What’s Your Travel Type?

Do you look at travel as a chance to totally disconnect, where you can escape, recharge, and renew? Or, are you something of a thrill-seeker, working to satisfy your insatiable need for the exciting and the exotic?

Whether you’re a Rejuvenator, Free Spirit, or something else altogether, everyone has a travel type. Curious to know what yours is? Find out by taking our fun Travel Type quiz—for a limited time, those who take the quiz can also enter to win a Vancouver getaway, including return flights, accommodation, dining, and more (all tailored to your travel type!).

Take the Travel Type quiz before September 10 for your chance to win!

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12 Responses to What’s Your Travel Type?

  1. Ya I agreed I love the vacations where no body calls me and I don’t have wake up on alarm and just fun fun and fun get renew.

  2. Can’t wait for updates on the street cart festival. Menus would be great!

  3. I am the type of traveler that likes to jump out of my skin and be a little crazy on vacations. Not that I do things I would end up regretting, more I do things I normally wouldn’t.

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    Discover out by getting our fun Travel Type quiz—for a short time, those who take the test can also get into to win a Calgary vacation, such as come back flight tickets, housing, cusine, and more (all designed to your journey type!). Mining private equity

  10. AndrewFord

    I was living on Big Island this year for five months. I loved Big Island, but after a visit to Maui and plenty of job leads, I’m moving to Maui! Which island did you live on?

  11. I think I fall under both categories. I want to get away from everything back home when I go on vacation and I also want to do something crazy, that I couldn’t otherwise do.

  12. I’m the kind that packs a small bag, buys a tent and just drives off

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