Dodgeball for Adults? Catch Vancouver’s First Dodgeball Open, July 27-29

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If you thought dodgeball ended with elementary school, think again. Dodgeball, the most exhilarating recess game on the playground, is all the rage among Vancouver’s adult population. It’s not hard to see why. When else can you chuck a ball at an opponent, resulting in a satisfying “whump” and no other consequences. Sounds like the perfect antidote to a day at the computer.

Founded in 2004, the Vancouver Dodgeball League began with 12 players and has since grown to include 1,500+ participants on over 200 teams.

Vancouver’s passionate dodgeballers are getting together for the first ever Vancouver Dodgeball Open, July 27-29, at the Richmond Olympic Oval. The goal? To raise awareness of this awesome team sport with proceeds going to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Find out how to get involved with Vancouver’s burgeoning dodgeball community after the jump.

The first annual Vancouver Dodgeball Open goes down July 27-29. Spectators are welcome and it should be good fun. Not only will co-ed teams attempt to peg each other with foam-core projectiles, many of these teams will be decked out in outlandish costumes. The entertainment value is on par with spectating roller derby.

Playoffs take place on Sunday, July 29, using a double-knockout format. A team will have to lose twice to be officially out of the tournament. Admission will be by donations at the door.

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How it works

Vancouver Dodgeball Leagues teams have 6 players per team, with a minimum of two women. Teams attempt to eliminate opponents by hitting them with balls, or catching their throws. If a player is hit with a live ball, that player is out. If a player catches an opponent’s ball, one of their teammates can reenter the match.

Good sportsmanship is as essential as cheeky tube socks in such a potentially aggressive sport. Players never aim at each other’s heads. The league motto is: “When in doubt, you’re out.”

Get involved

Dodgeball is super popular among Vancouver’s 20 and 30-somethings, and everyone is welcome to give it a shot. It’s about fun, fitness, spirit and service, according to league founder Keith Bao.  If you think you might be interested, check out the Vancouver Dodgeball Open, July 27-29. Find out more about joining the league here.

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  1. Scarred

    Dodgeball promotes bullying. Got picked on in elementary.