Win tickets to the Honda Celebration of Light

Photo: Flickr | Alain Limoges

The participating countries in the 2012 Honda Celebration of Light Fireworks Festival are:

• Vietnam: July 28th
• Brazil: August 1st
• Italy: August 4th

This will be the first time any of these countries have participated in what is the World’s largest offshore international fireworks competition. Expect to see something a little different with each country not only preparing the fireworks but choosing the soundtrack to their performance also.

Head down to Sunset Beach before each show to experience more of the culture of each performing country on their specific day – and while you’re there check out the great line-up of music at Shorefest and visit the Honda Zone!

We have a pair of Observation Deck tickets to give away for each of the three nights. To be eligible just post a comment below saying you’d like them.We will select the July 28 winner this Thursday and notify them by email. Everyone who enters will be eligible for all three nights (no need to enter your name more than once.)

Updated Thursday, August 2nd: Congratulations to Nattawot who is the lucky recipient of a pair of Observation Deck tickets to watch Italy take to the skies on Saturday, August 4th! Please check your inbox for further details on how to go about claiming your tickets.

Updated Monday, July 30th: Congratulations to Scott who is the lucky recipient of a pair of Observation Deck tickets to watch Brazil take to the skies on Wednesday, August 1st! Please check your inbox for further details on how to go about claiming your tickets.

Updated Friday, July 27th: Congratulations to Mark who is the lucky recipient of a pair of Observation Deck tickets to watch Vietnam take to the skies on Saturday, July 28th! Please check your inbox for further details on how to go about claiming your tickets.


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446 Responses to Win tickets to the Honda Celebration of Light

  1. I would like them. Please and thank you. ;)

    • Nick

      I’ll have a couple of old friends from college visiting, and we’d love them!

    • Would love to experience a night of fireworks

    • marissa

      I would like them, please, please, please! Thanks!

    • Roze

      Celebrating a birthday aug 4 and this would be
      Awesome !

    • Chris

      Yes , please!!!! August 4 is my birthday
      And my first time at the fireworks .
      That would be one fantastic BDAY !

  2. Sepi

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to experience this! THANK YOU x 100,000,000 :)

  3. Andrea

    My sister is coming to visit me before she starts her first teaching job, and we would like them!

  4. Brittia Thompson

    This would be such a wonderful treat for a special family member!

  5. Sure, I’d like them. I live 2 blocks away from the beach, but have no view.

  6. Jeff

    Yes please :)

  7. alan W

    The fireworks are great!

  8. Michelle

    I’d like to win :D

  9. Harj

    Yes yes yes I want them. Me and my girlfriend would love these!

  10. Bradley

    I would love to win.. yeeeee!

  11. Jason

    I’ll take those off your hands no problem.

  12. Winnie Wong

    I would love to win these tickets!

  13. I would LOVE to enjoy the great view from Honda Celebration of Lights deck! If possible, July 28th please!

  14. colleen

    Would love to win!!

  15. France

    Would love to bring my new boyfriend to this event. So romantic!

  16. Olivia

    I would LOVE to win these!!

  17. Courtney

    Nothing is more exciting than fireworks! I would LOVE to attend this event! Please enter me into the draw!

  18. Felice Suva

    I’ve never been to one of these XD I really want to go ! I hope I win!

  19. Tyler

    I’d Love em!

  20. Eligia

    I would looooooove to be there!!! :D

  21. Chris

    This would be amazing! Yes, please.

  22. Manvir Sangha

    I would love a pair :)

  23. Judy

    Every year a close friend of mine has his birthday celebration on the same day as the fireworks and he’s always the one that saves a spot on the beach for his friends (even though it’s his birthday). I would like to win the tickets to share with this amazing friend to say thanks.

  24. Terry

    I’d like them!!

  25. Hannah

    Me me me, please! My bf and I could use something like this :)

  26. Seila

    I’d like them! I would love to win a pair!

  27. Colin

    I’d like tickets! Pick me!

  28. Mona L

    We would love to see the fireworks! We would love the tickets!

  29. Karen

    we would love these!

  30. Shaun

    I would LOVE the opportunity to view the fireworks from the observation deck!

  31. Bonnie

    Would love to win those tickets!! <3

  32. Hercy Castillo


  33. Veronique Nguy

    Would love to have tickets and watch fireworks on our anniversary :)

  34. Me please!!

  35. Rosalie

    I would L~O~V~E these tickets!

  36. Karin Bury

    Yes please!

  37. Tammy Trinh

    That would be amazing. It would be awesome to see Vietnam competing on the world stage with the rest of the countries. Thank you so much in advance.

  38. eugene

    I’d like the tickets as well.

  39. Belinda

    I would love to win these tickets! Fireworks always reminds me of when my husband proposed to me <3

  40. Amanda

    Would love to get the tickets!

  41. Liz

    Wow! Would love to see the fireworks from the observation deck!!!

  42. Mari

    I would absolutely love the tickets for Saturday’s Celebration of Lights!! I will be vacationing in Vancouver for a week!!

  43. Kaye

    Would love to win these, have never seen anything like this!!!

  44. paul

    I would love to see the fireworks from observation deck

  45. Jodie

    I would love to win these!Thanks!

  46. Irena

    Me Me Me!!! :)

  47. Osmani

    Im from Mexico and I want to seen all fireworks. I love them!!

  48. Kelly

    I would REALLY like to win it!!! Please!

  49. Adrienne

    I watch from my apartment window but being a VIP would be much more exciting. I would LIKE these tickets too!

  50. Rose Bitoon

    I wish I could watch this, been in Vancouver for 10 years but haven’t watched Celebration of Lights.

  51. jarek

    I’ll sign up too :)

  52. micol

    It’s my second summer in Vancouver and, while last year I was supporting Canada, this year I’m totally proud to be Italian! And I would really like to see the italian performance from the observation deck! VIVA L’ITALIA!

  53. Wayne

    Please count me in! Would love tickets!!

  54. Andy

    Thanks for the contest. I would love to win this.

  55. SS

    I would like them, thanks!

  56. Sydney

    I would love to win!!

  57. Michelle N.

    Would love these!

  58. Tristan

    My girlfriend love fireworks and I love to have those tickets and watch all the firework shows with her…

  59. Keenen B.

    My entire life, I watched the Macys July 4th Fireworks over the East River and Hudson River when I lived in NYC. This is the first year since I moved that I didn’t get to experience the amazing fireworks display. But moving to Vancouver has brought me to new a new life, and new family with beautiful sceneries and lifestyle. Vancouver is my new home now and I’d like the Celebration of Lights to be a part of my yearly routine just as I did with the Macys Fireworks Display when I was a New Yorker.

  60. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win tickets please and thank you!

  61. eleanor lee

    Light up the sky, light up the summer! Yeah….I would really like to win a pair of tickets! Good luck to everyone! :)

  62. Juliana

    It would be nice to win these tickets to see the fireworks from a different view this year!

  63. alex

    Bleacher seats would be awesome!

  64. Lindsay

    I’d love to go! Thanks :)

  65. Leon

    I would love to win these awesome tickets. Thanks!

  66. Grace

    I’ve never been to the fireworks before!

  67. Nikki

    I’d like these, very very much!

  68. welen hsieh

    it be awesome if I can win these! can’t wait to see them this year!

  69. Trudi

    It is my last week in Vancouver. I move back to my home country. I would like to end my wonderful experience in Vancouver on a high note….Thanks for the possibility to win the tickets.

  70. Kate


  71. Chris

    Would love these.

  72. Vanessa

    Please and thank you! :D

  73. Belinda

    I would like <3 a pair of Observation Deck tickets to the 2012 Honda Celebration of Light Fireworks Festival.

    Thank you for having this contest.:D

  74. pakka

    Yes me please!

  75. Ken

    This would be amazing! Thanks for the opportunity.

  76. Minnie

    I would love to go!

  77. Deryn

    I would love those, and that night is kicking off a 10 day vacation! Perfect :)

  78. Dee Blake

    We are coming to Vancouver on holiday next week for 10 days from Ireland. My sister lives in Vancouver and is planning to bring us to see the fireworks while we are there, wouldn’t it be great if we won the tickets it would be a nice surprised for her.

  79. Pamm

    I would do anything to win those tix – I love fireworks – plus I have a friend visisting from Nairobi next week!!

  80. Julianna

    Would love these tickets, thanks!

  81. Kerri

    Awesome way to ring in my 3 year anniversary in Vancity! :)

  82. Angela

    I would LOVE to see that!!

  83. karen

    I love vancouver, Please let me win the ticket.

  84. Sue

    I’d like them :o)

  85. Taruna Goel

    I would love to watch the Italian spectacle from the Observation Deck with my partner. It is truly a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the fireworks and the beautiful music from each country. Since this is the first time any of these countries have participated, I expect the festival to be excellent :) May the most spectacular win!

  86. Al

    I would like them.

  87. Matt Cooke

    I would love them! :D

  88. Veenu

    What a treat it would be to be on the Observation Deck!

  89. roxana

    what a show of incredile countries!! wouldn’t want to miss them this year, sure to be one of the events not to be forgotten for a long time!

  90. LC

    Would love to win!

  91. Victoria

    i would love these tickets! never had a chance to see the fireworks before

  92. Guillaume

    I would love to go!!!

  93. Cristina Leighton

    I would love to attend the fireworks from the observation deck. This would be an amazing opportunity to have.
    Thank you

  94. Judy Warner

    I’ve never seen the fireworks. Pick me please.

  95. Shahee


  96. Sap

    This is gonna be my 5th visit to the festival in last 6 years – I’ve always enjoyed the pyrotechnics and the crowd on the beaches of English bay and Kitsilano.
    I’d like to be the lucky one to have a different perspective this time ;)

  97. Sang sik Park

    wanna go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. angela

    That would be fun to watch!

  99. Peter

    I would love to go!

  100. Hadi

    I would love to watch this event!! I will be there all three nights and it will be awsome to have aobservation deck ticket!!

  101. Nicole

    I’d love to win!

  102. Jenny

    would love to win these tickets

  103. Jenn S

    I would LOVE to have these tix. We moved here a few months ago and this will be our first time seeing them!

  104. Christopher Co

    This would be an awesome gift for my dad’s birthday!

  105. Bella

    We would love those tickets – to see more of Vancouver’s special events that we have not managed to see since we moved here with two little ones!

  106. Teri

    yes, pls include my name in these draws


  107. Selena Phillips

    What an exciting festival! My favorite time of year to live here in Vancouver! & YES!!! I WOULD LOVE TO WIN TICKETS TO SEE THE EVENT LIVE!!!!

  108. wyn

    Would love to win those tickets!!

  109. DarleneC

    I would love to go!

  110. julia

    I’d like to win.

  111. ArleneC

    I have never been to the fireworks display!

  112. Gabriella Schmidt

    Fireworks! Yes, please enter my name. Thanks.

  113. cindy surono

    -‘d love to win the ticket

  114. Karen

    Me please! I know someone who deserves a treat!

  115. Steven Snyder

    I would love the tickets!!! :)

  116. Lauson

    Would love to win tickets!!!!!!!

  117. Edward Shin

    I would love to go!
    I’ve been away from Vancouver for a while, and missed the Celebration of Light!

  118. Jessica Y.

    I would love to win the tickets!

  119. Vicky

    I would like them please and thank you!

  120. Iris

    I would love to win these tickets!

  121. Pat

    Great to see HONDA get behind this event! Best friend visiting from Japan. Would love to attend this.

  122. sabrina

    I have yet to enjoy the Celebration of Lights! This would be such a nice treat! Thanks :)

  123. katie borrett

    oh yes please:)

  124. terry

    We are flying to Vancouver specifically for the Aug 1 Brazilian display. I hope you will have a draw for that date. How very nice of you to have ticket draws.

  125. Tina

    YES! YES!!! I WOULD LOVE THESE!!! Visiting Vancouver for the first time right now!

  126. Wendy T

    It’s been years since I’ve been to the Celebration of Lights. I would certainly like to win the tickets.

  127. Jennifer Law

    I would love to win the tickets. Thank you for the giveaway!

  128. Wendy

    I’d love to take my daughter there! ^^

  129. Gina Maddalozzo

    I would love to win these!! I go every year!!!! :)

  130. Kathleen Delorme

    HI! I’ve attended the International Fireworks Festival EVERY YEAR here in Vancouver, BC and WOULD LOVE TO ATTEND CLOSE UP!! I’d love to bring at least 1-2 guests too, if possible!


    Kathleen Delorme : (778)928-8748

  131. Shane Jeffery

    We first experienced the Celebration of Light Festival by accident in 2005 on our first visit to Vancouver – haven’t seen them since (as we’ve been in Australia) but now we’re back here living we’d love to experience the spectacle from a great advantage point.

  132. Tracy

    I’ve always wanted to go but never been!

  133. Gurj

    sure I’ll take them.

  134. jess

    Would love to see the fireworks from observation desk for once!

  135. Lucia

    I would like the tickets.

  136. Stephane

    Please pick me!! :)

  137. Greg

    I am coming from Kamloops with wife and kids to see the Fireworks and would LOVE the tickets!! Thanks!

  138. Andrea

    I’d love ’em! Thank you! :D

  139. Mohammad

    I would like to have the tickets.

  140. Daniel

    I would like these tickets, please! 3 cherries on top.

  141. Julia

    Would love tickets!

  142. Nicole

    I would love tickets!

  143. Kathleen

    would love to see the show!

  144. Lauren

    Would love to win these tickets!

  145. Lydia

    Would I be lucky this year ?!

  146. Moneesh

    count me in ^^

  147. Gordon

    The summer fireworks is the event I look forward to every year! I would love these tickets :)

  148. Ang

    I’d like them!!! :)

  149. Shirley

    I would love them

  150. Mohan Iyer

    My first visit to Vancouver with my wife. We want to enjoy the weekend beginning the 4th thru the 7th. Would love to have the tickets and enjoy the fireworks as well.

  151. Pavel

    Would like to have some passes. We go for fireworks every year

  152. Sharon

    Exciting! I would love to have passes!
    Thank you.

  153. yes i would love to win this!

  154. Matt Ward

    Yes PLEASE!

  155. scott

    yes please!

  156. Tracy

    I would love to win!

  157. Jenny M

    i would love them!!! :)

  158. Jeremy Gosch

    I would love to win these tickets. Thanks!

  159. Reza A.

    I’d love to win these tickets.

  160. Miche

    I would love tickets!

  161. Vivian Li

    I’d like to get the tickets!!!! Please pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  162. Nattawot Juttiwattananon

    Winning a ticket would be a best moment of my summer 2012.

  163. Ronnie Ho

    Love celebration of light! And also the tickets for the Observation Deck!

  164. Jessie


  165. Stephanie

    Hello, tickets would be awesome!

  166. Andrea

    My husband and I will be visiting Vancouver next week on vacation and would love to have tickets to this show. We love fireworks! Thank you.

  167. Jeanie

    I would love to have a pair of Observation Deck tickets. Thank you.

  168. Debbie Schoeppler

    Please, please, please let us be the winner!!! I would love these tickets.

  169. Ignacio

    I like those tickets alot!

  170. Natalie

    I have been away from vancouver for three years. Got a job.back in van just to experience vancouver fireworks summer nights!!

  171. debbie

    I havent been to the fireworks in awhile. Id like those tickets as i will be celebrating a milestone birthday!

  172. Marie

    Would love to see the fireworks! It would be phenomenal to see the show after traveling from the other side of the country ( we are coming from St. John’s, NL)

  173. Ian

    I’m visiting from the UK. I’m supporting the Celebration of Light rather than the Olympics! I’d love to win tickets for me and my brother.

  174. jean waring

    Just arrived in Vancouver. And can’t think of a greater way to celebrate!

  175. Clark H.

    I just moved here with my wife from LA and am really looking forward to this. Me please!

  176. sophie


  177. Tiffany

    I would love to have these!

  178. Trini

    I just moved to Vancouver and I love fireworks! I would love to win these tickets!!

  179. Irene

    I would like to have the tickets!

  180. Holly Keon

    I would love to attend– I’m in dire need of some fireworks in my life to spark it up! Thanks for the opportunity… =)

  181. Holy

    Yes I would like them

  182. Ali

    I would love to have the tickets!

  183. Lily

    oh i’d love to have the tickets!

  184. Elissa

    Would LOVE to go!

  185. Jackie

    Mom’s visiting from out of town- she and I would love to go to this!

  186. Helen

    What a sweet win!

  187. m

    Winning would be spectacular!!!

  188. Courtney

    I’d love love looove them! :D

  189. Nicole

    My first fireworks in Vancouver! I would love to win the tickets for my sister and me. Pick me please!!

  190. Grace

    I’d like to win!

  191. Would loveeee to see the festival of lights as an International Student who wants to see more of ‘vancouver’ style event!

  192. Cristina G

    Would love these tix! Thanks :D

  193. Thank You, Honda for sponsoring. Vancouver, nothing better than enjoying the beach, city, lights and nature. Sweeeet!

  194. Marinette

    I would love to win these tickets :)

  195. Marie Bretova

    I’d love to be lucky girl. Please pick me.

  196. t de haan

    As dutch tourists visiting Vancouver for the first time, we were pleasantly surprised by these fireworks. We would like to thank sponsor Honda for making the fireworks possible and we hope to be picked out for the free tickets.
    In this way we start our roundtrip in Canada with a BANG!!

  197. Jennifer

    Love this event! Have always wanted to experience the closer view of having tickets.
    Fingers crossed!

  198. Eugene

    I would love to bring my parents who are visiting to the fireworks!

  199. Carly

    Awesome! Count me in!

  200. Jax

    This is easily one of summer’s best events. I’d love to experience it from the observation deck.

  201. Amo

    I would like a pair!

  202. sey

    I would love to take my wife to this after dinner that night… tickets for two please. thank you ;-)

  203. Luiz Guilherme Fontanezzi

    I would love these tickets!

  204. Selena Phillips

    ____ $_____.$$$$$$$$$$__$__$
    _$______$____$___ $_$$$$$$$$$$
    Fireworks!! :)
    I would indeed like them lots! :)

    • Selena Phillips

      Selena is awesome!! She deserves to win!!! :)

  205. David Marsden

    What better way to spend my birthday?

  206. Eva

    This will be the first time taking my girlfriend to the fireworks. I would love these tickets! :)

  207. Mona

    The night of the 28th is my last night in Vancouver after heading back to Europe after one year in this beautiful city!

  208. S

    I would looooove to have a seat at the fireworks!

  209. Celine

    What a great giveaway! I hope I could get these tickets :)

  210. Laura

    I can’t wait to see the fireworks this year, last year they were incredible!!!

  211. Nilkie Devi

    I would LOVE to win tickets as I am new to Canada, and have never seen anything like this in Fiji where I am from!

    Canada Rocks!!!!

  212. Eva Hapay

    I love the fireworks, and would enjoy having a seat very much!

    I have guests intown, and they would love to attend!

  213. Chelle

    I love the Celebration of Light fireworks!

  214. Nicole

    What a great prize! Would love to win!

  215. Priscilla

    I’d love to win :)

  216. Farah

    YES PLEASE!!!!

  217. Tracey Flattes

    Yes Please….

  218. I would LOVE a chance to see the Celebration of Lights!! Please!!

  219. Steven

    I would love them… never seen it before and of course Vancouver is the best city to live in… I would not live anywhere else. Did I say I love Vancouver? That is why I would love to have the tickets… Thank you

  220. Raymond Diamonds

    Yes please Id like them! Thanks :D

  221. Emily

    WOOHOO! This sounds fun! Since my husband has started his new job we rarely see each other this would be a great way to reinstate date night for us!
    Kudos to you guys and your cool competitions!

  222. Irene

    I would LOVE the free tickets! :)

  223. Joseph

    I would love to win the tickets!!!!!

  224. K

    I’d like them.



  225. Dale

    The fireworks are amazing and so much fun to attend!!!!
    I’d love to see it from the observation deck!! :)

  226. Linda D

    I would love to watch the fireworks from such an awesome spot!

  227. Shawna

    I would love to have the tickets to watch the fireworks from the Honda Observation Deck!!!

  228. Eugenia

    Thanks for offering tickets. Pick me, please!

  229. Dana

    This would be great; thanks!

  230. Jan Heuninck

    I’d love to win some first-row tickets!

  231. Leonie

    I would love the tickets! Thanks!

  232. Van LE do

    I would be honored to win tickets! Thanks.

  233. wenxiao

    I would heart a pair of Observation Deck tickets to the 2012 Honda Celebration of Light Fireworks Festival.

    Awesome contest as always!

  234. Brenda

    I would love these tickets…yes, pleeeeease!

  235. Kj

    It’s always a war zone just before and after the fireworks but the atmosphere is so awesome but I would love to have these tickets to see the fireworks from another view!

  236. Gillian

    I’d like to win too please and thank you!

  237. Pam

    Pretty much my favourite Vancouver summer event? Pretty much.

  238. Amanda

    I love the celebration of lights! Was sad I missed it last year as I was working out of town but definitely going this year :D

  239. Ray

    We love a new experience and see the world a little more.
    Please and Thank you.

  240. MT

    Pick me!!! I WANT TO HAVE A FRONT ROW SEAT! May I have it please?

  241. maryna

    Hi, I would love the tickets! please and thank you! :) and i am travelling from calgary to vancouver + vancouver island around the same time too! what a coincidence! ;)

  242. Annie

    Would love to win these so I could take my mom! She’s waiting for a knee replacement surgery and has been unable to enjoy her summer! This would brighten her day!

  243. Ww

    Would love to win! Thanks for this contest!

  244. Gunther Glaeser


  245. Andrea

    I just moved to English Bay and I would love to have a spot to see the fireworks. I remember the little 1970’s honda civics. Civics still a popular car today even though they look a lot different. Tickets would be awesome! :)

  246. George Tsai

    Love Celebration of lights : )

  247. Stephanie

    I would love to win a pair, Thanks :)

  248. craig pratt

    tickets would be great!

  249. Bayan

    Would love to go. Yay for fireworks

  250. Serena

    Would love these tickets as it’s my birthday at the end of the month!

  251. Angela

    Yes please, would be a late happy birthday to me!

  252. LM

    Bright lights and big city… we got them both. :)

  253. Entering for my sweet husband who is a HUGE fan of the celebration of light. He cycles into the city to watch and hasn’t missed a night in years. I know he’d love the VIP treatment!

  254. Nikki

    I would love the tickets! Please and thanks :)

  255. tatiana

    I would love to go see the boom booms!

  256. lindsay

    I would love to have a front row seat for the celebration of lights!!

  257. Alicia

    Exciting! I’d love to win!!!

  258. Alice

    I wouldn’t “like them, I would “love” them!!

  259. Owen

    I’d love a pair of tickets!

  260. Emily

    I want to see the sky explode with Vietnam’s show this Friday! I would love, love, love it! :) thanks!

  261. Ping

    I would L-O-V-E to have those tickets!

  262. Jason

    August 1st is my wife’s birthday. I’d love to win the tickets for her!!

  263. Barbara

    I’d like them! Pick me! Pick me!

  264. Sandra

    Our family has never had the privledge to see the Celebration of Light fireworks. Even though we have lived here all our lives. Our kids are 7 & 10. This would make for a rare and special night for us! Thanks for the chance!

  265. Saniya

    I’d like them!! :)

  266. lee

    Love the fireworks!

  267. karen birchenall

    We would love to win the tickets. Please pick us.

  268. Annie H

    Whoot! I would love tickets to see the fireworks up close please!

  269. Anna

    I’d love to go to see the fireworks up close :)

  270. Michelle Reitsma

    I would love to go to this event. This is one event I look forward to every year :)

  271. Philip

    I would like these tickets.

  272. Barb

    my daughter has never seen them because I never want to fight that traffic – but this would make it worth it for sure!!

  273. Christine

    It would be a perfect date night. My husband hates crowds so we always miss it. Thanks for a chance to Win!

  274. rob

    love the fireworks! its finally here

  275. I just moved to Vancouver from Halifax and can’t wait to check out the fireworks! Would definitely appreciate winning a couple of tickets :)

  276. Lindsay

    I would love to suprise my hubby with these. He loves taking panorama shots of the fireworks and it would be good not to be on the bridge because we can’t find a spot ;)

  277. Wendy Cheng

    I would love to see the celebration of lights! Thank you:)

  278. B. Li

    Yes please! It’s the first time my husband is off at the same time since we’ve met!

  279. Amber E

    I would love these tickets. My sister is coming from out of town and I would love to share the Honda Celebration of light with her because she and I both love fireworks, thanks!!

  280. Randi McKinnon

    I would love love LOVE to win these tickets! Thank you!!!

  281. Kathy

    It would be a perfect first date with this one, special guy!!!

  282. Jane

    What’s not to like about this? Fireworks AND observation deck seating? Yes, please!

  283. Jo Hills

    It is going to be three awesome nights! Would love to win these tickets :)

  284. Sharlene

    Would love a pair of tickets to see the celebration of lights

  285. Cassandra Piroutz

    Would be swell to win ’em :)

  286. Oh my! I would absolutely LOVE to get these tickets. My family are visiting from Ireland and it would be a fantastic treat for them :)

  287. JOYCE

    Would love to win this!

  288. Please please pick me!!! My home country is competing for the first time this Sat! So excited to represent!

  289. Lisa Mueller

    This would be a great reason to visit Vancouver! Actually I don’t need a reason – I would just love to visit!

  290. Kim

    Yes Please!!

  291. Jeff

    I’d like ’em!

  292. Susan

    Always a great event to attend. So glad that Vancouver has brought this back every year. I’m very excited to see what Vietnam has in store for us!

  293. Darwin

    What an awesome night out for a mom and dad 1st date night after a baby!

  294. Liliana Wong

    I would live to win great seats to see the fireworks!!

  295. James Sun

    I would love to have these. Thanks.

  296. YuefengFeng

    I like to win these. Thanks.

  297. William

    I am so ready this year — got my new camera and tripod ready to take some great pictures of fireworks.. a pair of Observation Deck tickets would definitely help!

  298. Nick Liao

    I would like them as well Thanks!

  299. Roxane Brown

    i would like to win tickets!

  300. Eileen

    Never seen the fireworks from the Observation Deck. Would love to!

  301. helen

    I’d like a pair of Observation Deck tickets pleeeeeeeeeease <3 I've always wanted to take my little sister there but worried about the safety and the smell of cigarette. It'd be awesome if we have the chance to be sitting at the deck away from the chaos

    • helen

      and thank you :)

  302. Arnold

    I would really like to have a pair of your tickets. Thank you!

  303. Elizabeth

    My best friend is visiting from out of province, i’d love to show off our city!

  304. cristina

    I would like them!

  305. Kay

    The celebration of lights is one of the fun events in summer! I would like get the pair of ticket!

  306. Tina

    Watching the fireworks from the deck would be an EXPLOSIVE experience!!!! Will keep my fingers crossed for the opportunity!!!!!***

  307. It would be so beautiful- a dream come true.

  308. Pany

    I want them! I want them! I want them!

  309. Andrea

    I would like them to go with my bf! I never been to Celebration of Light before.

  310. beverly

    My bf is from vietnam! Would love to win this!

  311. Kevin

    This would really make my girlfriend’s birthday weekend complete! I’d really love to have them, thanks!

  312. Kevin

    This would really make my girlfriend’s birthday weekend complete! I’d love to win this for her, thanks!

  313. Dora

    I would love to win a pair!

  314. Jonathan Uy

    This is my first summer in Vancouver, I would love to experience the Honda Celebration of Light in style – so yeah, I’d like to be the lucky person to receive these tickets! :)

  315. Charles

    I would love to win tickets, I’ve only been to it once 10 years ago =(

  316. Veronika

    I´ve got only 2 month left in Canada( from 12 month in total) and I´ve never seen something like this celebration of light – but I´d love to! :)

  317. Adele

    Would love to get these tix! View would be awesome.

  318. Wally

    I’d love the tickets. Thanks.

  319. Arlene

    Wow lots of entries. I have never been to see the fireworks. If I win this would be great. If someone else wins, good for them!

  320. Lydia

    I would love to watch from those seats!

  321. Candy

    Please pick me.

  322. Shirley

    Those seats would be awesome for taking pictures.

  323. Michelle

    I can’t think of a better way to enjoy time with friends!!

  324. Isabella Hsiao

    I would love to win the tickets!!! please pick me!!! thank you so much!!!!! :D

  325. Tina

    I would love to win!

  326. Denny

    Brazilllllllllll plsplspls … plsssss give the one for brazil to meee !!!

  327. YJ

    ‘Cause baby you’re a firework
    Come on, show ’em what you’re worth
    Make ’em go “Oh, oh, oh”
    As you shoot across the sky-y-y

  328. Karyn

    What a thrill it would be to win a pair of tickets for the festival of lights.
    Viewing this event is a highlight for our family each summer.

  329. Gerard

    As a newcomer to the city, I’ve been looking forward to seeing these for a long time. Winning tickets to see them from top seats would be even more spectacular!

  330. Nick

    I would love the opportunity to win these tickets to take my beautiful girlfriend on a great date.


  331. Sundoro

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  332. Suchi

    Love to win!!! Pick me, please …

  333. tracy r

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  334. Would love love to see the fireworks this week. Thanks for the great offer and also a fantastic vancouver events blog

  335. Renata

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  336. It would be fantastic to be able to enjoy the fireworks! I’d love that chance.

  337. Jennifer

    Would love to treat my friend visiting from Australia to a special birthday treat!

  338. Heather

    I would love the tickets! Seems to be about the only way I would be able to get there due to the logistics!

  339. Anna C

    Yes please! Great viewing seats can take an already awesome event to a whole new level for me :)

  340. Jaqueline

    I`d love to have them. Thanks

  341. Kat

    I would love to have tickets to enjoy the fireworks!!

  342. Anastasia

    I would love to win the tickets, just moved to Vancouver and I am so impressed with this event, and of course many others! Ours is not to reason why, ours is but to watch the sky! Oooh, Ahhh!

  343. Thank you Tourism Vancouver for the awesome job you do of promoting our beautiful City!

    • Thank you Inside Vancouver for the awesome job you do of promoting our beautiful City! : )

  344. john ramsden

    I would love to go see Brazil, since Vietnam was great and very colorful

  345. holly

    The Celebration of Lights is one of the highlights of my summer. I would love to spend an evening staring up at the fireworks from the stands… instead of my usual routine of fighting crowds and getting jostled as I strain to hear someone’s ghetto blaster. I’d love to see the show on the water instead of sitting there going “What’s going on? It’s not over is it?”

  346. Nina

    I would love them. Thanks!

  347. zahra

    Yeah for tickets!

  348. Regina

    I would love the tickets for the August 1st presentation as I am Brazilian and ALWAYS wanted to see Brazil presenting here!!! This would also as I will have my 5 years old with me ;-) cheers

  349. Shirley Luton

    Tickets, please!

  350. Hercy Castillo

    Me, me, me… Please!!! :)

  351. Jessica W

    Would love to go!

  352. Amy

    I’ve never been, so would love to win tickets to go!

  353. susan

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  354. cal


  355. Candice

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  356. Ana

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  358. alan w

    Great Festival!

  359. Dilara

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  360. Zainisha Vasanji

    Would be the perfect date night!

  361. vanna

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  362. adah

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  366. Jildau

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  367. Holly Keon

    We would love the tickets!

  368. Ian

    Good luck everyone!!

  369. Gabriella Schmidt

    My husband and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary on August 1st. Going to the fireworks would be a super way to celebrate our special day.

  370. Carrie

    Me please!!!!

  371. cal

    I’d love them :)))

  372. Christine McDonald

    We would love to attend – fingers crossed

  373. Colette Lynch

    I would LOVE to go!! xo

  374. Harpreet

    I would like them!!! Please and thank you :)

  375. Ivy

    I’d love to watch the fireworks with the best view!

  376. lee

    this sounds awesome!

  377. Mick

    Knock knock…
    whose there?
    Opportunity.. don’t be opportunity like this doesn’t knock twice!!

    I would LOVE to go. Thanks!!

  378. Juliana

    Ohhhh to see the fireworks Tourism Vancouver style! Pick me :D

  379. Christina

    I’d love to win the tickets !!! Fingers X-ed!

  380. Kim

    Winner winner?

  381. Jenny

    I would like them!

  382. Vivian Li

    I would love to win the tickets!!! Please pick me!!!!

  383. Ronnie Ho

    I have never been to the Observation Deck! Would love to take this opportunity!

  384. margaret mccormack

    Just squeeking in? : )

  385. margarwt mccormack

    Peace : ) I think I put down the wrong email addy

  386. Emily Cheng

    I’d love to go! It’s a yearly summer highlight for us living in Vancouver! Thank you so much for holding this!

  387. My lady friend would be really impressed if we got to do this. I’d even take photos and post them on our blog.

  388. Ryoko

    What a date night that would be! Please pick me!

  389. Eric

    I would like to take my Grandma to the fireworks, and these would be perfect as she would not have to be stuck in the crowds of thousands of people. Best of all, she would have somewhere to sit on!

  390. Eugene

    I would love take my parents who are visiting to see the fireworks.

  391. Michelle K

    Would like tickets so I can take my daughter to experience her first fireworks in style.

  392. margreet

    we are in vancouver from august 1 till august 6.
    i love fireworks, so please let my win een ticket for two

  393. Cathy

    I’ve never been.

  394. Charlotte

    would love them

  395. Joe

    I would love to get tickets to see Italy! We’re heading there Saturday from Seattle to view the show. Love Vancouver and looking to move there! Let winning tickets be my sign I should go through with it!

  396. Jada

    Would love to see it! Never seen something like this before! My fiance and I are coming from New York to Vancouver and I want to have a chance to see this.

  397. vince

    Please pick me for Aug 4th!!

  398. Selena Phillips

    YES PLEASE!!!!! & THANK YOU!!!!

  399. Abbey

    Totally want to see this! Please pick me because I wanted to see something amazing as this! I wanted to make this a wonderful memory.

  400. Michelle

    I already have dinner reservations and a hotel room so observation tickets would be the icing of my evening!

  401. Donna L

    I’ll be in town from Victoria!

  402. Rosanna

    Been working like crazy and could use a treat. Hoping I win the tickets!

  403. Renee Jackson

    We would love to win the observation tickets. We go to the fireworks every year.

  404. Would love to win these tickets, I’ve never been down to see this spectacular show!

  405. Janice

    I would love to take my daughter for her 17th bday this week (and her 3 siblings). She loves photography and I imagine at this location could garner some fantastic shots!

  406. Sonya s

    Please enter me into the draw.

    Tbank you!!

  407. Jenny

    I would love to take my daughters to this wonderful event. Vancouver is my favourite Canadian City and having lived there as a child is something I would love to share with them! The iPhone ap has been awesome but seeing the finale live would be simply amazing!

  408. Jessica

    We’ve been living in Vancouver for almost 10 years and we haven’t missed any “Celebration of Lights”. From being a couple, to now our life with two kids ages 6 & 3.
    Sad to say, the last 6 years we’ve had to get away from the crowds, to watch the lights from any other observation point that would keep our children safe.
    We would love to be in the observation deck for the very first time and live this celebration at its best.
    Thank you Honda for making it possible!!!

  409. Nat

    I’ll take ’em off your hands for ya :)

  410. Gabriella Schmidt

    I would absolutely love to win! P-L-E-A-S-E pick me!! :-)

  411. Bee

    Count me in. I would love to go!

  412. Minnie

    We would really like to go!

  413. Kate


  414. Susan

    I would like them! It would be a such a bonus to view from somewhere different.

  415. David Hadid

    Sounds like fun. Hope I get it!

  416. Serena

    Would love these tickets!

  417. Marion Chelsea

    I’ve only been to the Celebration of Light once; it was back when it was called the Symphony of Fire. I have loved fireworks since. I’ve been planning a return trip to Vancouver to see them again and ticketed seats would be an excellent reason to insure the trip!

  418. Kyle Davidson

    Would be fun, fun, fun !!!

  419. Stephanie Sam

    I would like them =]

  420. Raj

    I would love to have them and go to watch this spectacular event:-)

  421. Joseph

    I am traveling far and wide from New York City to visit Vancouver from the recommendation of a native from Vancouver.

    I hear the cosmopolitan Vancouver is gorgeous nestled in the mountains and the perfect getaway for me and my fiance before we get married later this month. Wedding planning could be soo stressful.

    Let me bring back tales of Wonderment and Amazement back to my home city spurring more and more to travel to your beautiful city and a great escape from this East coast heat!

    Pick me! Pick me!!! It would be the perfect early wedding gift! Only if I can propose again on such a night!

  422. Matthew Lim

    This would be a really great surprise for me and my gf’s 5 year anniversary.

  423. beddy

    I’d like them, so please please pick me =D

  424. Doreen

    My mom and I would love to win the tickets. Thank you!

  425. Amanda

    I haven’t been since the kids were little, I’d love to take one of them now. Thank you.

  426. Mary Tan

    I would love tickets! Thank you!

  427. Portia

    I’d LOVE to bring my out of town boyfriend to the fireworks!

  428. I want to win tickets :D

  429. Monida


  430. Debra

    That is BEST location to view the fireworks!! What an awesome way to celebrate the BC Day long weekend!

  431. Helen

    I would like those tickets, please :)

  432. Alison

    I would like to win!

  433. Alex

    I’d love to win those tickets! Sounds like an amazing experience! :)

  434. Ciku

    I would love those tikets! Please

  435. I’d be happy to take the tickets!

  436. Sarah

    Ah yeah fireworks yeah!

  437. Bons

    Love to win!

  438. Marta

    I would love to grab these tickets for plethora of reasons (all of them of equal importance). Let me list a few:

    1) That would be my FIRST time EVER to watch the Celebration of Light in Vancouver – I’m a new girl in town!
    2) I’d record the fireworks/snap a pic of me enjoying the show and send it to you so that your hearts would melt and you would feel good about choosing me!
    3) I’d take someone with me who definitely deserves to watch it!
    4) I will be SUPER nice to everyone around me for the next 2 weeks! (think of my mom, how happy she would be!)
    5) I’ll bake you cookies! (PROMISE!!!)

    So pick me, please – you’ll make so many people happy, including yourself (I bake good cookies!)