Don’t Miss Photography by Vancouverite Marian Penner Bancroft at The Vancouver Art Gallery, through Sept. 30

From For Dennis and Susan: Running Arms to a Civil War, 1978. Photo credit: Marian Penner Bancroft; Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery

In sunny summer weather, many, understandably, head for the beach. If you’re a shade seeker, or simply stymied by a rainy summer day, take refuge in the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Photography exhibition Spiritlands: t/Here by Vancouverite Marian Penner Bancroft is a summer must-see. Recently awarded the Audain Prize for lifetime achievement in visual arts, Penner Bancroft is an Emily Carr professor whose work has been exhibited nationally and internationally.

Penner Bancroft uses photography amplified by drawing, text, sound, sculpture and video to look at the intersection between social history and personal memory. She’s known locally for her series of photographs depicting the roots of trees from Stanley Park.

Vancouverities will emerge from the exhibition of works spanning 1975-2000 haunted by images of lost local landmarks – urban and personal. All viewers will emerge puzzling over how a photographer can use photography to portray not just one pivotal moment, but several documentary-style moments in time.

Get a sneak peek at the exhibit after the jump.  

Photo credit: Marian Penner Bancroft; Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery

One of the most striking aspects of exhibition Spiritlands: t/Here is the innovative presentation that decimates what the artist has referred to as “the tyranny of the wall.”

Some images are printed on oversized curling pieces of paper tacked to the wall. Others appear on folding screens (above) and blackboards. The result is an interactive display that goes beyond the norm, causing viewers to ask more questions of the medium and the subject matter.

Marian Penner Bancroft’s Spiritlands: t/Here is on now through September 30 at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Take advantage of the VAG’s summer hours: Daily 10am to 5pm, Tuesdays until 9pm, and Sundays until 9pm. The extended evening hours make date night at the VAG a real possibility.

While there, you may also want to make the most of $20 adult admission. Swing by Rodney Graham – Canadian Humourist, and Collecting Matisse and Modern Masters – a 45-works display of early European Modernism- both on until September 30.

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