Vancouver In a Day: Vancouver’s Beaches

In Vancouver, it’s easy to find a beach to fit your personality. Quiet and sandy? Dog-friendly with a great view? Crowded and flashy? Popular with the locals? Take your pick. There’s something here for everyone.

The good news is that all of the city’s major beaches are open to the public and easy to reach from the downtown core.

We designed this video feature on Vancouver’s beaches to make it feel like you’ve just woke up in Vancouver and are just about to head out to find the perfect, sandy spot to spend your day. You can navigate between beaches at the end of each video segment.

For mobile-phone viewers, here’s a list of the six featured beaches along with links to navigate between each beach:

1) Kitsilano Beach
2) Ambleside Park
3) Third Beach
4) English Bay
5) Spanish Banks
6) Wreck Beach
7) No thanks. I’m ready to head to the beach.

Remember: the best way to figure out which beach is the best fit for you is to visit them all. It’s the only way to make an educated decision, right?

For more on Vancouver’s beaches, as well as information on two more very popular Vancouver beaches (Jericho Beach and Second Beach), please visit:

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3 Responses to Vancouver In a Day: Vancouver’s Beaches

  1. Steve

    What a great idea to show all the beaches in an efficient and easy way! Thanks Sean!

  2. Rich

    I didn’t know Spanish Banks was dog-friendly. Can’t wait for my next visit.

  3. Sultan

    What an excellent idea to demonstrate all the seashores in an effective and simple way! Thanks Sean! free coupons

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