don’t like the u shaped tower. This will date and look terrible in 10 years. Also, I am not sure how the building would affect the community casting a large shadow on local pubs and restaurant patios.

  7. Alan

    I oppose the design. The Plaza Of Nations was an icon and a memory of Expo 86 and should remain and be kept as a multi purpose facility in addition can be maintained. It would be nice to keep some of Vancouver’s history alive. But unfortunately Plaza Of Nations is slowly dwindling away which I think we can still save what is left of it.